Lunar Legend review
Lunar Legend

The good:

Nice story line, good graphics

The bad:

a small world= shorter game, can't drop items, get attacked every five seconds, not the best version of the game


The story of Lunar has now come to Gameboy Advanced and overall it is a welcomed addition to the system's collection of RPGs. Now, I have played this game before as Lunar: Silver Story for PS1, but to be fair I won't make comparisons.
Graphics: This game looks good on GBA with some very nice animation and some small cut scenes. Spells aren't as impressive as the golden sun series but your characters do actual hit opponents. However, battle scenes are very 2D with little depth in the backgrounds. (3.75/5)
Gameplay: controls are easy to learn, items are collected in a mass area for everyone to use but they can't be dropped for some reason. This game is fun to play and it should have you hooked for hours. However, battles are random and numerous so it gets annoying. Getting from point A to point B doesn't take much brains to figure out and bosses are a piece of cake if you know your character's abilities. Finally the world of lunar and the game length seems awefully small and short. (3.5/5)
Plot: This game has an interesting story line despite the fact there are few plot twists. Character conversions are kept relively short, and like most games, it starts off with a simple adventure that turns into so much more! (4.0/5.0)
Sound/Music: Nothing very impressive here since music and sound are kept to a few basic music tracks and sounds. There is Luna's singing however so that's nice.
Overall completely average (3.5/5)
Replayability: In this game, you have all sorts cards to find. If you find them all, special things will happen. Other than that, not much else to do. (3.0/5.0)

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