: : : : : : : Avoiding the Blinkers "Beholder Beam"

Mabinogi Glitches

Avoiding the Blinkers "Beholder Beam"
Everyone hates that move the blinker has as there is no way to get away from it completely. But I have found a way to stop its "drain" effect on you so you can move around.
NOTE:This wont stop the knock back damage.

It is simple really, if you know the blinker is going to use it on you run to a monster nearby and use the Windmill skill on it. If the Blinker uses the beam on you during the skill animation the "drain" effect wont do anything to you so you can move normally and can use skills (the light beam will still be on you until the skill ends).
This should help you a lot if you're in a tight spot.