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: : : : Madden NFL 2002 FAQ/Strategy Guide Version A

Madden NFL 2002 FAQ/Strategy Guide Version A

by PyroFalkon   Updated to v1.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Madden NFL 2002 on the PSX, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GBC version of the game.
Madden Football 2000 FAQ for the PSX
by RawIsJericho on 6/14/00
Last Updated: Version 0.5 6/14/00

Whats New:

Version 0.5 6/14/00 - The release of this FAQ.

Table Of Contents

(1.)  Introduction

(2.)  Modes

(3.)  Controls
* 3.1 Offensive Controls
* 3.2 Defensive Controls
* 3.3 Special Teams
* 3.4 Other Controls

(4.)  Strategy
* 4.1 Play Calling
* 4.2 Time Management
* 4.3 Advantages
* 4.4 Scoring
* 4.5 Running The Ball
* 4.6 Passing The Ball
* 4.7 Blitzing
* 4.8 Turnovers

(5.)  Cheats/Secrets

(1.)  Introduction

Madden 2000 is yet another great edition Madden series.  In my opinion, the 
best for both, the N64 and PSX.  The game looks a lot better than Madden 99. 
  If you thought Madden 99 was easy (which it was) try this game.  In Madden 
99 the defenses were weaker.  You could pass for 400 yards easily.  However, 
in Madden 2000 you're going to have to manage your play calling because the 
defenses in this game have such great artificial intelligence.  If you liked 
this game, I bet you can't wait till Madden 2001 comes out for the PS2.

(2.)  Game Modes

This section tells what you can do in this game.

Exhibition - Play a normal preseason game.  You pick what team you play.

Practice - You take your team to the practice field to practice some new 
plays and new moves.

Season - You pick a team and go through the 200 Football Season.  If your 
team has a good enough record, they'll make it to the playoffs.

Situation Mode - You play from a list of heated situations to unlock 
stadiums and classic teams (all madden team, etc.)  Some of the situations 
are you are down by 6 with 2 minutes to go in the game.  If you succed in a 
certain amount of time you'll be able to unlock stuff.

Franchise Mode - You take control of a football franchise.  You can trade 
players, sign free agents, draft players, etc.  If you are not pleased with 
the team your on, then get out and work for another team.

(3.)  Controls

* 3.1 Offensive Controls:

X - Snap the football.  Look at the reciever icon, to check if anyones open. 
  Hold down to do a bullet pass.

O - Fakes out defenders when running
Hard count (to draw the other team offsides, and make them nervous)

Triangle - Throw ball away when no recievers are open (saves QB from getting 
sacked).  Use hot routes (changes reciever routes).  Cancel audible plays.  
Hurdle over defenders.

Square - Audible plays before snap.  In a tight situation (4th and 1 or 
something) use for Diving.

R1 - When running or scrambling, Juke Right

L1 - When running or scrambling, Juke Left

L2 - When running or scrambling, Stiff Arm

* 3.2 Defensive Controls

X - Scroll through players

O - Extra Speed

Triangle - Put pressure on the QB when he throws it.  Block pass.
(Note:  Best when done when blitzing)

Sqaure - Audible Plays.  Diving tackles to cause fumbles and stop a runner 
from a distance.

L1 - Shift linemen right before snap.

R2 - Shifts linemen right before snap.

* 3.3 Special Teams

X - Hikes the ball.  Punts/kicks the ball depending on the power meter.
(Note:  Watch the power meter or you're going to have a bad punt and the 
opposing team will have great field position to score.  Another Note:  Use 
the D-PAD or analog stick to move the ball left or right.  Watch out, if it 
goes out of bounds within the 10 yard line, it'll be an illegial procedure 
and the opposing team will get the ball back at their 40 yard line.)

Triangle - High kick.  Good for causing fumbles.

Square - Does a squib kick during kickoffs.

* 3.4 Other Controls

Start - Pauses game.  Goes to setup screen where you can view stats and 

Select - Calls a timeout to conserve time after play is over.

D Pad or Analog Stick - Moves player/ball.

(4.)  Strategy

This section tells you what to do to win games.

* 4.1 Play Calling

The most important aspect of the game is play calling.  You aren't going to 
win any games without good play calling.  If you are too conservative the 
other team is going to know what you are doing and make you pay for it.  If 
you run the football too much the other will know it, and setup plays to 
stop the run.  If you pass too much then the other team will setup blitzes 
and safe covers to stop the passing attack.  If you blitz too often then the 
opposing offense will burn you out there with a 35 yard pass or something.

What I'm trying to say is, mix up your plays!  Pass the ball a few times 
then run the ball.  It'll leave the opposing defenses puzzled with what you 
are going to do next.  So you have better chances of getting more yardage.  
If you blitzed a few times and did some damage, good!  But likely, the 
opposing offense will be sure to stop the blitz and someone is likely to be 
open and they'll burn you for some good yardage.

If its 4th and 1 and the opposing defense has a Goal Line Defense set up, 
then quickly audible the play and hike the ball before the opposing defense 
sets up so you'll have plenty of recievers open for some awesome yardage.

* 4.2 Time Management

If there is 2 minutes left and you're team is in the lead by 3.  You have 
the ball and its 4th and 1, just run the football and dive for the First 
Down.  Then just keep eating as much of the clock as you can.

If there is 2 minutes left in the game and you are down by 5 or something 
with 1 timeout.  Keep passing the ball to a reciever who is near the side 
line, so when he catches it he can get out of bounds and save time.  Then he 
throws it into the middle of the field 1:05 left to play.  Call a timeout.  
Then keep trying to get the ball out of bounds.  If that doesn't happen, 
spike the ball really quick.  You're team is now at the 3rd yard line.  Just 
run it in with a QB Sneak and take as much time off the clock as you can.  
Then play prevent defese until or if they get to the 50 yard line.  Then 
play Safe Cover Defenses.

* 4.3 Advantages

In close games, especially the playoffs, playing at home is key.  Just when 
you think the Visiting Team has won it theres a turnover.  And then they win 
the game.  It is pretty frustrating especially when you are the road team 
but if you play great defense they won't be able to score.

* 4.4 Scoring

When first playing this game, you aren't going to score much against good 
defensive teams in this game.  The Final Score for a game will probably be 
14 to 10.  You have to play good defense against good defensive teams so 
they can score less, and that means a better chance for your team to win.  
Your offense will get better once you play the game more.

* 4.5 Running the Ball

If you're playing on a team with a good running back (like the Titans or 
Jets) then run the football as much as you can.  It makes the defenses 
really tired.  So you can gain more yardage.  You also should run at the 
cornerbacks, make them get the tackle.  It'll really help you pass the ball 
because the corners get tired and they'll be behind in playing coverage on 
the reciever.  Do the stiffarm to people who are going to tackle you from 
the side.  Watch out though you could be called for a face mask.  If someone 
is going to tackle you from behind, then do some juking.

* 4.6 Passing The Ball

You're going to need to pass to keep the pressure of you're RB.  It is 
unlikely, that you are going to find a reciever wide open.  So just to 
screen passes on 1st down or something 4 or 5 yards.  The good thing about 
screen passes is that you have a better chance had getting a completion 
because it takes a few seconds for a defensive player to react.  If its like 
2nd down and 8 or something then you're going to have to pass a little 
farther.  Go for a 3 WR play.  If you want a big play then go for 4 WR's and 
do a Hail Mary or something.  Its always good to go deep as long as Safety 
or CB is gonna blitz.  Then go for a deep ball and your WR is like to catch 
it.  If you are about to be sacked then just hit Triangle to throw the ball 
away.  But watch out for Intentional Grounding.

* 4.7 Blitzing

Blitzing can be a really good thing sometimes and a really bad thing 
sometimes.  I blitz all the time.  If you blitz with an LB he'll be slow but 
can get through offensive lineman with a couple shoves.  The LB is the best 
guy to blitz with when the opposing offense is going to run the ball.  The 
best person to send up for to blitz on the pass is the Safety.  If there is 
a hole the safety's quickness will be able to rush the quarterback easily 
and is likely to make the quick sack.  But if the safety gets stopped the 
opposing QB will likely go try to pass the ball to the lonely cornerback 
that the safety left behind.  But if you have a good corner that has a lot 
of momentum going for him, then just keep blitzing constantly.  Blitzing 
with the safety is also great for causing turnovers.  Probably the best time 
to blitz is when your opponet has some really bad field position (under the 
20 yard line) do the Monster Blitz play if it is in you're teams playbook.

* 4.8 Turnovers

Turnovers occur when you play good defense and put pressure on the QB.  If 
you get a good solid hit on the QB with the football chances are you're 
going to get the fumble.  Sometimes fumbles just happen randomly and you 
better rush to get to the ball.  If there is a loose ball then dive towards 
it.  You might not get any yardage but you still got the ball.

If you put enough pressure on the QB and he has to get it out of his hands 
quickly he'll likely make a bad decision improving the chances of an 
interception.  As soon as you get the interception run!  Do as many moves as 
you can to gain as much yardage as possible.

(5.)  Cheats/Secrets

All cheats come from one of the best cheat look up sites 
on the net!

Various Cheats
Put in these codes at the cheat menu
BIGFOOT 100 yd field goals
PIGSKINSFLY 100 yd passes
GETMEADOCTOR '72 Raiders Team
DONTGOFOR2 '72 Steelers Team
HACKCHEESE '76 Patriots Team
GAMMALIGHT '76 Raiders Team
BUILDMONKEYS '81 Chargers Team
15MOREMIN '81 Dolphins Team
DOORKNOB '85 Bears Team
CHICKIN or CHICKEN '85 Dolphins Team
BLUESCREEN '86 Broncos Team
KAMEHAMEHA '86 Browns Team
CALLMESALLY '88 49ers Team
PTMOMINFOGET '88 Bengals Team
SPOON '90 Bills Team
PROFSMOOTH '90 Giants Team
PREDATORS '95 Colts Team
STEAMPUNK '95 Steelers Team
EARTHPEOPLE '97 Broncos Team
TUNDRA '97 Packers Team
QUETZLCOATL 4th And Incas stadium
POPWARNER 5 yard first downs
MOJOBABY All '60s Team
LOVEBEADS All '70s Team
BIGHAIR All '80s Team
INTERNS All '90s Team
TEAMMADDEN All-Madden Team
PANCAKES Alpha Blitz stadium
DRBENWAY Alternate scoring rules
XMASGIFT Get Antarctica stadium
VERTIGO Ball chase view
PICKEDOFF Easy Intercept
INTHEFUTURE Industrials Team
CARNEYS Clown Team
SPACEBALL Cosmodome stadium
MOEBIUS Curved space and time
WILDWEST Dodge City stadium
ITSINTHEGAME EA Sports stadium
PICKEDOFF Easy to intercept
STATICCLING Electric sidelines
FINALTIME Faster fatigue
FIRSTIS20 First down after twenty yards
TALKINGWHAT Floating heads
ROLLERGIRL Frequent fumbles
PAINFUL Frequent injuries
PRIMETIME Frequent interceptions
KLAATU Gridiron stadium
TEFLON Harder to tackle players
MADMADDEN Junkyarddogs Team
MINIME Large vs. small Team
REFISBLIND Less penalties
SPRONG Longer jumps
TIMELESS Madden Millennium Team
COUNTMADDEN Maddenstein stadium
COWBOYS Marshalls fantasy Team
KTHULU Monsters Team
FRAPLPRO More defensive scoring
WRAPPEDUP Mummies Team
DENILE Nile Hi stadium
EXPRESSBALL No interceptions
QBINTHECLUB Perfect passes
DOASWEDO Praetorians Team
MAGNASAVE Receivers catch better
TETANUSHOT Salvagefield stadium
SMACKDOWN Stiffer arm
TREMENDOUS1_2 Sugarbuzz Team
NO2 Super speed burst
INTHEFUTURE The Industrials Team
FEEDTHELIONS Tiberium stadium
COTTONCANDY Tiburon Bros. stadium
WEPUTITTHERE Tiburon stadium
XMASFILES Toymakers Team

(6.)  Credits

CheatPlanet ( - One of the best cheat lookup sites on the 

EA Sports ( - For making this great game.

GameFaqs ( - For uploading this FAQ.

(7.)  The End

This FAQ may only be reproduced electronically.  It may not be put in a 
magazine, put on a CD, or diskette.  If you are going to put this FAQ on 
your website then please e-mail me first.  The most updated version of this 
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