Madden NFL 2005 review

The good:

- Create a Team, Player, Playbook, Fan.
- Graphics
- Franchise Mode
- EA Sports Bio
- Hit Stick
- Endless Fun

The bad:

- Not Much


This is a great game. Definitly better than last year. You can create a player to be anything you want and put him on any team you want. You can have a totally customized team. You can have created players, fans, playbooks and teams. You can create a stadium for your team also. You can have your own created playbooks for both defense and offence. This makes the game more fun. Then in franchise mode you can have your team replace a current team and then you can be a real NFL team. Franchise mode goes way deeper this year. You run the team. You can make trades, release players, sign players. You can even set the price of consessions in your stadium. You control everything. You can switch the Depth charts to get certain players to actually get some time on the field. The graphics this year are very good. EA Sports Bio is in Madden 2005 also. This is a great thing. It keeps track of your major accomplishments and your overall record. It also keeps track of how long you have played the game. It will tell you if you have played for like 5 days and 13 hours. You get rewards the longer you play. The hit stick is in Madden 2005 also. It allows you to hit the defender harder and it gives you a better chance to force a fumble but a worse chance of tackling him.

This game is endless for for any gamer. You dont even have to like sports.

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