: : : : : : : Enter Rabbie arena untransformed

Mabinogi Glitches

Enter Rabbie arena untransformed
To my surprise quite a few people don't know this easy glitch so here it goes.
NOTE: this works in the arena lobby and waiting room.

First all you need to do is transform in the lobby/waiting room then go up to the rabbie coin slot/door and click on it. Then when it asks you if you want to enter the arena turn off your transformation and hit the "ok" and you will get into the fighting arena without transformation.

OTHER NOTES: no player can attack you when you are in the arena untransformed (other then the chandelier [I call it the ghost since it puts you in the receiving smash animation]) all of the monsters can attack you that are not controlled and you can attack them (if you die in the arena untransformed you wont lose anything).
I hope this helps you with the arena.