Madden NFL 2001 review
Madden '01: The longest active Sport game series does makes another worthy title... agian.

The good:

Madden Cards, a new feature for the series. Gameplay in depth, Franchise modes, so much things to do in it. Unlock teams, cheats, and players yourself!

The bad:

Sound. John Madden gets repetive. The announcers will say the same thing two plays straight: little voice acting. Sound is horrible compared to any football title this year 'Gameday, QB Club, NFL2K1'. From '00 too '01 there isn't much of a improvement in Graphics {for the N64 version anyways}


The long running Madden series has yet agian another title Madden 2001. Overall though Madden 2001 doesn't compare to NFL2K1 but is your best bet for new football games if you don't own a Dreamcast.
Madden '01 has lots of new modes and the original ones are all back as well. Madden cards are the best thing this game has to offer. What are Madden Cards? cards you collect to unlock all of the games secrets. It's unique and the best things the game gots. EA Sports did a great job with this.
Sound, and Graphics could use some work on but Control and gameplay are perfect. Football at its best.

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