Lunar 2: Eternal Blue review
I cried... damn it...... hate this series.. too good

The good:

What can I say... the series is awesome...

The bad:

Hard like hell.. damn final boss


The series pretty much came back way back from the Sega series....

The awesome thing about this game, is the fact that the storyline is awesome... awesome enough that it made me cry especially in the end of it all.. the graphics in this game though, true, it's 2-D like a traditional RPG, old school style. But it's worth picking up in stores. Though the prices during the time I bought it were $100.00 plus the PST and the GST which sucks.. it was worth the money, it has two CD's and a god bible book that's hard! and also the music is beyond that.

The bad thing about it is.. it gets tedious when it comes to levelling up.... and I was worried that this won't get as big as other games such as Final Fantasy VII since barely anyone hear has heard of it.

Other than that, it was worth it.

I hope they release Lunar 3

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