Madden NFL '95 (SNES) Cheats

Madden NFL '95 cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Onside kick
Do an onside kick on a kickoff, but actually kick the ball. Enter the instant replay to see half the other team's players standing, while your own players are making the tackle.


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Expansion teams
Start a game and enter the game setup screen. Highlight the 'Home' or 'Visiting Team' options. Press L, R, L, R, A to play as the Jacksonville Jaguars; or L, R, L, R, Y to play as the Carolina Panthers in an exhibition game. Note: Players on both teams will be rated as 99 in all attributes.
One minute game
Start a game, choose teams, and select normal mode. Highlight the 'Game Time' option and press L, R, L, R, X. The game will begin with fifteen second quarters.