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Madden NFL 2001 FAQ

by Crush   Updated to v2.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Madden NFL 2001 on the N64, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
                     # Madden '01 N64 Complete Guide     #
                     # Version 2.2                       #
                     # Last Updated Apr.21               #
                     # Steven Dunbar AKA: Crush          #
                     #     #
                     # Copyright (c) 2001 More on CH. VII#

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       #      #      # ADDEN 2001
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                 The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
                   (open May,20)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Table Of Contents}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   CH. I - Latest Updates                  CH.V - Records
                                           A: Intro
   CH. II - Game Info                      B: VS Records
   A: Features                             C: Tournament
   B: Descripition
                                           CH. VI - Skills
   CH. III - Modes of Play                 A: Cheating
   A: Exhibition                           B: Skills
   B: Season
   C: Franchise                            CH. VII - Copyright
   D: Custom League                        A: Copyright Statement
   E: Playoffs
   F: Practice                             CH. VIII - In The End
   G: 2 Minute Drill                       A: Endings
   H: Tournament
   I: Situation
   J: NFL Record Book
   K: User Profiles
   L: Play Editor
   M: Settings
   N: Creating Players
   O: Madden Cards

   CH. IV - Worlds Greatest
    A: Top Five Fantasy Teams
    B: Top Five Real Team
    C: Top Five Plays

                   Chapter. I

     3-16-01 - It starts! Started my first faq for Madden '01!

     3-17-01 - Finished all the Modes of Play. Started tracking down all of 
my Madden Cards in my Madden '01 version (it took me hours!)

     3-18-01 - I completed my first faq! hurray! Now I'm going to e-mail, and and see if they'll put this on there site! 
Coping and pasting this whole FAQ took a while though.

     3-25-01 - Updated Madden Cards, Copyright, In The End, and Records. 
I'll update this FAQ once a week.

     4-21-01 - No Updated in a month and this could be the last update I'll 
make. I'm creating a, and working on a 
Toonstruck FAQ. I've recieved lots of records lately submited so don't 
bother submiting anymore.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game Info}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                  Chapter. II
                    A.) Features:

                      Game: Madden 2001
                      System: PSX, PS2, and N64. Faq for N64 version
                      Devoloped and Published by: EA Sports
                      Players: One-Four
                      ESRB: E = Everyone
                      Street Price : $50 N64 Version as of Mar.16

  B.) Descripition: Madden 2001 is the latest installment of the Madden 
Football series the longest series in the history of video game sports. 
Whats new from the last versions? a lot! A all new Two-Minute Drill mode, 
All new Read-N-React Defense, A Custom League mode,  and my personal fav. 
Madden Cards! Of course all the latest modes are back: Exhibition, Season, 
Tournament, Franchise, and Fantasy Draft!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Modes of Play}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
               Chapter. III

   A.) Exhibition: Every football games got 'em. Exhibition is kind of like 
preseason in the NFL. You can pick any team (past or present) and play 
against any team you want. You can set stadium, quarter length, etc. This is 
also the perfect way to recieve a lot of Madden cards. Pick a All-Madden 
team, turn the game into All-Madden mode in diffuclity, and then play aginst 
a easy team (The Bengals, or a team like the Bears) when finished, you 
should have at least over 150 Madden Cards!

   B.)Season: Test your team's endurance through a 16-game NFL season and 
battle it out in a quest of a Super Bowl champion.

   C.)Franchise: Manage your own NFL franchise for up to 30 seasons. You are 
responsible for all the aspects of the franchise, on the field and behind. 
If you win, you make big bucks. Lose and you'll be lucky to get a job on 
another team.

   D.)Custom League: Set up your own custom league of four to eight teams 
and watch them battle for the championship. In terms of setup, Custom League 
is similar to a Season.

   E.)Playoffs: Don't want to take the time for a full season? go to 
Playoffs and it'll put you right in the action.

   F.)Practice: Get your plays picture perfect or master a new playbook.

   G.)2 Minute Drill: It's down to the wire. In 2 Minute Drill mode you have 
two minutes to prove you have what it takes to finish the game on top. Earn 
points for big plays. Up to 10 players can participate. Think you have a 
real high score? go to Records and look at mine or submit your own score.

   H.)Tournament: Compete in a single or double elimination tournament with 
playoff-like pressure.

   I.)Situation: It's late in the fourth quarter and you're trailing by 
four. Put yourself in the most pressure-filled position and see if you can 
pull of the winning score to keep your playoff hopes alive.

   J.)NFL Record Book: The record book has actuel records in the NFL for 
Individual, Team, and Coaching skills.

   K.)User Profiles: Create coaches, run through seasons, collect Madden 
Cards, and view your VS. User Records. It's all starts here!

   L.)Play Editor: Create up to six offensive and six defensive plays for 
your playbook. You control where players go. You can even use your own play 
in Season and head-to-head mode!

   M.)Settings: Customize AL, Gameplay, Sound Options, Penalty Settings, and 
Controller CFG. here

   N.)Creating Players: You can also create Players too. Here is a tip: your 
player can have unlimited stat rankings. Fill them up, put them in a 
position, play him a lot, and your it'll make your team better. Also, good 
for those hard tasks in Madden cards like 80 + run yards, or throw for 300+ 

   0.)Madden Cards: My Personal favorite feature in Madden 2001, Madden 
Cards. When you complete a task (shown below) you'll get a certian amount of 
tokens to buy booster packs. These packs have cards in them that unlock 
Historic Players, Teams, Staduims, and cheats! you might also recieve a card 
from your favorite active football player 'Tiki!'
                            Challenge Status:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Level 1}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ranking System :        These are how many tokens you recieve for passing a 
task in level one. When you complete a task (when Madden cards are 
activated) you win tokens too buy Madden Cards. In Rookie mode, if you 
complete a task in level one you'll recieve 1 token. If you put it in 
All-Madden mode and pass a task in level one you'll recieve 6 tokens. (Full 
scoring system shown below)

              Rookie: One Token

              Pro: Two Tokens

              All-Pro: Three Tokens

              All-Madden: Six Tokens

Challenge Status: Complete a 30 yard pass or longer

Complete a 20 yard run or longer

Score 21 points or more with a QTR of five min. or less

Hold your oppenent to 7 points or less

Throw 0 Interceptions

Kick a 45 yard field goal or longer

Punt the ball 50 yards or more.

4 or more tackles by a single player

Defeat Titans in Rain at Tennesse with a QTR lenghth of 5 Min.

Defeat Colts in Inapollis 'I gotta learn how da spell' with a QTR

lenghth of 5 Min.

Do not allow QB to be sacked in a game

QB passed for 2 TDs or more

Commit no fumbles in a game

Intercept at least one pass

Recover at least one fumble

200 yards of offense or more

Complete 5 consective passes

Have a minimum of 3 members on your team catch a pass
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Level 2}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

            Rookie: Two Tokens

            Pro: Four Tokens

            All-Pro: Six Tokens

            All-Madden: Twelve Tokens

Score 42 or more points with a QTR of less then 6 min.

Have a total of 100 rushing yards by one player

Have a total of 100 reception yards by one player

QB throws for 300 or more yards

Average 10 or more rushing yards by one player and at least five attempts

QB passes for 4 TDS or more

Average 30 or more yards on two or more kickoff returns

Average 30 or more yards on two or more punt returns

Win by 28 points with a QR of 6 min. or less

Complete 10 consecutive passes

80 passing percentage or more by a player with a least 5 attempts

Defeat the AFC team with a regular NFL team

2 sacks or more by one player

Cause 3 turnovers on defense

6 or more tackles by 1 player

2 TDS by one reciever

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Level 3}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                  Rookie: Three Tokens

                  Pro: Six Tokens

                  All-Pro: Nine Tokens

                  All-Madden: Eighteen Tokens

150 Rushing yards or greater by one player

150 Reception yards or greater by one player

Complete 15 consecutive passes

2 Interceptions or more by one player

Recover 2 fumbles or more

Punt the ball out of bounds within the five yard line

4 or more knockdowns by one player

Score 55 or greater with a QTR lenght of 6 Min. or less

Shut out the opposing team with a QTR lenght of 5 Min.

10 or more receptions by one player

Average 10 or more INT. Return yards

Complete a 40 yard run or longer

Rush the ball 10 times with two different players

Have 1 player rush for 100 yards and 50 yards recieving

Complete a 60 yard pass or longer

Hold the Rams to 75 yards of passing using a regular NFL team with a
QTR lenghth of 6 Min. or more

Run for at least 150 yards agianst the NFC Team with a QTR length of 6 Min. 
or less

400 yards of total offense or more

8 tackles or more by one player
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Level 4}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                 Rookie: Four Tokens

                 Pro: Eight Tokens

                 All-Pro: Twelve Tokens

                 All-Madden: Twenty-Four

200 yards Rushing ot greater by one player

200 Reception Yards or greater by one player

QB who passes for 500 yards or more

Successfully kick a FG of 55 yards or more

Return a interception for a TD

6 sucessful two point conversions

25 completions or more by one QB

Punt the ball for 65 yards or more

Win by 56 or more points with a QTR length of 6 Min. or less

Convert 20 or more 1st downs with a QTR length of 6 Min. or less

Have a minimum of 7 members of your team catch at least one pass

Cause 6 or more turnovers by the defense

7 Sacks or more turnovers by the defense

650 yards of total offense or more by one team

Have one Reciver with 150 Yac yards or greater

Rush the ball 40 times or more with a QTR length of 6 Min. or less

Rush for 100 yards or more with two different RBs

Successfully make 5 45 yards or longer FGs

Complete a 60 yard run or longer

Record a Safety

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Level 5}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                       Rookie: Five Tokens

                       Pro: Ten Tokens

                       All-Pro: Fifteen Tokens

                       All-Madden: Thirty Tokens

Return a Kickoff for a TD

RB with a minimum of 100 yards Receiving and 100 yards Rushing

Average 20 Rushing Yards with one Player and 3 or more attempts

Two QB's who pass for 200 yards or more

Return a Punt for a TD

3 Receivers with 100 yards or more receiving

200 Punt Return yards or greater by one players

QB rushes for 3 touchdowns or more

Score 64 points or greater with a QTR length of 6 Min. or less

200 Kick Return yards or greater by one player

Complete a run play of 80 yards or more

Convert 10 4th down conversions or more

Complete 20 consecutive

Return two INT for Touchdowns with one player in a game

Block a Punt or Field Goal

Have a QB with 100 Passing PCT. while throwing a minimum of 10 passes

Return a fumble for a TD

Hold opposing tram to under 50 yards of total offense with a QTR

lenghth of 5 Min. or more

Record two Safeties

250 yards Rushing or greater by one player

~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Madden Cards:every single card in the game!}~~~~~~~~~~~~~

000 - All Madden Millenium Team 'get after getting every card in Gold'
001 - Troy Aikman
002 - Mike Alstott
003 - Jamal Anderson
004 - Jesse Armstead
005 - Champ Bailey
006 - Charlie Batch
007 - Cornelius Bennett
008 - Jerome Bettis
009 - Steve Beuerlein
010 - Tim Biakabatuka
011 - Blaine Bishop
012 - Jeff Blake
013 - Drew Bledsoe
014 - Peter Boulware
015 - Stephen Boyd
016 - Tony Brackens
017 - Chad Bratzke
018 - Derrick Brooks
019 - Chad Brown
020 - Gilbert Brown
021 - Tim Brown
022 - Isaac Bruce
023 - Mark Brunell
024 - Ray Buchanan
025 - Terrell Buckley
026 - Cris Carter
027 - Kevin Carter
028 - Chris Chandler
029 - Dexter Coakley
030 - Kerry Collins
031 - Curtis Conway
032 - Tim Couch
033 - Bryan Cox
034 - Germane Crowell
035 - Stephen Davis
036 - Terrell Davis
037 - Brian Dawkins
038 - Dermontti Dawson
039 - Warrick Dunn
040 - Greg Ellis
041 - Curtis Enis
042 - Marshall Faulk
043 - Brett Favre
044 - Mark Fields
045 - William Floyd
046 - Doug Flutie
047 - Antonio Freeman
048 - Joey Galloway
049 - Rich Gannon
050 - Eddie George
051 - Aaron Glenn
052 - Terry Glenn
053 - Tony Gonzalez
054 - Elvis Grbac
055 - Darrel Green
056 - Az-Zahir Hakim
057 - Jim Harbaugh
058 - Kevin Hardy
059 - Marvin Harrison
060 - Rodney Harrison
061 - James Hasty
062 - Ike Hillard
063 - Raghib Ismail
064 - Edgerrin James
065 - Brad Johnson
066 - Kevin Johnson
067 - Keyshawn Johnson
068 - Andy Katzenmoyer
069 - Jevon Kearse
070 - Shaun King
071 - Levon Kirkland
072 - Jon Kitna
073 - Ty Law
074 - Dorsey Levens
075 - Jermaine Lewis
076 - Mo Lewis
077 - John Lynch
078 - Peyton Manning
079 - Curtis Martin
080 - Russell Maryland
081 - Terance Mathis
082 - Ed McCaffrey
083 - Keenan McCardell
084 - Ed McDaniel
085 - O.J. McDuffie
086 - Willie Mcginest
087 - Donovan McNabb
088 - Steve McNair
089 - Cade McNown
090 - Natrone Means
091 - Jamir Miller
092 - Barry Minter
093 - Herman Moore
094 - Rob Moore
095 - Johnnie Morton
096 - Randy Moss
097 - Eric Moulds
098 - Muhsin Muhammad
099 - Adrian Murrell
100 - Ken Norton Jr.
101 - Jonathan Ogden
102 - Terrell Owens
103 - Carl Pickens
104 - Jake Plummer
105 - Robert Porcher
106 - John Randle
107 - Jake Reed
108 - Jerry Rice
109 - Simeon Rice
110 - Andre Rison
111 - Willie Roaf
112 - Marcus Robinson
113 - Bill Romanowski
114 - Darrell Russell
115 - Warren Sapp
116 - Darnay Scott
117 - Junior Seau
118 - Jason Sehorn
119 - Shannon Sharpe
120 - Akili Smith
121 - Antowain Smith
122 - Bruce Smith
123 - Emmitt Smith
124 - Jimmy Smith
125 - Robert Smith
126 - Rod Smith
127 - Takeo Spikes
128 - Shawn Springs
129 - Duce Staley
130 - J.J. Stokes
131 - Michael Strahan
132 - Bobby Taylor
133 - Fred Taylor
134 - Jason Taylor
135 - Vinny Testaverde
136 - Yancey Thigpen
137 - Zach Thomas
138 - Jessie Tuggle
139 - Andre Wadsworth
140 - Wesley Walls
141 - Hines Ward
142 - Kurt Warner
143 - Ricky Watters
144 - Michael Westbrook
145 - Aeneas Williams
146 - Ricky Williams
147 - Grant Wistrom
148 - Charles Woodson
149 - Rod Woodson
150 - Frank Wycheck
151 - First and 20
152 - First and 5
153 - Extra Credit
154 - David VS Goliath
155 - Generous Markings
156 - Eye Ball
157 - The Electric Slide
158 - Can't Tackle This
159 - Sticky Fingers
160 - Frog Legs
161 - Da Boot
162 - Da Bomb
163 - Couch Potato
164 - Fumblitis
165 - Ouch!
166 - Bingo
167 - Lightning
168 - Float Heads
169 - Tight Spiral
170 - Juggernaut
171 - Mr Mobility
172 - Big Money
173 - Overdrive
174 - Men at Arms
175 - Switch Sides
176 - Shady Deal
177 - Bigg Boys
178 - Real Men
179 - Slippery When Wet
180 - 13 O' Clock
181 - Carl Banks
182 - Bill Bates
183 - Jerome Brown
184 - Jim Burt
185 - Keith Byars
186 - Dwight Clark
187 - Gary Clark
188 - Roger Craig
189 - Richard Dent
190 - John Elway
191 - Boomer Esiason
192 - Jumpy Geathers
193 - Kevin Greene
194 - Dan Hampton
195 - Rodney Hampton
196 - Tim Harris
197 - Ken Harvey
198 - Craig Heyward
199 - Jay Hilgenberg
200 - Merril Hoge
201 - Keith Jackson
202 - Rickey Jackson
203 - Joe Jacoby
204 - Pepper Johnson
205 - Brent Jones
206 - Seth Joyner
207 - Jim Kelly
208 - Jim Lachey
209 - Steve Largent
210 - Dexter Manley
211 - Charles Mann
212 - Dan Marino
213 - Wilbur Marshall
214 - Clay Matthews
215 - Jim McMahon
216 - Karl Mecklenburg
217 - Dave Maggett
218 - Matt Millen
219 - Art Monk
220 - Joe Morris
221 - William Perry
222 - Tom Rathman
223 - Barry Sanders
224 - Phil Simms
225 - Mike Singletary
226 - Jackie Slater
227 - Pat Swilling
228 - Steve Tasker
229 - Herschel Walker
230 - Reggie White
231 - EA Sports
232 - Dodge City
233 - Christmas
234 - Tiburon
235 - Tiburon Bros
236 - Maddenstein
237 - Comsomobowl
238 - Gridiron
239 - Savage Field
240 - Tiberium
241 - 4th and Incas
242 - Alfa
243 - Nile Hi
244 - Super Bowl XXXVI
245 - Super Bowl XXXVII
246 - Super Bowl XXXVIII
247 - 84 All-Madden Team
248 - 85 All-Madden Team
249 - 86 All- Madden Team
250 - 87 All-Madden Team
251 - 88 All- Madden Team
252 - 89 All-Madden Team
253 - 90 All-Madden Team
254 - 91 All-Madden Team
255 - 92 All-Madden Team
256 - 93 All-Madden Team
257 - 94 All-Madden Team
258 - 95 All-Madden Team
259 - 96 All-Madden Team
260 - 97 All-Madden Team
261 - 98 All-Madden Team
262 - Madden Super Bowl Team
263 - Ecko
264 - Tiburon
265 - EA Sports
266 - Monsters
267 - Suger Buzz
268 - Toy Makers
269 - Clowns
270 - Crushers
271 - Mummies
272 - Industrials
273 - Vipers
274 - Junkyard Dogs
275 - Marshalhs
276 - Comets
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Worlds Greatest}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                Chapter IV
      A.)Top Five Fantasy Teams:

1.) Suger Buzz: This cerel team is my favorite in the whole game. EA Sports 
did a nice job with the staduims detail and the players on the team. What is 
the players name? Vitiam C, Mineral, Milk, all sorts of funny names.

2.) All Madden Millenium Team: Of course this teams better then Suger Buzz 
(it does come close though) but once unlocked you've basically done 
everything the game has and it doesn't become to useful. Still, these are 
the greatest players who have played the sport in this team, it's a team 
you'll want to see.

3.) EA Sports: The devolopers have there own team: EA Sports and it's ranked 
one of the best in the game.

4.) Any All-Madden Team: All of the All-Madden teams are pretty close in 
stats. John Madden picked these himselve has the greatest teams for the 

5.) Madden Super Bowl Team: John Maddens favorite players who went to the 
Super Bowl.

       B.)Top Five Real Teams:

NOTE: I don't mean to make people mad that they're some good teams I'm not 

1.) Jacksonville Jaguers: I don't like 'em. But they're good. They have the 
best overall stats has a real team in the game.

2.) New York Giants: New York Giants are better then any other football and 
are 2nd best in the game (god only knows why some skills are low)

3.) ST. Louis Rams: They won the Super Bowl in 2000 so of course they're 
good in the game.

4.) Arizona Cardinels: This is a surprize because they er... suck in real 
life. When your the Giants like season I've player there always undeafeated 
half way through the season. They also seem faster then listed.

5.) Tennesse Titens: Same reason for the RAMS. They made it to the super 
bowl in 2000.

       Falling Away from the list:
Vikings: HAHA! giants kicked your er... butts 42-0!

Ravens: Sure, so they won last years Super Bowl (luck) they were horrible 
the year EA Sports created the game

Cowboys: They we're horrible last year but EA Sport bumped up Troy

Aikmans stats so much that him and Emit Smith both create a good team.

        C.)Top Five Plays:

1.) Pro Set - HB Sweep - Easily picks up a 10 + yard run. When on left side 
of field use right HB Sweep and when on right side of field use left HB 

2.) Shotgun - Hail Mary - Goin' Deep! this pass 60% of the time gives you a 
30 yard catch. Only thing bad about this play is interceptions happen most 
on it, and most of the time you can't run when the ball is caught
3.) Pro Set - HB Deep - Flings a deep pass to the Halfback

4.) IForm - HB Sweep - This gives you 4-5 yards 95% of the time!

5.) Special Teams - Fake Field Goal  (Pass) - This is a easy way to pick up 
8 yards on Fourth down. You'll find a reciever on the right side of the 
screen open and throw a pass to him and 85% he'll catch it and have open 
running room.

                Chapter V
A.) Intro - Think you can beat me? I don't think so! here is my records for 
Madden '01 for the N64.

B.)VS Users - This is my stats agianst other real players:
                      212 Wins
                      9 loses
I'm only in 7th grade and this record is real. I've played 221 games and 
most of them weren't agianst easy players. NOTE: This also includes the 
Tournament I was in (see below)
C.) Tournament - I was in a Madden 2001 tournament a while back. It was in 
my hometown and I got to be in it (I was the youngest at 13, the second 
youngest was 15) 64 players we're in it. The tournament was like something 
in College Basketball. There was 152 people who tried out to be in the 
tournament only 64 made it in. I was ranked 12 in my divison(around the 48th 
best player ranked) here is what happened:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game 1}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5.) 49ers : Mark O'Brien           Final Score - 26

12.) Giants : Me, Steven Dunbar    Final Score - 35

My first game was probably the hardest of all the games. I played well 
though and Ron Dayne ran for 178 yards, Collins throw 4 TDS, and around 250 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game 2}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4.) Jets    : Shawn Pruintt        Final Score - 7

12.) Giants : Steven Dunbar        Final Score - 43

I kicked some series butt that game! everybody there was kinda shocked that 
I was still in this thing

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game 3}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12.) Giants : Steven Dunbar         Final Score - 17

1.) Vikings : Scott Thompson  	    Final Score - 7

Remix of the Giants winning!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game 4}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12.) Giants : Steven Dunbar         Final Score - 20

3.) Packers: David Whisinhunt 	    Final Score - 6

Only four teams left and I'm still alive!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Game 5 'Final Four'}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12.) Giants : Steven Dunbar         Final Score - 0

1.) Jacksonville : Michael Leen     Final Score - 35

I got so far but then poof lose. Just one game away from the finals and the 
winner recieved a Playstation 2 Game system. I was mad, he was good. Real 
Good. Anyway,Michael Leen ended up wining the 'Super Bowl' by the final 
score of 21-8

D.) Scores -
2 Minute Drill score - 98210

Season Ending - Running Average - 15.3 Yards per run

Total Rushing Yards (by 1 player) - 3002 Marshell Faulk (Submited by Ben 

Total Passing Yards per game - 512 (Submited by Joe Davis)

Total Sacks (by 1 player) - 73 (Submited by Ben Brown)

Passing PCT - 71 % Completion (Submited by Jake Fisher)

Defense Runing - -27 Yards was the total rushing yards of the whole season

Defense Passing - 62 Yards was the total passing yards stopped by the 
Defense in a whole season (Submited by Ben Brown)

                               Chapter VI
A.) Cheating - In all sport games you can cheat, easily pull of a win, but 
what fun is that? when you lose, you lose. In season, don't keep playing the 
same game over and over and over. I was 3-6 in Season mode and finished off 
the year making the playoffs at 9-7 (my 1st time in All-Madden diffuculty) 
Also, keep the season in the same diffulculty mode. Don't start off the game 
in All-Madden and then lose, then don't change the diffuculty too Rookie. 
What fun is that? you play a game and you should want as realistic series 
football as possible and with Madden '01 you can do that. A thing I liked 
about it is you find your own cheats with Madden cards, thats funner then 
going to a cheat website and coping it.

B.) Skills - There isn't much Skills you really need to know, press the Z 
button when somebodies coming at you in a Punt Return and you'll make a move 
right by them. It's a easy way to score a touchdown. Try to mix up your 
plays, and a sweep to the right side when your at the left side of the field 
will give you over 10 yards of running (with the New York Giants it does)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Copyright Statement}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                               Chapter VII

A.) Copyright Statement - All work was done by Steven Dunbar and Steven 
Dunbar only. I did everything in this site with no help. You cannot copy 
anything on this site unless you ask for my permission. E-Mail me at : and most likely let you put this on your 
website, or have some information. No Part of this FAQ may be reproduced in 
whole or in part or transmitted in any form by any means, clectronic, 
mechanical, recording, or other wise without permission by Steven Dunbar
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{In The End}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                               Chapter VIII

A.) Ending - I did all of this by myself. I'd like to thank, and for puting my FAQ on there site. I'd also 
like to thank you for reading my faq, Ben Brown, Josh Fisheli, and Michael 
Davis for helping me fix some stuff on this site and by submiting records. 
And of course, EA Sports for creating a great football game agian this year. 
Also, if you want more video game action check out 
(open May,20 2001 but check it out now)

    No Part of this FAQ may be reproduced in whole or in part or transmitted 
in any form by any means, clectronic, mechanical, recording, or other wise 
without permission by Steven Dunbar ( If you 
e-mail me, I'll most likely let you do this.