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Training the skill Critical Hit
Critical Hit is a passive skill (as in it is always active and adds to other skills) and it activates depending upon your critical percentage and the enemies protection (protection lowers critical hit and you can find this out by: [your critical %] - [enemies protection x2]) so it can be a pain to train.

Here is a way to train it faster:

Get the Taillteann Shadow mission "Provocation" on Basic difficulty.
You will then need two daggers (as they have very high critical) so that you have the best chance.
Get two filler people (because the mission needs three people to enter) then start the mission.
Activate your auto attack by going to the Mabinogi start icon (the box with the game logo) in Options under the Game tab, it should be at the bottom area and you turn it on that way.
Then attack a Barrier Spikes that are in the mission and because they have no defense and protection you will hit critical a lot also, auto attack will keep hitting the spike so you can do something else.

Note: Even if the daggers durability becomes 0 you can still hit criticals and 0 stamina will not effect the critical, just the damage.

Tip: Windmill, Stomp, Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, Spirit Weapon Awakening, Flame Burst, Blaze, and Wings of Rage all ignore protection rate.