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Mabinogi Tips

Getting fast proficiency on: Sheilds and Armor
People who get use to the game like to upgrade items but, to do that you have to get proficiency on that item and from the two I listed above I know fast ways to get it faster.

Shields: One way is to defend a lot against a weak monster without smash like: Rats(grey) or Spiders(white). Just throw a rock at it to avoid killing it and activate the arrgo then defend and run a little after you're hit in defense then load it again and continue.
The other way gives more proficiency and that is to use the skill Charge on a monster. This way could take longer then the defending way but you get much more proficiency.

Armor: There is really only one good way to get proficiency on armor and that is to be hit a lot.
I recommend using the monster Mimics as they do little to no damage and attack a lot. To get them on you just open every chest they are in and watch or leave coming back now and then to refill your Hp as 1's could kill you overtime.