: : : : : : : Dunbartion bank platform: get on it!

Mabinogi Glitches

Dunbartion bank platform: get on it!
With the release of the new skill "Assault slash" there have been new ways to get into places.
Here is one that I have confirmed to work.
Dunbartion bank platform: It is that large stone platform on the other side of the bank in dunbartion that is next to the clothing shop. Some people do the sitting one but, I know how to get up there for real.
First you must be in a duel or Elf Vs. Giant pvp then you need to get inside the bank (not the map but the inside of the building so you're still in dunbartion) by just holding down the left mouse key to keep walking and move it inside the bank through the door and you will be inside it. Then you have to get the other person up against the wall closest to the platform and Assault slash him against the wall. If you do this correctly you can walk through the wall to the platform[NOTE!!!! you cannot get back the same way so you will need to warp away from that spot!]