Machinarium FAQ/Walkthrough v1.10
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: : : : Machinarium FAQ/Walkthrough

Machinarium FAQ/Walkthrough

by selmiak   Updated to v1.10 on
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        ;;.    .. I .MM:  :      I                     :  ..  .  ..
    MM :'':  .:P'TI b:'   I.n.   :        .:'M :M.  .  :  M:  I. MMb.db.
  .:''X'  :  :'   I M:    MMMX.  I   ..   C' I 'M:.' S :. :M  :I M 'MP'':.
  :   :   :  I    I M:    MMMM:  I LMMM:  M  I  MM' .M :: MM  'I I  'I  'I.
 .:   :   I  I    I M:    P'''T  I V:''M. M  I  M:  '' 'I :M   I I   I.  'I
 :'   I   A .I    I ::    I   I .I I   'M M  I  :M      I :M   I I   'I   I
 M   .M   M :M    M  M   :I   : :M :    I ':.:  :M      N :M. .: A    A   A
 M   M:   M  M:..:': ''-' '   ' 'M ''   '  '''' 'M      M  'MM': M:   M:  M
          '   ''''  '                            '                '   `エ  '



                                by selmiak

                                                      Version 1.10 - 12.01.2011

     Content                                                           [.1.00.]

[.1.00.] Content

[.2.00.]  Solution
 [.2.01.] Trashdump
 [.2.02.] City Gate
 [.2.03.] Inside the ditch
 [.2.04.] the boiler
 [.2.05.] the prison
 [.2.06.] escape
 [.2.07.] Outside the prison
 [.2.08.] Lowtown
  [.2.08.1.] Connect 5
 [.2.09.] church square
 [.2.10.] soldering works at the bridge
 [.2.11.] back in lowtown
 [.2.12.] under church square
 [.2.13.] city wall
 [.2.14.] greenhouse
 [.2.15.] broken bridge
 [.2.16.] arcade
  [.2.16.1.] Space Invaders
  [.2.16.2.] Escape
 [.2.17.] elevator
 [.2.18.] the bomb
 [.2.19.] in the dome
 [.2.20.] under the pub
 [.2.21.] on the dome

[.3.00.] Outro

After the story of machinarium is quite short let's just dive in and start
this solution.

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                                                      Welcome to machinarium!
  After you've seen the trasher bringing the little robot from the high tower
         in the middle of the huge town at the horizont to the trash dump and
                              unloading him in parts the game already starts.
 Do what the game wants you to do and click on the bathtub. After some clicks
     this thing drops down and you can see the robot's body next to his head.
                        Luckily he takes his head and is just a bit confused.
     The poor guy still can't stand up because he is missing one of his legs.
 He's also missing an arm, but more about that in just a few seconds. Talk to
the robo rat by clicking on it. The rat could give you your leg, but it wants
                                                           the puppet for it.
  Stretch your robot and get the puppet. Make a deal with the rat and you can
                                                            finally stand up.
    Now grab the magnet and take it with you. Also pick up the tread. Tie the
   magnet to the thread within your inventory and now you already have a nice
         fishing rod. It could be that your arm dropped into the water there.
    Kick the post, that's standing in your way and then you can fish for your
arm (with only one arm). The robot will swing to the other side automaticaly,
       and so you can continue to the next screen without further problems or
       riddles that want to be solved. There are plenty of them ahead though.
                                                               City Gate
                                                                      mean is that? The robocop can enter the town without a problem but if
 you stretch out and ring the bell the guard won't let you in. So you have to
 find a way to make the guard let you in. You will find out how to do that if
                                                        you continue reading.
Walk to the pylons and pick up one of them. You can just throw away the other
ones and under the last one you will find the blue paint. Take the paint with
you and pour it into the white paint that is standing around here to mix up a
nice light blue paint. Put your orange white striped pylon in that light blue
 paint and you now are the proud owner of a policehat in the right color. Now
                      only the lightbulb to put on top of the hat is missing.
 What a nice coincidence. There is a lantern with a lightbulb standing around
   here. Climb on it and step up one step. Pick up the lowest rung and put it
 into the lantern somewhere above you. Climb one step higher and take the new
   lowest rung. So... put this one above your head into the lantern and climb
     up. Some more steps and you're on top and can't go any higher (but don't
         try to set the night on fire...). Stretch your robot and pick up the
After the hard drop down put on the bulb and the pylon and ring the bell. The
guard will let you pass and you can enter the city. At least you can try. But
                                           watch out, it might be slippery...

                                                        Inside the ditch

    Oh, that's great! Slipped and dropped down into the ditch and the door to
                                                     the next room is locked.
    But what would an adventure game be without riddles?! So let's solve this
                                                                     one too.
  Step up the stairs and pick up the handle. Put this one on the handrail and
     now you can use the switch while you're at the bottom of the stairs. But
   that's not all yet. Walk to the metal building on the right and duck down.
Now you can reach under the metal building for the controls for the pipe high
      up in the ditch. Set the controls to 2 - A and acknowledge with the red
   The pipe is now reachable for us. Step up the stairs, stretch and grab the
      pipe. Layaway to the yellow stopper and take it with you. Put it on the
   farther away side of the tracks (seen from the robot) and push the switch.
The wagon comes down and derails. Pick up the wheels of the cart and put them
        back on the tracks. Jump on it and push the switch again. You will be
                                               catapulted into the next room.

                                                              the boiler

 Watch the mean fat gangsterbot stealing heating material. You will meet this
 unpleasant guy again later in the game. And it's not all that bad to see him
                          here, as he shows you where to exit the boilerroom.
Push the unmissable red button in the middle of the boiler and the panel will
   open up. But don't use it yet, walk to the door on the right side instead.
Pick up the bend metal rod and now you can play around with the panel. Switch
        the switches to: 1-down, 2-up, 3-down. Just like in the picture here:
Now push the red button at the side of the panel, destretch the robot and run
 to the wagon and hop inside. As soon as you are pulled up let the robot jump
                 off to the left and make him stand on the platform up there.
User the bend metal rod to open up the box here. Just turn around one pair of
the wires on the left side (blue contacts) to make the crane go the other way
   round this time. Now jump down again, walk to the panel again and push the
 red button one more time. Run to the wagon again, jump in and this time jump
 off while you are at the pipe on the right side. Now we will escape the same
                                                 way as the robogangster did.

                                                              the prison

      After we witnessed how the two gangsters are building a bomb and we got
   caught by them we find the little robot trapped in the cell in the picture
                         above here. What else can we do here except escape?!
  So let's do it. Our new pal inside the cell is a nicotine junkie like noone
 else. So we should get him a cigarette. Go to the Pipe on the right and grab
the green weeds. While you are there, also get the winged tap that is screwed
 on the pipe. Now go to the lamp, stretch yourself and put the green weeds on
 the lamp to dry them. Next get some of the toiletpaper and roll a cigarette.
                       Give it to the guy and you will receive his whole arm.
   So, let's use the arm. Walk to the hole in the wall and duck down. Use the
  arm and shove it in there. Don't care about the shy robots and use the hole
                                            that is away from you to proceed.
Shake the cupboard in the room on the left and pick up the broom. Now put the
winged tap on the broom to build a nice key. Use this key to open the hole in
 the ground and jump down there. We will visit the neighbouring robots later,
                                                 so just escape to the right.


 Of course we go the the cap in the ground, that means... in the ground above
us and open it with the broom key. Here we see the bad guy guarding the cells
                          and shooting his target. Now we must steal his key.
Once he is leaning back push him and make him fall. While he is down grab his
balls (the balls he is shooting with) and throw the balls towards the cabinet
 with the two keyholes on the wall. While he is standing at the target and is
 pulling out more balls for him to shoot with steal his key. Now wait for him
to sit down and lean back again, and again, make him fall and steal the balls
 from the table again. While he is fetching more ball get out of the hole and
    unlock the left lock. This will free the two other robots and the bad guy
                     will chase them. Now it's save to climb out of the hole.
   Climb up the stairs and enter the next room. Also climb up the stairs here
     and turn off the light. Note down the time the clock is showing with the
    glowing numbers. Now don't leave the prison just yet, but get back to the
  room with the dartboard and enter the cell block. Get into the middle cell,
   stretch and get the plumber's helper from the ceiling. Now leave this cell
     and use the panel on the left. Enter the time the glowing numbers on the
           clock were showing. In case you forgot already, the code is 04:45.
     Enter this cell and open the cupboard by solving the riddle. You have to
align all the green spots in the middle. As the starting positions are always
    different I can't write up a solution here. But you can solve this easily
      anyways. Once this cupboard is open you get a part of a pistol, so just
     combine it with the plumber's helper and we've got the gun complete. Now
get back to the room with the clock with the glowing numbers and finally step
                                out of the door into the freedom of the city.

                                                      Outside the prison

Walk to the right side of the two boxes here and push them to the left. Watch
 out, it might be possible that you end up standing on the bollard instead of
 pushing the crates. There is no use in standing on the bollard right now, so
  get down and push the boxes. Once they are standing on the left side of the
   screen push them once more to push them even farther into the next screen.

      * red 1
      * red 2
      * yellow 1
      * yellow 2
      * yellow 3
      * red 1
      * red 2
      * red 3
      * yellow 1
      * yellow 2
      * yellow 3
      * red 2
      * red 3
      * yellow 3

                            Use the panel on the wall to start the mechanism.
The aim of this game is to move all red arrows up and all yellow arrows down.
  The red button on the right side resets all the moves you have done. Use it
    when you are stuck. Before using my solution here try to solve the riddle
 yourself, this is what this nice game is about. Well, it isn't about getting
  stuck forever on a riddle, so if you are stuck, here is my solution. Follow
       the images in the image from the left to the right and the from top to
      You have to pull the yellow lever on the left side of the panel and the
    magnet will grab the upper box. Now push the lever back up and the magnet
  will lift the upper box into the air. Now that you got rid of this box roll
                              the last remaining box back to the right again.
Back in front of the prisondoor we can finally jump onto the bollard and from
  there up onto the box. Stretch a bit and you can reach the ladder above the
   box. So we can climb into the buoy control center. Once you understand how
  this works it's easy to navigate this baby. To ease this up for you (and to
                    fulfill the cause of this guide) here is the explanation:
The current position of the buoy is indicated by the glowing lamp. There is a
   center positon, from which every other side position that has its own lamp
    can be reached. If the buoy is at one of these side positions you have to
drive it back to the center position first before you can reach for the other
 sidepositions. The direction is set with the two red buttons on the left and
  on the right. You start moving the buoy by pressing the top button. You can
navigate back to the center position by steering into the completely opposite
    direction of the current position of the buoy. So we want to navigate the
 buoy to the front right, there is only one lamp in that direction anyways so
   it's very hard to drive in a wrong direction and then having to drive back
  and forth to find the correct position. Once the buoy is in the front right
         position, right next to the quay, push the lower button to squirt an
                    oilpuddle onto the quay and attract the doglike creature.
 Now jump down from the buoy control center and shoot the doggy before it can
     licked away all the oil. Shoot it with your plumber's helper gun. If you
        don't know how to get or build the gun, just have a quick look at the
  previous chapter (escape) and find out there. I explained it there already.
                  The plumber's helper is in the middle cell of the prison...
  You drag the itemcaught thing to the lady in pink in the screen to the left
 and get an itemumbrella from her. (ella, ella) Use the umbrella to cross the
pipes that are leaking water without rusting. In the next screen use the only
   possible way, which is up. You are done here and don't need to (and can't)
                                                       go back here any more.


  So, we finally got into town. Here we'd like to listen to the band standing
   here of course. But these guys are missing their instruments or have other
      problems with what's already there. So it's one of our jobs to get them
 some instruments and repair the other instruments. Well, enter the oilpub at
   first. It's hard to miss, as the neon advertisment is showing you where to
 While you're here, just peep into the next room. Look at that. The three bad
    guys all together. But we can't do anything about them. At least not now.
So get the flycatcher that is hanging around here in front of the door to the
  next room and get out of the oilpub. There are enough flys flying above the
   stinky keg in front of the oilpub. Catch some of them with the flycatcher.
  Now get back into the pub and release the flys onto the barkeeper. He is so
        distracted now that you can drag out the oil barrel and he won't even
  notice. The barrel makes a good drum and the drummer is happy and the robot
                                                shakes his shiny metal booty.

    _connect 5_____
  So, let's face one of the meanest riddles in machinarium. Get back into the
pub and challenge the sitting robot for a game of connect five. The rules are
  that you win if you have 5 of your parts in a row, no matter if straight or
  diagonal and you can move wherever you want (unlike connect four, where you
                                                have to insert from the top).
  This guy is a tough guy for this game but you can beat him. At first, don't
let him get 4 in a row, so once he has 3 in a row place one of your tokens to
block him. Then you build diamonds all over the playfield, always keep an eye
         on you opponent and his rows and sooner or later you'll have built a
   catch-22 for him like in the picture below here. Then it should be obvious
                                                           what to do next...

 If all of this doesn't work for you then come on, have a look at this riddle
                            and the perfect solution for this on my homepage:
                                       > <

     Once the other robot lost, he is very pissed and beats up the table. The
   screws fly all through the pub. Collect all 5 of them and give them to the
      saxophone player outside. This guy will be happy and play just for you.
   Seems like the old lady doesn't like good music, as she throws a flowerpot
after you and the music. Again. But this time there is even a small sunflower
plant inside the flowerpot. Pick it up and then climb up the stairs, as there
                                   is nothing you can do here for the moment.

                                                           church square

      Yes, this is the church of machinarium. So get the crank handle that is
hidden in the lowest regions of the screen, right in the middle, stuck in the
 Put the crank into the hole next to the churchdoor and turn it. You see, you
  can control the hands of the clock with it. But you don't know where to go,
 so take a look at the posters on the church. There is one with a halfmoon on
 it, don't care about this, but look out for the infinity symbol. So turn the
   hands of the clock to VII at either the snake, the two facing triangles or
    the circle with the dot inside. The bell will ring and the believer robot
will enter the church and let you see another poster. There are the times for
the jews written on the now revealed poster. And the guard on the upper right
      of the screen looks rather jewish, doesn't he? So turn the hands of the
 clock to VI at the spiral (the sun is crossed out) and the jewbot will leave
 his post and go to church. Once he is inside the church you can go up to his
                                     post and steal his loudspeaker up there.
 Now talk to the old man in the wheelchair. He wants some oil for his old and
 rusty wheelchair and gives you an oilcan for it. But we'll fetch the oil for
  him later, now we step up the stairs to the left. See you on the next page.

                                           soldering works at the bridge

 Open up the fusebox of the powerpole. Play around with the puzzle inside and
   once you start to move the puzzle piece in the upper right corner it drops
out (before tuning in or even turning on). And the worst part is, the robotic
 owl steals it right in front of your eyes. That are some really bad reflexes
 our robotic friend has. Well, the owl imitates you anyways, so step into the
  middle of the bridge and stretch and relax your robot and look at that, the
robot owl does the same. So keep on going up and down until the cable the owl
   sits on breaks. The longer you keep going up and down without stopping the
 So grab the cable that is hanging around here now and tie it to the handrail
       of the bridge. After that we pick up the puzzlepart and onwards to the
                                                        crackers like puzzle.
Slide the parts so that they line up like shown in the pic above. Then put in
       the missing piece to make it look like it is shown on the right of the
                                                               picture above.
   So, now we're gonna catch the little cat. Climb up the ladder and stand on
    top of the soldering robot. Pull out his plug and he will throw you down.
  While you are down there and he is still distracted grab the red cables and
 pull them out of the wall. The soldering robot will notice this and tries to
 disentangle the cables and moves to the other side (without breaking through
   though). While he is on the right side if the cables climb on him and pull
   the cat's tail. The cat is now annoyed and tries to flee. But what the cat
       doesn't know is, that the handrail is now electrified. So once the cat
   touches the handrail it gets stuck on it. So we just go to the fusebox and
   remove the puzzlepart or move another puzzle part away and the electricity
goes away and the cat drops down. Now pick up the cat and go back to lowtown.

                                                         back in lowtown

    So we're back in lowtown. The musician with the didgeridoo is the last of
 the bunch that has problems with his instrument. His didge is clogged up. So
put the cat into the didgeridoo to clean it up. Once the pipe is clean he can
   blow it again. The old lady at the windows still doesn't like the music so
 she throws down her radio. Pick it up and reapair it with the loudspeaker in
                                                              your inventory.
                              Now go to the left through the blue white door.
 We've been here before. This damned oil puddle! But now it is really useful.
   Put the oil can on the puddle of oil and wait for it to fill up. That's it
with lowtown. Get back to the old man in front of the church and give him his

                                                     under church square

   Before we can climb down under the churchsquare we have to find a way down
  there and open it. Maybe the drain where the old man with the wheelchair is
   standing on. So finally give him his desired oil and he will use it on his
wheelchair. That was good, the wheelchair is working again. So he rolls aside
  and let's you open he drain. And now he wants some sunflower oil. Yeah, why
    not, what else? But we'll get it for him later. Now we want to climb down
                                                             into the sewers.
The funky wrench down here lost his radio to the bad guys so we will pull our
   new and repaired radio right on his little night stand (to find out how to
     get and repair the radio read on on the previous page). He is very happy
about his new boombox and starts to dance to this fresh dubstep vibe. When we
   start to talk to him now, the bad guys will get a fresh shower and we will
 get a small red key. Let's keep this and search for another one. Look inside
   his nighstand. There is a book inside. Read it and on the last page (where
  else should it be) is another one of these small red keys. Now that we have
    all the red keys we can solve the pipe riddle in the middle of the sewer.
Once you did cut off the main pipe for the well on churchsquare you can climb
 up and jump into the well to proceed. To cut off the correct pipe just align
                      the red keys like I show you in the picture below here.
           > <

                                                               city wall

The way through the well brings you to the outer side of the city walls. Jump
   down onto the plattform and press the red button. Yes, that red button. At
  least no pool designed to cool nuclear fuel rods will explode when you push
     it. You just drop down one storey until you are in front of the kitchen.
     You can't do all that much down here by now, so look around, maybe we'll
  see something to do. Why not look into the window here. Oh look at that, we
   found our kidnapped girlfriend. That's great! But we can't rescue her yet,
                                                      but we can play as her.
       Quit your forced work and put down the pot from the stove. Just put it
   somewhere on the floor. Now open the cupboard and take out the corncob. To
  pass the time, start making popcorn by throwing the corncob onto the stove.
The corn pops immediately and throws down a metal bar outside. Pick it up and
                              hand it over to your girlfriend in the kitchen.
 Let the girl stand on the pot and use the metalbar to open the cooling tube.
 Take out the cooling tube. Let's have some fun with the cooling tube and put
 it into the cooking pot. You have to put the cooking pot back onto the stove
 before though. Yummee, that's delicious. Now that we got a brand new hose we
      can attach it to the oil tap above the sink. The robots know what to do
                            anyways, so just watch them refill the plattform.
   You can kickstart the plattform by pulling the rope on it. Once it rattles
 you can use the panel to control it. Just play around with the buttons until
all the whites are down and all the reds are up. A lever appears. Pull it and
                                                                    up we go.
  Finally we reached the upper end of the city wall. But we can't go on, as a
      moody airvent blocks our way. Talk to it and it will face you with some
riddles. If you solve all the riddles you solve them, but nothing happens. So
    try to annoy the airvent and always give the wrong answers. The airvent's
  mood will darken and once it is fed up with your stupidity it spits out its
                                                             mechanical guts.
      As dangerous as this seem, the good thing is, the way is unblocked now.
   Let's jump into the airvent's airway and we can continue our quest to save
                       our girlfriend and stop the bombing of the main tower.


     There is a lot to do in the greenhouse, so let's get into it. Place your
 robot to the left of the beam thingy and move it to the right so that it now
faces the first pot from the right. As soon as the beam thing is moved out of
   the way you can also see a little stick inside the first pot on the right.
     Pick it up and walk to the panel on the wall to the right. Solve all the
                        little riddles. The following diagram might help you:

                                  S = Start
                                  X = Blocked
                            ... follow the line.

  _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _
 |  _ _ _  |   |  _ _ _  |   |  _ _ _  |  |  _ _ _  |  |   |   |X|  |   |X|X|X|
 | |  _  | |   | |   |X| |   | |  _ _ _|  |_|X|S|X| |  | |S| |_ ッ|  | |_ ッ ッ ッ|
 | | | | | |   | | |  _| |   | | |X| |X|  |  _ _|ッ _|  |_ ッ _|X| |  | |S|ッ ッ| |
 | | |_ _| |   | |  ッ _ _|   | |  ッ  |S|  | |X|X| |X|  |X|ッ _ ッ| |  |_ _| |_| |
 |S|_ _ _ _|   |  ッ ッ S|X|   |  ッ ッ ッ  |  |  ッ ッ  |X|  |ッ _|X|_ _|  |X X|_ _ _|
  ッ             ッ ッ ッ ッ ッ     ッ ッ ッ ッ ッ    ッ ッ ッ ッ ッ    ッ   ッ        ッ ッ

  Start at the blue square and then follow the line. Once you made it through
 all six pictures you can turn on the machines by pressing the little buttons
  on the lower end of the panel. The left button turns on the plant beam, the
right button turns on the diascope. If you already positioned the beam facing
 the plant on the right it will now start to bloom and also open up its bags.
  Climb up the stairs and put the stick into the one bag near to you. You can
                     now grab into the bag and pull out the magnifying glass.
   Get downstairs and pull the plant beam two times to the left so that it is
facing the empty pot. But empty pots are boring, so put in the small seedling
     you have in your inventory. Use the panel to turn on the plant beam once
  again and watch the beautiful sunflower grow. Shake the flower and you will
  get some sunflower seeds. You can make all the other plants bloom too, this
                        looks marvellous, but serves no purpose for the game.
    Now we have everything we need in the greenhouse but we can't get out, as
     the door is still locked. You can open it with the butterfly next to the
                             door, but we don't know how yet. Let's find out!
There are two ways to find out the combination for the door. Number one is to
  walk up the stairs again and use the magnifying glass on the butterfly. The
 pattern on its wings is the pattern we are searching for. Or you pick up the
upper drawer from the desk (the one with the I) and put it into the diascope.
   Now stand in front of the projector and stretch. While you are up here you
 can attach the magnifying glass to the projector and finally we can see what
      is shown on the pictures. Browse through the pictures until you see the
      butterfly with the red spots on the wings. This is the combination once
Now we can go to the door and enter the combination. Pull the trigger and the
                                                                  door opens.

                                                           broken bridge

       So there is a press standing here. What else should we do than put the
  sunflower seeds in it. But don't start pumping yet, as the oil will be lost
    then. Put the oilcan under the outflow of the press onto the drain in the
 floor down the stairs. Now you can start pumping and sooner or later the oil
                                                                   will flow.
We cannot do anything worthwile with the robocop just yet, so just slide down
 the drainpipe and walk to the old robot to give him his sunflower oil. He is
        very pleased and gives you an invitation for the arcade and drops his
   bandage. Pick up the bandage and then we rush to the arcade. The arcade is
                           located there, where we just toasted the robo cat.


 Welcome to the coolest arcade EVER! Here you can play for free and even earn
       money by playing the games. To do so we first need to power the arcade
  machines. Jump on the bike and ride until the red level is reached. Now the
                                   first machine is powered. Here we can play

    _Space Invaders_____
                                    Okay, just shoot everything that moves =)
 The small invaders grant you as many points as the level you are in. The red
   UFO gives you a stunning 50 Points at once. You should dodge the shots the
  invaders shoot at you, but you can also shoot these shots. Try playing with
 the keyboard. This is much easier than playing with the mouse, the arrowkeys
    move and space fires. Tactically it's the best idea to start shooting the
 invaders in the middle first, because this will stop the remaining guys from
            running all across the screen. But don't let them come too close.
              As soon as you scored 1000 points you'll get your first dollar.
Now walk to the bike again and set the lever to the second machine. With this
 setting you can power the second arcade machine. You can play space invaders
       again of course but you won't get any money for it. So, let's play the
                                                          second arcade game:

   The escape game is quite tricky so I will just tell you the directions you
        need to take in every level. (D = down, U = up, L = left, R = right).
    Level 1: D R U R R
    Level 2: R D L U R R D D L U U L D R U L D D R R U U L D R R
    Level 3: D R U U D L L D R U U L D R D L U R R D L U L U R D D R U U D R
    Level 4: U L L L R R D R U L L D R U L L D R U R D L U R R D L U L D L U R
             R R D U L L L D R U R D L L U R R R R
    Level 5: U R D L U L L D L U R R R D R U L L L L D R U R R R D L U L L D L
             U R D R U R R L L D L U L D R U R R D L U R R D L U L D R R U L L
             L D R R R R
      You don't need any more money, but you can try your luck with the third
                                                             machine anyways.
                                           So, head back to the churchsquare.
   Put the two coins into the battery machine and receive your two batteries.
   But you can't give them to the robocop like that. Use the bandage from the
    rusty robot to tie them together. Yeah, that's what the robocop wants, so
  let's rush to him. To do so just go to the connection between church square
     and lowtown and jump up to the drainpipe and climb up all the way to the
 Give him the battery and he is more than happy that he can play with his toy
                                    and lets us pass along into the elevator.


  Well, so we made it into the elevator. It's not very clean in here anyways,
  so take some dust from the huge flowerpot and pour it all over the place. A
    fast and tidy cleanobot comes along and sucks in all the dust. But we are
      even faster than him, so pick him up while he is in front of you. After
   shaking the sucker for a while he will drop a lightbulb. There is no other
place for the lightbulb than in the upper right corner on the elevator panel.
     Now we can go upstairs, but we don't know the right combination yet. The
   leaf of the plant is in the way so step under it and reach up for it. Pull
    down the leaf and you can see the pentagram beeing the symbol for the top
  floor. Use the panel and enter the pentagram as the destination. We will go
                                                               up in no time.

                                                                the bomb

   We are very close to the bomb now. At first walk to the switch on the left
   side of the screen and pull it down 4 times. The vacuum cleaner will drive
   into the next room. Follow the machine and step on the vacuum. Now you can
                                                          reach the scissors.
 Get them and get back to the switch in the other room and push the switch up
    2 times. The vacuum cleaner will now stop under the chandelier. Go to the
fuse box on the right side and and take out the fuses. All the lights will go
    out. Now step on the vacuum cleaner again and cut off the chandelier. Get
 down from the vacuum and turn on the fuses again. After doing this drive the
                                     vacuum into the room to the right again.
       Here we knot the chandelier to the vacuum cleaner and attach it to the
  toilet. With the switch in the room to the left we can drive the vacuum out
          of the toilet and also the toilet out of the toilet. We now use the
                                       toiletpaper to swing down to the bomb.
It is now our duty to defuse the bomb in a serious struggle against time. But
    this is very easy, just follow the cables and shuffle the letters so that
 they match the according number. The correct order for the letters is: (from
                                                               left to right)
                                                            D - B - E - A - C
    As you can see, the 'B' can stay where it is but the rest has to be taken
                                            out and put into the right place.
         Now climb back up and get into the hallway. Walk up the stairs here.

                                                             in the dome

     If you click on the robot with the huge brain you can see how everything
                                                  happened. Such a bad thing.
So, now that we know that, we can continue. Open the cupboard on the left and
                    here you have to move the green balls to the green areas.
     Because it is very hard to describe all this with words you can find the
       solution from machinarium here. So you don't have to fight through the
                                                annoying spidergame yourself.
       > <
After you made it through this you grab the connection cable and plug it into
the big brain robot. Here we play a shooting game. Get the key, then get back
    to the start and open the locked gun. Now kill all 33 bad guys within the
    maze. The baddies with the cap on need 2 shots. Maybe the map of the maze
                             with all enemies and items under here will help:
          > <
 Once you killed them all (and made metallica proud with that...) you get the
                                last bulb for the elevator from the bigbrain.

                                                           under the pub

 Put the last bulb into the panel and draw the star. Connect all the bulbs in
                                                     starform and down we go.
 Grab the huge hammer and destroy the small glass window on the wall. The key
  behind it can be used inside the elevator, so go there and unlock the small
 cabinet. There is an icespray inside. This works well on the huge lock under
           the pub. Once the lock is frozen you can trash it with the hammer.
    The rest of the rescue action is told in a cutscene and we can play again
                                               once we are in the dome again.

                                                             on the dome

      Actually we are still inside the dome but we are outside it in no time.
   Outside you will find a strange device mounted to the dome. Have a look at
  it. There are some numbers written on it. If you go inside the dome and use
  these numbers as the frequencies on the yellow radio like apparat the radio
   will play a melody. Remember this melody and play it on the strange device
   outside the dome again. If you can't get it right, just push the following
                                           buttons (seen from left to right):
                                                    1 - 4 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 2 - 3
A ladder appears and you should use your girlfriend to turn the wheel to make
 the ladder stay. If you are not fast enough the ladder will disappear again.
  Just play the melody again and be fast enough this time. Now you just climb
                                              up the stairs and you are done.
                                                   You completed machinarium!


  [.3.00.]  _ OUTRO _____


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