Mad Maestro! Cheats

Mad Maestro! cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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easy mode
complete the following stages to unlock the tunes in freeplay mode:

stage 1: hungarian dance No 6 in G minor
srage 2: slavic dance No 7
stage 3: finale from carnival of animals
stage 4: scene from swan lake
stage 5: fight of the valkyries
stage 6: marche millitaire
stage 7: march from the nutcracker
stage 8: 40th symphony k550- 1st movement
stage 9: baba yaga's hut
stage 10: dance of the 4 swans
concert: william tell overture + radetski march.
mini games
complete the following stages plus the medley mode to unlock a special bonus mini-game.
complete the mini-game and the song will become playable in free play mode and the mini-game will be unlocked in the bonus menu.

stage 1: csikos post + love bucket replay game.
stage 2: toy symphony + lunar magic game.
stage 3: Eine Kliene Nacht Musik + dress up! game.
stage 4: Dance of the reed flutes + little birds game.
stage 5: Algerian suite + fireworks game.
stage 6: flight of the bumblebee + lionel's flaming hoops game.
stage 7: ballet of the unhatched chicks + quack quack racing game.
stage 8: Divertimento No 1 in E flat major K113 + feast game.
stage 9: L'arlesienne suite No 2 + alieen abduction game.
stage 10: hall of the mountain king + the mysteriouse dungeon game.
concert: Radoczi march + concert play.
concert 2: 5th symphony - 1st movement + final concert
normal mode
complete the following stages plus the medley mode to unlock the tunes in free play mode.

stage 1: hungarian dance No 5 in G minor
stage 2: thunder and lightning
stage 3: the marriage of figaro
stage 4: toreador song
stage 5: night on a bare mountain
stage 6: entry of the gladiators
stage 7: trepak from the nutcrackers
stage 8: orpheus in the underworld overture
stage 9: 9th symphony - 4th movement
stage 10: morning
concert: william tell overture.