Magi-Nation Cheats

Magi-Nation cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Coral and Deep Hyrens
With this strategy you should be able to capture the Orothean Hyrens easily.

1. First of all, obtain the Orothean Belt from Blu after you escape the Shadow Hold and return to the Seer's house.

2. After you are in the water behind the Seer's house, swim along the left edge for a whirlpool. You'll be taken to the area for the hyrens.

3. After you've encountered a battle, unleash your Cald Hyrens if you have any because Orothean Hyrens are weak to the fire-based skill attacks.


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Easy Animite
In any of the towns, you can buy gems from the stores - such as strength gem, power gem, guard gem, etc. for 5 animite each. The strange thing is, when you sell these gems, you can sell them for 18 animite each, meaning you will be making a profit of 13 animite per gem. Because you can maximum only hold 999 animite, you can max out your money pretty quickly. Simply buy the amount of gems of a kind you can hold (20 of each kind) and then sell them until you have 999 animite.

Just make sure you do not sell the gems you find in treasure chests until you are able to buy them. Some of them appear rarely.


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Secret start
In order to get the secret start, you must first start in the Arderial Shadow Geyser. After you find the quickest route to Morag, save a Star Key or 2. Then, after you beat Agram and the game goes back to the room with three doors, go to the bottom of the room and press A. Then follow the path you opened until you reach a door. Talk to the guy inside and have him FORMAT YOUR GAME PAK!!! Then, beat the game normally, and do this again, only this time ONLY TALK TO HIM ONCE!!! After you've done that, all you need to do is go back to the room with three doors. The middle door should now be open. That is the door for the secret start that allows you to have all your rings and your stats in a new game. You can only obtain Core rings in this mode.