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Black Baron void attacks
most people think that's impossible to escape from the voids of the black baron, for beings specific his black void, to escape it as soon as he initiates the move and you are beings sucked in, just simply shake the nunchuck jack will initiate his standard backwards flip keep shaking it so he will never be sucked in and eventually the black baron will end the move.
Boss Battle Punch in the game!!!
You know when the Boss Battle Bell comes up. Well when you challenge the boss Jack goes URRRAAAAHHH and punches it like an insane person!!! Well you can do that in the game!!! You won't want to do this near a lot of enimies!!!

1st.) Find an enemy
2nd.) Tap the "A" button as fast as you can
3rd.) Jack will keep punching really fast but no kick after the 2nd punch if you're fast enough
4th.) If you're lucky he will do what he does at the Boss Bell kinda. Do a POWERFUL punching sending your enemy headless and anyone colliding with him to anywhere around!!!
High Scoring Katana Combo
You know those dual swords you can pick up after point rewards? Well here is a very strong instant kill combo that nets you big points:

1) Shake your remote up so that the enemy is in the air.
2) Rapidly tap A
3) When you land, press B quickly
4) You'll initiate a finisher, so shake the remote and nunchuk constantly to deliver a gorey blow.
5) You will get about 15,000 points each time netting you a hardcore bonus as well.

For extra points, try this combo next to a rose bush!