Madden NFL 2002 (PS2) Cheats

Madden NFL 2002 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy Sacks
This way is very easy and it will never really backfire on you. You have your defensive line. Take a guy from one side. I usually take the Right End and move him over outside of the Left End. It works either way if you wanna move the Left End. Anyway now if there is no Tight End you can just get right in there and disrupt or sack the QB. Even if there is a Tight End on that side he is way easier to plow over than the lineman that you line up against at the start. The only way this will backfire is if they run the ball to the side that you just left open. Then there is one less guy to make a tackle and the CPU can get more yards or even a touchdown but if you have good DB's and LB's you should be fine.


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10 Million Tokens!
To get over 10,000,000 tokens, complete the following steps:

Enter the "Rosters" screen from the options menu, then go to the Ravens' (or any team's defensive you would like to play against) roster and change the speed of all defensive players on the team to 15.

Now select a team you would like to play as and edit all of their RBs, FBs, TEs, and backup WRs so they are at a 10 or less rating. Put starting WRs catching and carrying to 0, and leave the rest of their settings alone. Change all of the QBs passing power and accuracy to 0, and make sure they are rated at 10 or less. Make the star QB's speed, accel, carrying, awareness, stamina, and agility all set to 99. Change your entire starting OL pass block to 99. Save your roster as a secondary roster (under a new name, not default).

Load your newly created roster. Start a two minute drill on the "All Madden" difficulty setting against the Ravens D (or the team's defensive you chose to play against), and select the profile and team that has your modified QB.

Find a good passing play and keep using it to score in the two minute drill. You should be able to get around 63 to 70 points. If the defense does somehow get a good play on you, call a time out to save your time. Run out of bounds if you see a penalty being called.

When your game is over you should have a huge negative number as your score, quit and go to the "Madden Cards" screen under the options menu. View your stats and you will have your over 10,000,000 tokens.
Auto Tds
Go to season, franchise, or 2 min. drill. once there type in R2 R2 L1 R2 s t s t o x o x. if done correctly on your next play you will score a touch down.

Awesome Trades
This is the best cheat ever. First, you create any team but the abbreviation MUST be OHO (i found this out with creatin the orlando hornets) once the abbreviation is OHO go into a season NOT FRANCHISE, and your team can have all the best players. Go to trade players and trade your worst players for all the best players. The other team will never reject
Big Players
When you start the season, sign 3 really good but old free agents. Then use the free agents to get many people. I do this many times to get people such as Brian Urlacher and #1 draft picks.
Blitz from hell=10 or more sacks a game
in the 4-3 defense use the WHIP MAN blitz and move blitzing ROLB up to the line just right of the RE and then move MLB up to the line between RE and the DT select the LE and just bull rush the RT and watch the defense rack up 15 to 20 sacks a game. Make sure you select LE and no one else. Do not use the coverage audible BUMP and RUN unless you have great CBs. Even if you dont sack the QB you will hurry him to throw the ball before he wants to. I have used this with great success with SF and GB.
Duplicate your Madden Cards
First Approach*
1. Collect alot of cards in your user profile.
2. Save your user profile under another name. (you should have your old profile, and another copy, the second with different name)
3. Play a game agains the 2nd player and risk all the cards from the new profile.
4. Win the game with the team that has your own profile, and you will win the risked cards from the copy of your own profile.
5. Erase the modified profile and make another copy of your profile and repeat the process.

Secon Approach*
1. Get some Madden cards
2. Duplicate your profile but change the name.
3. Trade the good cards from the copy for bad cards from the original.
4. Once you have traded all cards you wanted, your can repeat the prosses.
*To duplicate your profile you need to have two controlers or two memory cards.
Get easy Madden Cards
First, create a user profile. Then, Go to two minute drill. Next, select the amidrils as a defense. Then, start the game at the end you should have 14 to 42 points. Then,look at your madden cards. Last, you should have 200 to 500 tokens.
The best team you could ever have.
1} Go to Roster screen.
2} Go to edit player.
3} Pick a team.
4} Scroll down list pick a player but don't press anything yet.
5} Then press right once. Then press x. A box will pop up, press x on the attributes name.
6} Now you can make your player with the highest stats that Madden 2002 will let you have.
7} That is preety cool and realy helps.