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An offer you shouldn't refuse


If you’re thinking that Mafia II looks like a potential buy then we should get one common misconception out of the way. Mafia II is not a traditional open world video game. Yes there’s a large seamless world to explore and it’s populated with people to kill and shops to buy and steal from, but there are a significant lack of side activities when compared against other open world titles. This keeps you focused on your current mission and ensures that the narrative keeps moving along and important plot points aren’t forgotten.

The story follows Vito Scalettas activities in organized crime afte...


"I quit when it asked me to stack some boxes!"


Just for the record, I stacked every single box before the game forced me to move on; a perfect example of a game that presents the illusion of choice but in reality is as strictly linear as it gets. Sure, you can postpone the next part of a mission as much as you like: you can drive around pointlessly, maybe rob a few shops along the way, but what's the point? Mafia II is certainly its predecessors sequel. Some things have been avoided, like the driving emphasis, while others have been greatly improved; but if you've come to the game expecting a mob-based Grand Theft Auto IV, you were alre...


Ain't that a Kick in the Headddddddddd...

The good:

> Authentic locale.

> Gripping plot.

> Evolving characters.

The bad:

> Absent effects.

> Glitchy collectables.

> Tiresome controls.

> Stupid AI.


I purchased Mafia II, limited edition no less, expecting a beautiful and gripping take on the gritty underworld of Empire Bay’s Mafia. I certainly got less than I bargained for. Mafia II opens in World War II where our protagonist, Vito Scalletta, is serving with the US Army in Operation Husky to liberate Sicily, Italy. Soon after, Vito is sent home on leave after taking a bullet in action. When he arrives he is greeted by his friend, and all round fat bastard, Joe. After a few drinks and a good night out, Joe promises to get Vito honourably discharged from the army due to medical reasons. ...

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