Madden NFL 2000 Cheats

Madden NFL 2000 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Madden NFL 2000 Cheats

General Madden 2000 Cheats
Complete the Madden Challenge, then enter any of the following codes:

firstis2020 yard first downs
painfulIncreased injuries
nopicksNo interceptions
qbintheclubPerfect passes
quarkandstarBig versus small players
itsinthegameEA stadium
wildwestDodge City stadium
cowboysMarshalls fantasy team
mojoAll 60s team
sideburnsAll 70s team
killerjokeClown Team
phalanxCenturian Team
snaptaclepntSugar Buzz Team
xmasgiftXMax Rush Stadium
btheballBall Cam
refisblindBlind Ref
inthefutureIndustrials Team
airmaddenSuper Jump
teammaddenAll Madden Team
weputithereTiburon Stadium
maganasaveHands of Glue
NO2Super SPeed Burst
pickedoffEasy Interceptions
industrialsRobot Team
rollergirlMore Fumbles
wearethegameEA Sports Team
sharkattackTiburon Team
pancakesAlpha Blitz Stadium
drbenway'81 Chargers Team
smackdownStiffer Arm
woogiewoogieElectric Sidelines
moonballSuper Jumps
pcbsHidden Savage Field Stadium
thothBonus Mummies Team

Win Coin Toss
Keep pressing [Space] until the coin toss is over.


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Easy Sacks
This way is very easy and it will never really backfire on you. You have your defensive line. Take a guy from one side. I usually take the Right End and move him over outside of the Left End. It works either way if you wanna move the Left End. Anyway now if there is no Tight End you can just get right in there and disrupt or sack the QB. Even if there is a Tight End on that side he is way easier to plow over than the lineman that you line up against at the start. The only way this will backfire is if they run the ball to the side that you just left open. Then there is one less guy to make a tackle and the CPU can get more yards or even a touchdown but if you have good DB's and LB's you should be fine.


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super long field goals
type in at the cheats screen: daboot and you should be able to kick 99 yd. long field goals