Madden NFL 2003 review
Madden 2003 delivers

The good:

-the all new Mini Camp feature which is the best addition to the Madden series in years
-being able to make your player perfect unlike in other sports games
-the soundtrack is cooler than it was before with many up to date hit songs.

The bad:

-i would like to be able to feel a big hit more than you would in Madden to give a good feel about tackling


Madden 2003 keeps up its title as the best Pro Football game series for now. Madden has done it again by adding Mini Camp giving you options that you simply could not duplicate in just practice. Running the ball is still the best enjoyable way of moving the offense but passing is becoming more fun that it used to be. A thing that i would like to see in the future is a greater tutorial on defense, the pass particularly since it is always tricky like when it is right to press a button and which ones. All in all this is a classic game and i hope Madden 2004 is just as good.

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