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[edit] Background

This enhanced PlayStation version of the original Lunar 2 for Sega CD takes place a thousand years after the events of the first adventure. Hiro and Ruby must unlock the secrets of the Blue Spire and find the Goddess Althena who may be the only one who can stop the resurrection of the evil Zophar. There's an hour of detailed animation sequences and over 90 minutes of dialogue packed onto three CDs.

[edit] Gameplay

"Eternal Blue Complete" is a remake of the Sega Cd game "Lunar: Eternal Blue". The remake features 32-bit graphics, improved dialogue, additional scenes, and animé-style video sequences. The gameplay system remained unchanged. You control a party where each member belongs to a certain class (fighter, priest, etc.). You can position your party members on the battle field to avoid multiple attacks, to protect weaker party members, etc. During the turn-based combat, you can attack physically or perform special attacks, unique to each characters. Enemies are not random and are always visible on screen.

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Nov 20, 09 7:19pm
100% Completion Lunar2EternalBlue
Dec 04, 04 4:30am

It's 1000 years after the Tale of the first Lunar. Some things are still the same some...

Coral Blue
May 30, 04 7:25am
A sequel that lives up to its promise. Lunar2EternalBlue
Mar 16, 04 12:07pm

The series pretty much came back way back from the Sega series....

The awesome thing...

Oct 11, 03 10:02pm

Overall, the game is really good, and I would play it again, but not for $5. Renting...

HalfDemon Inuyasha
Jul 14, 03 11:55am

Lunar 2 hmmmm this game was kinda good, but did'nt outlast the one before it, no way,...

Jun 28, 02 12:01am

Ever since I bought this game I have been trapped in a web of enchantment. I have...

Apr 04, 02 2:58pm

Lunar 2 is to me personally an amazing game.What really struck me about it was...

mike tru
Dec 08, 01 12:42am

The long awaited sequel to the clasic Lunar: Silver Star Story has finally come, and...

Sep 16, 01 7:36pm


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  • North America: Nov 30, 2000
  • Japan: May 27, 1999
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