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: : : : Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough Final

Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough Final

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       Lunar Legend
       Version: x...Final...x
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     - Updates
     - Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
     - Outro


Jan. 8 2003_Final

Walkthrough is complete now. Great game. So ur, final version of faq so, don't,
e-mail, me, about, stuff, I've, missed, unless, it's, huge. Alas, this faq
rather sucks, so, I suck, so, stuff, happens. K k, bye bye.

Jan. 7 2003_1.5

I haven't played LL in a while now. And, RPGs have somehow lost interest to me.
I just have little time (even if I have no social life) and patience for them.
But hey, Lunar Legend has still been grand so far. Almost finished now,
walkthrough complete to Grindery.

Dec. 25_1.4

Christmas was, good, I suppose... walkthrough is complete to Tamur.

Dec. 22_1.3

I've been a bit busy lately, thus the reason for my lack of updates. I added
all of my "messangers" for contact, and the walkthrough is complete to the Red
Dragon Cave.

Dec. 15_1.2

Walkthrough finished to "Nanza" and submited faq to gamefaqs.

Dec. 14_1.1

I have Lunar Legend now. *Claps* I'm a little disappointed with the battle
system and the whole structure of the game so far, but I'll see how it
progresses. Though, I must say, piecing together all of the events from Lunar
2, this is a very interesting game indeed.

Dec. 13_1.0

Started FAQ. Just plain layout. I have never played the first Lunar, though I
enjoyed the second to death. This should be a pretty basic FAQ, with just a
plain walkthrough and not many, other, stuff. On a side note, I have not got
the game yet. I plan on looking for it today. I also plan on finishing this FAQ
and the game by Christmas, though I doubt it will happen, since I usually take
a while on RPGs. Meh.

----\\\\ Spoiler Free ////----


The game starts off with a cinema. Ramus comes and your off to find Luna.
Proceed through the path. Enter the house, head to the other room, and open the
four treasure chests. Leave the house. Proceed the path and make your way
upwards. You'll stumble on Luna singing. She'll join the party. Now head down
the bridge to the other part of town and, get to where all the villagers are,
which leads to a cinema.

After the cinema, head straight north to the house right next to the weapon
shop, Ramus' house. Grab the map. Explore town a bit. Talk to all the
villagers. Make sure you stock up on Heal Gum before you leave. Once you are
ready, meet up with Nash southwest of town.

          -Weird Woods-
         -Alex 1- -Luna 1- -Nash 1- -Ramus 1-

Just enter here straight from the world map. Head northwest through a screen. A
pity the battles are random... =(. Go east and grab the Heal Gum. Make your way
northwest. You'll see a path which leads to an antidote. Make your further
northwest and grab an antidote, another Heal Gum, and look at the Month of
Bounty note. Now, head as west as possible and make your way south. Grab the
Heal Gum and proceed across the bridge.

Once you gain control back of the party, go north. Grab the antidote. Continue
north then head west. Read the stone, go west, then south and grab another Heal
Gum and another Antidote. Another stone is there for your reading. Meh. Now
just head northwest until you come upon a stone wall.

Remember the stones from before? Well, you must put them all together. Month of
Boundy, the offering shall, show us ahead is the correct order. The stone wall
with than open. Now, proceed through. Talk to everybody. Next you must go north
to where the stone is lying in the water and, press the talk button. Say the
word "Quark" and a bridge amists. Proceed through the bridge and enter the

        -White Dragon Shrine-
       -Alex 6- -Luna 6- -Nash 6- -Ramus 6-

All you must do here is speak with Quark, the White Dragon. After the cinema is
over (which I will not reveal) you'll be taken back to Weird Woods. Just make
your way back. Once you get out, enter Burg.

       -Alex 7- -Luna 7-

Make your way to the statue. Both Nash and Ramus leave the party. Now talk with
all of the villagers. Once you're finished, make your way to Alex's house,
which is northwards in town.

...2 days later, your brought up to a scene with Alex and Luna performing there
song at the festival. Alex wonders off and you gain control of Luna. Head to
Dyne's grave. Talk to everybody on the way. You'll stumble in on Alex, playing
his Ocarnia to Dyne. Before you know it, it's next morning as Alex leaves for
his adventure. After a view oh-so-touching sequences, Alex eventually meets up
with both Ramus, Luna, and Laike. But, Laike leaves and doesn't join the party.
Now, make your way west and enter Saith from the world map.

       -Alex 7- -Luna 7- -Ramus 7-

Enter town and you'll see that the village has been attacked by, *deep breath*,
Pirates! A villager tells you that, getting to Meribia is impossible, and, and,
Nash was captured by these pirates. Whoa.... Now, explore town. Buy
equipment/items at the store.  When ready, head to the resturant southeast of
town. Enter it once the pirates leave and talk to the guy. You're off to save

First, you need a boat. Leave the resturant and head east. Enter the house. You
now need to meet up with Mr. Zet. Luna comes up with a plan to get aboard. Her
plan works (whoa) and before you know it you're on the boat.

       -Alex 7- -Luna 7- -Ramus 7-

Whoa. Random battles of pirates lurk on the boat. Most of these battles aren't
to tough. What you do here is progress through a bunch of battles. Start
westward and make your way north, destroying every pirate that you come in
contact with.'ll eventually come up to Nash, screaming "Let me go". You'll then see
him tied up, screaming and squirming. Moah. So, Nall goes up and unties Nash.
Nash joins the party and, you're off to fight the "captain" so to speak. Use
everybodies skills for the battle, and he isn't tough at all.

After a few cinemas, your leaving Saith and off to Meribia. Yea.

      -Alex 9- -Luna 9-

So, Ramus and Nash run off, and your now in Meribia. Ah, and a town that brings
memories from Lunar 2.  Nall's hideout and, Ramus' store, ah... Anyway, explore
the town, as it's quite huge. It is to be noted that a few houses have treasure
chests, so go everywhere. After you do everything, go to Mel's little "mansion"
east of town. Talk with Mel and fight him. 'Tis battle is nearly impossible, so
just lose. You don't get anything big with a win anyway.

Now, go to the Jewlery store where little Ramus gets ripped off. The lady
suggests getting help from Mel, so enter Mel's mansion and speak with thee.
Afterwards go back to the Jewlery store. A hunt through a sewer for the
robber... o.O

     -Alex 9- -Luna 9- -Ramus 9-

First, go north and than west for a Healing Gum. Now go south and pull the
level to the right. Do not go across the bridge just yet. Now head west and
then south. Get the Mental Gum and go down the stairs. Proceed and pull the
switch. Go across the bridge and get the antidote. Now make your way back first
switch you pulled. Go through the bridge. Plenty of treasure chests lurk here,
explore all. If you're running low on HP, have Luna use "Tranquil" which heals
for all characters. Go down the southern stairs and get the Mental Gum/Ring.
Now, head north where all the doors are. You cannot enter them, just follow the
path until you come upon another set of stairs.

Go east, grab the money. Follow the path. Take the western path (the other just
leads to a dead-end) and pull the lever. Now take the other path and go across
the bridge. You've found the robber. Before walking towards him, I suggest
healing. The robber, suffered into a dead end, wants a fight. But before he can
do anything, a big monster attacks, leading into a boss battle. Have Ryu power
himself up using Vigor, and keep your party healed with Luna's Tranquil. Also,
both Luna and Ramus' attacks do very little damage, so keeping them defended
instead of attacking with them is a good idea. After the battle, your brought
out of the Sewer and back at Ramus' new store. W00t.

      -Alex 13- -Luna 13-

Ramus leaves the party, and your off to find Mel, so head over to his mansion.
Talk with Mel. Heal at the healing spring. Then head over to Ramus' new shop
and you'll see Nash there (you may have to wait awhile if he isn't their yet).
Before you leave, I suggest buying plenty of Heal Gums and Heal Drops as you'll
need them later. With Nash, head straight into the dungeonish area you were not
able to go to before. It'll take you to the world map.

       -Sub Vane-
      -Alex 13- -Luna 13- -Nash 8-

First, head to the Spring of Transmission. Nanza's enemies are way to tough,
and your trying to get into Vane now so just ignore Nanza for now. Go onto the
circle. Instead of taking to Vane, it takes you someplace else. Now your trying
to find out what caused this. w00t.

Start off by walking onto the crystal. It will eventually lead you to a statue.
Go north and get the 500Sil. Now head south and then east until you come upon
another crystal. Teleport. Go through the west path and teleport using the
crystal there. Follow the path. Go north, grab the Lapis. Now go back and keep
following the path east. Ignore the first crystal and keep following the path
until you come upon another crystal. Teleport and grab the 500s. Now head back
to where the first crystal was and teleport using that crystal.

Circle around, starting south, and teleport when you get to the crystal. Just
head west and teleport using the other crystal. Head along the west path until
you come upon yet another crystal and teleport. So, go north, then west. Get
the Healing Ring, go northwest grab the 500s, heal, and then head straight
south and you'll find the beast stealing the magic power.

Have Alex use vigor and attack and have Nash keep the party healing with Heal
Gum and Heal Drop. Without Luna's healing magic, this battle can be pretty
tough. Put as long as you have a ton of Heal Gum/Drop you should do fine. After
the battle, teleport with the crystal and make your way back to the Teleport
Circle. You're off to Althena's Shrine now

         -Althena's Shrine/Spring of Transmission-
        -Alex 15- -Luna 14- -Nash 13-

Once again skip Nanza and head straight to Althena's Shrine. All that's really
here is a bunch of cinemas, so no walkthrough is really needed. Make sure you
chat with all the people and, once ready, head back to the Spring of
Transmission and it'll take you to Vane.

        -Alex 15- -Luna 14- -Nash 13-

Explore the magic guild once you gain control of Alex. Leave and explore town
if you wish, buy some items/equipment. If you go mid-westwards and up the
stairs you'll stumble on Mia... afterwards leads to a meeting with Ghaleon. Now
your off to Lunn Village, so make your way to the world map and to Nanza.

        -Alex 15- -Luna 14- -Nash 13-

Head along the west path and get the Heal Gum. Make your way back, head north.
Follow the path northwest until you come upon a new screen. Go west and get the
Para Clean. Make your way north, get the 100s. Follow the path west, than
south, than east. Get the Heal Gum and then make your way into the cave.

Go west (the northern treasure chest is locked). You'll stumble on two people
argueing. Get the mental gum, make your way north, than west, ask the man to
let you through, and your in the town, Nanza!

Explore town. Talk with people. Go to the jail (get there by going underground)
and get the Silver Fist. You cannot leave town without permission by Kyle, so
go into the jail place underground and speak with him. Make your way upstairs.
You can leave town now, just ask the guy west of town to unlock the gate. Head
west, get the Mental Gum, and make your way to Lann on the world map.

        -Alex 15- -Luna 15- -Nash 14-

Explore town. Enter the meeting place, and then Jessica joins the party. Once
you are ready, head south of town. Ask the man for a boat, and you're off to
find the next dragon.

         -Lann Island-
        -Alex 15- -Luna 15- -Nash 14- -Jess 15-

Talk to the man and buy some items if needed. Proceed upwards. The two western
chests have monsters in it... o.O... though the other one has a Heal Ring...
O.o.... Go north over the bridge... o_O... the west treasure chest has money,
the mid one has monsters, and the east one also has money, and the one even
further east has monsters. Make your way west and north and you find the
"dragon master" in a tent.

So a boss battle occurs. Have Luna power/defense up everybody, then attack with
everybody, heal using tranquil, and attack again. Repeat until he falls down.
This battle is actually quite easy if you are anywhere near the levels I'm at.
Jessica leaves, and your off to Vane. So, make your way all the way back
through Nanza, through the spring of transmission, and into Vane.

        -Alex 17- -Luna 16- -Nash 15-

Chat with the villagers, they have some interesting things to say. I suggest
you do the same in the magic guild. Ghaleon is in the main hall, just walk
northwards from the entrance. Ah. Locked. So you've been put to jail. Mia and
Nall come unlock you out, a strange lady starts talking to you, and your off to
find Luna. Like Mia said, you must go directly east of the Main Hall.

        -Crystal Tower-
       -Alex 17- -Nash 15- -Mia 17-

The first thing you must do is removes everybodies weapons. You cannot move
unless you do so. You can keep all equipment on, just your weapons must not be
equiped. Proceed upwards and grab the coil. Battles consist of natural punches.
So br00tal. Very little strategy is needed here, just follow the path. At one
point of time you'll see a treasure chest, get the 1000c. And, two doors will
lurk. Take the east one, get the mental gum, then go back and take the west

When you see the 4 caves, take the first one and take the first cave you seek.
You'll then be greeting with a cinema. Once finished, go directly north and
you'll stumble on Luna singing.

After the cinema, you are brought to a battle. Have Mia use flame arc, power
Alex up with Vigor, and have Nash cast Confuse and heal the party when needed.
Afterwards, your off to Meribia.

      -Alex 17- -Luna 16-

Ah, back in Meribia. You may want to see what the townsfolk say, check out
Ramus' new shop (though he doesn't say much) and than head into Mel's Mansion.
After a talk with Ghaleon, Jessica lets you rest the night in her room. How,
touching. Once you gain control of Alex, exit the room and speak with Mel.
Than, head east of town to the harbor, and and, meet up with Ghaleon. After the
cinemas, you find yourself back in Saith. Now make your way into the Weird

      -Weird Woods/Burg-
     -Alex 17- -Luna 16- -Ghal 99-

After a, very very very touching sequence (*tear*) make your way into the Burg
and check out all of the conversations. Now, head back to the Weird Woods and
make your way back to where the White Dragon lies. Afterwards, your in Burg.
Make your way to Dyne's Grave and afterwards your in Meribia again.

     -Alex 17- -Jess 17-

And so, the village is getting attacked. Make your way around to Mel's Mansion.
Once you get there, head to the training hall. Your now off to Vane.

     -Alex 17- -Jess 17- -Mia 17- -Nash 16-

You'll notice on your way that Meribia is now ok and free of monsters. Where
did they go...? Hmm... make your way to Vane. After the coversation, a monster
attacks! The monster is pretty easy. Whenever Alex has his "limit", use his
special, it can do up to 250 damage.
Have Mia use her "Flame" magic, and he'll eventually die. You're off to find
the next dragon now, so head to Nanza.

    -Alex 18- -Jess 18- -Mia 18- -Nash 18- -Kyle 18-

Make your way through Nanza and into Nanza town. Kyle will kill the monsters
easily, so no boss battle here. Kyle then joins the party, and your off to find
the Red Dragon. Talk with everybody, and once you are ready, head south of town
where the man will unlock the gate.

Make your way south, once the paths start turning mutiple head southeast the
heal drop. Make your way west and then proceed southwards once again. You'll
eventually make your way to the world map. From here, head to Reza.

   -Alex 18- -Jess 18- -Mia 18- -Nash 18- -Kyle 18-

A town bombarded by theives... O_o... before entering town, Nall loses the
"Wing" as a theif steals it. Explore town now. Buy weapons, equipment, and some
items. Go into the house southwest of town... there are a few items here to
collect. Enter the pub and talk with Uncle Laike and the resturant manager.
Enter the world map. Go to the spring and trade cards if you wish, then head to
Meryod Woods.

   -Meryod Woods-
   -Alex 18- -Jess 18- -Mia 18- -Nash 18- -Kyle 18-

Head north. Open the two treasure chests. Go south and make your way through
the western path you skiped at the entrance. Get the Scarab wings. Continue
west, get 200s, then make your way northwards (make sure you get the Femme
Tiare hidden between two trees) and make your way to the world map and into

   -Alex 21- -Jess 21- -Mia 21- -Nash 21- -Kyle 21-

The item shop has an attack ring... pretty expensive at 12000, but worth the
hefty price. Enter the resturant (you may have to wait awhile) and Kyle will
rejoin the party. Now head back through Meryod Woods and enter Damon's Spire.

    -Damon's Spire-
   -Alex 21- -Jess 21- -Mia 21- -Nash 21- -Kyle 21-

After you say the "password" make your way up. You can see that, well, this
place is quite the weirdness. Hit the center switch, go northwards. Hit the
switch, enter the room, grab the mental gum. Go to the east room, make your way
south, get the sunglasses. Now go west and make your way up. Hit the west
switch. Make your way into this room, and, get the Mental Gum. Make your south,
get another Mental Gum. Walk up to Spires' room. Let either Mia or Nash answer
the question, it doesn't really matter. Go up to the next load screen.

!!!...east...!!!...hit the two switches...!!!...go back, then north...!!! Ur,
head through the north door. Follow the path east. Get the "scope". Make your
way back to the entrance and take the east path again. Hit all the switches,
get the mental gum, and finally walk up to the two doors where Damon will ask
you another question. Again, it doesn't matter which answer you reply to and,
again, make your way up to another load screen.

Ah, go south. Hit the two switches and get the "Sorcery Robe". Head east, get
the Brave Badanna, and make your way through the two open doors. Hit the
switch. Make your way back south, then east, and walk up to the two doors where
yet anothing question awaits. This time, answer with "We can't do that" or else
you'll be tooken back to the Spires' entrance. Go up to the next load screen.

Make your way west. Get the "cat ears". Now head south. Hit the switch and make
your way back up, now taking the east path. Get the Ice Pendant and head
southwards. Hit the switch and enter the room. Now you'll see a man. Speak with
him and he'll ask you to help him. It doesn't matter what you answer with,
he'll open the door either way.

This is getting repetetive. Head north and then west, hitting the switches both
times. Make your way back to the entrance of this room and head west. Finally,
the last part of the test. Alex will play his ocarnia and the door will open.
Now make your way back to the entrance (just use a DragFetr) and with the book
in hand, head back to Reza.

   -Alex 23- -Jess 23- -Mia 23- -Nash 23- -Kyle 22-

Make your way into the Theive Resturant from before. Speak with the manager and
get the Guild Membership Card. You can now open all of the red treasure chests!
Now head into the Bazaar. Make your down and speak with the man with the
helmistish hing on his head. Meh. You can buy armor and weapons here so talk
with all the people and see what they're selling. Exit the theives bazaar.
Afterwards, re-enter the theives bazaar. Talk with the man in the green hat and
get the blueprints. Head out of the theives bazaar and into the main section of
town. Enter the two houses to the left and open all the red treasure chests in
them (it may also be a good idea if you go back to all the towns from before
using the dragon wings and open all the chests you could not open before). Now
head to the world map and into Iluk.

   -Alex 23- -Jess 23- -Mia 23- -Nash 23- -Kyle 22-

Explore this, unique town. Actually, all the towns are unique. Or at least,
look unique. Meh. Anyway enter the house with the propelers spinning atop. Talk
with the man and, he'll ask where you got his blueprints from. He'll make a
balloon to get to the red dragon. But first you need a flufball. Exit this
house and head down the stairs. Speak with the man and get the key. Now head to
the door with the pointed arrow and make your way to the field.

Welcome to the, field. This place is also, interesting. First head, east.
*Stops*. Walk onto the little red um, spring. You'll then jump onto a different
area. Grab the heal ring and make your way back. This time head. Jump a few
springs and get the Spirit Guard. Head west and get 3000s. Now head north and
you should see a Flufball. Walk into it and, a battle approaches. Fight the
flufballs and after the battle it'll say you have one caught.

Make your way out of the field and back into town. Go back to the man's house
with the blueprints. The balloon will not be ready until next morning, so, he
invites you to sleep at his house. Next morning, the balloon is ready. Say
"Lets Go" and you're off. Before you know it, your at a volcano off to find the
next dragon.

    -Red Dragon Cave-
   -Alex 24- -Jess 24- -Mia 24- -Nash 24- -Kyle 24-

Talk to the man and buy some items if needed. Go north and enter the caveish
area. After the text, make your way around and into the next cave. Head east.
Make your way around again, this time grabbing the Mental Gum. Go up and head
westards. Get another mental gum. Head east. Skip the new cave and go south.
Get the mental gum there. Make your way back up and enter that cave.

Head southwestish. !I wonder what this treasure chest has!... another mental
gum. Make your way west. A path north leads to an MG and a little bit west of
that is the cave for the next area. Go east and make your way up. You'll find
a, holy mother of god a Flame Sword! Make your way back and head southeast and
you'll find a Rainbow Tiara! *Bows to Althena* Go west, then go through the
southwest path and get a Fire Orb. Continue west and grab a Barrier Ring and
just south of that lurks an Angel Ring and Fab Guard. Head back north and east.
Go right up the slope and Royce...!!!! She'll throw two monsters at you.

This battle isn't really that difficult. Have Nia cast Blizzard, have Alex use
Vigor and attack, use Jessica's healing magic, power up Kyle and have him
attack, and finally use Nash as another healer and attack with the magic he
has. After the battle get the Dog Whistle and Atheist, or I mean Amethyst and
then head into the cave where the Red Dragon awaits. Afterwards you're back at
the cave's entrance. Just hop onto the balloon now.

   -Alex 26- -Jess 26- -Mia 26- -Nash 26- -Kyle 26-

Before making it back to Iluk, the balloon crashes into Reza. Make your way
into the resturant and speak with the owner and Laine. Exit Reza and head to
the world map. Go across the Meryod Woods and make your way into Meryod. Talk
with the man with blue hair (east of town) and he'll let you ride his boat to
the other part of town you couldn't get to before. Once you are ready, go east
and make your way into Lyton from the world map (skip the forbidden forest for

   -Alex 26- -Jess 26- -Mia 26- -Nash 26- -Kyle 26-

Nothing is really here. A boring repetitive song is played. Um um, go to the
house right next to the Armor/Item shop. Speak with the man and you're off to
the Shrine. So go northeast of town. Enter it and the man should now let you

This place is um, confusing. Make your way north through the path until you
come upon a cave. Make your way east. Go around and get the Mental Gum.
Continue south and you'll fall into a hole. Muah. Head north and get the Mind
Robe. You shall fall into another whole. Head north here, enter the next load
screen, and then make your way south. Grab the 5000s. Head west and then north.
Get on the wall west and make your way around. This avoids falling. If you do
fall, just make your way back up again. Enter the next cave.

This time get along the east wall. Make your way up and walk upon the east well
here as well. Head north and you'll see four caves. One of which has an arrow
pointing to it. Go to that one. After the cinema, the musical beat changes!
Make your way back to the entrance (just use a DragFetr)...

Speak with all the villagers. Talk to the little mayor guy and make your way
into the lake northwards. After a bunch of interesting cinemas, your in the
Blue Dragon Shrine. :O :O :O

    -Blue Dragon Shrine-
   -Alex 27- -Jess 27- -Mia 27- -Nash 27- -Kyle 27-

Make your way into the um, water. Head north. You'll see to more "water paths"
and a water fall. Open the treasure chest and get the Angel Tear. Go directly
south and hit that water path. From here make your way north and the Armor
Gloves. Now take the water path just south of the treasure chest. Head east.
You should see three water paths here. Take the middle one. Make your way west
and then south. Get the dog's tail and enter the water path here.

Go east and get the Gentle Coat. Go all the way around (skiping all the paths)
and get the Freeze Knuckles.  Make your way up into the first water path you
see. Get both the Rainbow Braclet and Angel Ring directly south. Go back to
where you originally came from (the "shitload" of water paths is just there to
fool you) Now head west and get the Dragon Ristband. Follow this path until you
come upon a cave. Enter it and you've reached the Blue Dragon. Afterwards, use
a DragFetr and exit the Blue Dragon Shrine. Now you're off to Tamur Pass so
enter the world map.

    -Tamur Pass-
   -Alex 29- -Jess 29- -Mia 29- -Nash 29- -Kyle 29

Ok. Head east and grab the Brave Helm. Continue east, then go south on the very
last path and get an Angel Tear. Make your way back up and this tiem go south
on the second path and get the Heal Drop. Go west and get an Ice Pup Tail.
Continue west, then head south. Get a Wind Staff from the west path and
afterwards make your way east until you come upon a cinema. You'll get two weak
monsters thrown at you, two times. After you get "saved" make your way out of
Tamur Pass and into Tamur.

   -Alex 29- -Jess 29- -Mia 29- -Nash 29- -Kyle 29

Explore town. Buy stuff. Um, speak with villagers. :O :O :O... an Inn! Lame
lame. Head north and uh, you'll be greeting by, somebody, um yeah. Head north
and wake your way to the world map and into Myght's Tower.

    -Myght's Tower-
   -Alex 29- -\m/Laike 99\m/-

Go into the middle door. The battles here are pretty useless with Laike in the
party. Read the sign and you're forced to solve a little "puzzle". First hit
the star, then the sun thing, then the circle with the arrow south, and finally
enter the half lit moon. This is very um, interesting. Go left and walk up the,
uh, quicksandish yellow thing. Go into the tunnel. Make your way southeast and
then enter the area and another tunnel. Grab the Barrier Ring and make your way
back to where you came from and upwards through the ur, magic yellow shiznit.

First tunnel - Barrier Ring
Second Tunnel -
Last Tunnel - Cestus, Up,

3 tunnels... right side.

Up one... Healing Drop...

...after you gain control of Alex, enter the room to the left which will
magically chute yourself to the entrance.

   -Alex 30-

So Laike leaves. Head downwards and speak with all of your "friends". Make your
way north afterwards. After a greeting, Ryu is forced a battle alone, to save a
dear life. And, the battle is quite easy. Just have Ryu Vigor himself up and
attack.  After the battle make your way north through the world map and into
the Forest of Illusion.

     -Forest of Illusion-
    -Alex 30- -Jess 29- -Mia 29- -Nash 29- -Kyle 29-

Make your way south, then west and get both the Heal Drop and mental drop. Go
southeast and get a Spike Shield. Continue east from here and get both a Holy
Tiara and a Ice Dog's Tail. After this, head west and then south. You'll
eventually come upon a huge grass area, where you shall rest. After they open
the entrance, go west and get the Sonic Claws. Now make your way east. Go
northeast (under the set of trees) and get the Star Braclet. Now backtrack and
take the first south path you see which leads you directly into Pao.

    -Alex 31- -Jess 30- -Mia 30- -Nash 30- -Kyle 30-

After speaking with all the people (some funny conversations) and buying some
items, make your way into the big tent. After the cinema you're off to find the
Black Dragon. Talk to the village elder (in the other big tent) and make your
way east through the hole past the shrine and into
the Black Dragon Fort.

      -Black Dragon Fort-
    -Alex 31-  -Nash 30- -Kyle 30-

Here we go. Head east through the two doors and get the Mental Gum. Now work
your way back and head north. Head east through the path (ignoring the stairs)
and get the Fab Suit. Now make your way back, this time heading up the stairs.
Get the battle sword and before you can open the other treasure you'll see
Temptest. He'll join the party. Now go back and get the Gentle Glove. Now make
your way northwest and get a Mental Drop. Go through the door and follow the
path. Grab the Tourmaline and make your way up the stairs.

Go west and then north. Get the Topaz. Go to the room just by that and get the
Angel Tear and head up the stairs. Go south and get the Wind Orb. Continue west
and make your way through the door and into the room. After your encounter with
the fertile beast, head north. Go through the east passage and get the Battle
Armor. Go back and enter the west passage. Here, grab the Dragon Bandana and
head up the stairs. Go right and get the Judge Stone and up these stairs. After
the cinema a boss battle corrups. Have both Alex and Kyle power up and then
attack with Tempt, Alex, and Kyle (use sordance with Alex and slash with Kyle)
while having Nash do most of the healing. Afterwards use a Dragfetr and make
your way back into Pao. Make your way into the house where Fresca, Mia, and
Jessica await. Speak with Tempest and get the Master Sword. Now use your dragon
wings and warp back to Myght.

      -Myght's Tower-
     -Alex 33- -Nash 33- -Kyle 33- -Jess 30- -Mia 30-

Kk... make your up and speak with Myght. After this talk with your horny
friends and the airship is complete. A cinema occurs, leaving Nash out of the
party. You must now warp to Reza. Head into Theive's Bazaar and talk to the man
with red hair. He has the engine you need. Now make your way back to Myght.
Speak with your party once again and shortly afterwards the airship is

     -Talon Mine-
    -Alex 33- -Nash 33- -Kyle 33- -Jess 30- -Mia 30-

Go up and enter the door. Yeah, weird place. Head into the door at the top
right of your screen. Make your way through this screen and up both set of
stairs. (Note that there are alternate paths here but I find this way the
easiest to go by) Enter the room ahead. Get the Barrier Ring. Head up a few set
a stairs. Enter the room with a blue sign overhead and get a Mental Drop.
Proceed to the room north. In here get the Wind Ring and go west into another
room. Proceed through the path and before you can enter this room you'll hear a
screen. Now backtrack into the prevous room and fight the bad guy.  Now make
your way back up and enter the room you were stoped from before.

From here head west and get the Clear Ring. Go north and around and get the
Mental Drop. Continue southwards and get the Mental Gum. Now make your way back
to the room the Clear Ring was in and head west and finally south. The music
shall change. Make your way around northwards and get the Spirit Robe. Make
your way northeast and enter this room here and get the Dark Seed. Go back to
the other room and this time head south. Enter the room here. Now head a little
south and west and enter the room with the blue door. Cross the bridge. Go east
and then south. Get the heal drop and make your way northwards into the blue
room. Heal yourself at althena's statue, grab the angel tear, and head north
through two rooms. After the interesting cinema you're off with a boss battle.
It isn't a hard battle, just power up Alex and Kyle and have them use there
Slash/Sordance, use Nia's magic, and have Jessica heal the party using Calm Ave
every two turns or every turn if needed. After the battle head northwest and
north a few screens and you'll find yourself on the world map.

    -Alex 36- -Mia 34- -Jess 34- -Kyle 35-

Go up along the path. You shall encounter two chicks fighting... O_o...
afterwards, you'll get a password to enter Ruid. So exit Cadin, make your way
to the world map, and enter Ruid.

    -Alex 36- -Mia 34- -Jess 34- -Kyle 35-

Go to the area where the arrow is pointing. A passage will open. Now just make
your way up a few screens. Get the Mental Drop along the way. Continue around
this path and get both the Lucky Ring and the Mind Break and enter the path
west. Go south and enter the little "house" (not really a house but...) and
grab the Shine Wristband. Now go up and head along the path starting westwards.
You should come upon stairs leading into a house. Now follow the passage up. At
the last passage, make sure you grab the Tri-Ring hidden west, and after that
enter the set of stairs east. In this room just make your way around to the
next set of stairs. Now take the east stairs and proceed through the path until
you come upon a scene. Afterwards use Jessica's escape or a DragFetr. Before
you can exit, you're forced a boss battle. This battle isn't really hard, just
use the same attacks you're used to doing and keep your party well healed.

    -Alex 38- -Nash 34- -Mia 36- -Jess 36- -Kyle 37-

Before you know it, you're right in Vane. Talk with the villagers and buy a lot
of healdrops, angeltears, and holywaters. Afterwards enter the magic guild. Go
straight up and speak with Mia's mother. Now exit the main hallway and take the
passage right next to it on the left side. It will lead you to the Silver
Tower. Soon afterwards you are in Meribia.

    -Alex 38- -Nash 34- -Mia 36- -Jess 36- -Kyle 37-

Now you're in Black Rose Street. After speaking with people, exit Meribia and
head to the world map. Grindery is just around the corner.

    -Alex 38- -Nash 34- -Mia 36- -Jess 36- -Kyle 37-

Upon entrance, monsters will attack you but shortly after you will be saved.
Now you're in Grindery. First head east. Through the passage there is a heal
drop. Go through the chute. Go a little west and then north and grab the Heal
Drop. Now continue west and enter this chute. Go a little east. After the
dragon scene, continue east and enter this door. Follow the path and get both
the Mental Gum and the angel dress. You should see another dragon. Now continue
east and work your way around starting south. Enter this chute and go east and
you shall see another dragon. Continue east. Work your way around... get the
mental drop... and, enter this chute here...

Get the Angel Wristband right at the entrance. Go northwest and get the Angel
Ring. Head south and enter this door. Go through a few chutes until you come
upon the last of the four dragons. Get the Dark Shield and continue along the
path until you find the door which leaves you out of the Grindery and into a,
garden...? Get the Morningstar right next to the entrance and the Angel Braclet
to the west. Interesting villagers, eh? Finally, enter the room where Luna

Tough enemies? I thought I'd never see the day. Work your way around eastwards
and get the Ritual Robe. Now head west and then take the long path south. Go
west and you'll see actual floor. Go all the way up and grab the Master Suit.
Then make your way back down and head east. Continue east and ignore the middle
section for a moment. Go north and get the heal ring. Now make your way back
and take the middle section and enter this door. Here, just head north and
enter another door. Now take the east passage. Ignore the first southern
passage and take the second. Go west from here and get the Dream Ribbon. Now
make your way a little east and enter the room in between the two signs.

Get the heal drop and follow the path eastwards. You shall be in a room with
red carpet... o.O... get the Mental Gum east and follow the carpet into the
next room. (Press the action button first since the room doesn't open up right
away). Now just head north and you're fighting the Magic Empire. Have Alex use
Vigor and attack using his Sordance, use Nash's magic and also have him heal,
have Jessica cast GraceAve first and then continue with CalmAve throughout the
battle, have Kyle power himself up and use slash and finally have Miapower
up/shield everybody and use her magic attacks also.

Is it, over...? Ha, don't you hate it when you beat the bad guy thinking "good
god I'm good" when he only toys with you? And then you must fight him later on
in the game where he seems almost impossible, leaving you pissed and angered
and screaming? And then your mom says, "It's just a game, you need ritalin?"...
yes well, will Lunar Legend do this too? It's been a pretty easy game so far,
hmm hmm...

    -Alex 41- -Nash 38- -Jess 39-

...looks like I dragged on a little, hmm? Well, you find yourself awoke in
Meribia. Now exit Mel's Mansion and head to Ramus' shop. He'll sell you items
for free! I suggest filling up on everything. Mia is just south on a bench. Now
you must find Kyle. He's at the eastern port of town, in the yellow resturant
sitting at a table. After you say yes twice, some stuff, will, happen, and,
you'll, be, in Althena's city...!

     -Althena's City-
    -Alex 41- -Nash 38- -Mia 39- -Jess 39- -Kyle 40-

Just walk through the east passage. After the text, you will become cursed.
Some party members in battle may be at a "sleep" state. Go up and get the Aura,
then proceed along the east path. Afterwards you'll see three paths. The north
one has Master Gloves, the south path has a Holy Hammer and Dragoon W (two
great weapons). The final path east leads to the next area. Keep head north a
few rooms. Get the Demon's Blade. Go along the two corners and get the Dark
Armor and Goddess's robe. Proceed until you come upon a path split. Nothing
leads northwards so head southeast, grab the Salvation, and then go up a little
and take this path east.

Now keep following the path until you come to, her. Ok, so now you're fighting.
This battle, like all the battles thusfar, is rather easy. Just use the same
tactics from before, and she'll finally perish... Afterwards, head north. Heal
at the statue.

     -Goddess Tower-
    -Alex 42- -Nash 39- -Mia 41- -Jess 41- -Kyle 42-

Weirdness. Head north. Head east and you'll see a bunch of white spaces and a
switch. This represents the four dragons, so, hit the little switch. Now make
your way around clockwise. Hit the Red Dragon's switch, the Blue Dragon's
switch, and finally the Black Dragon's switch (the order in which you met the
dragons). This removes the magic blocking the door. Now make your way around
and into the room you weren't allowed in before. Finally just head up the green
set of stairs.

Now you'll see a bunch of little "portals". This little puzzle is just like the
last one. First take the white, then red, blue, and finally black. Now exit and
head up the stairs. Make your way around and go through the south switch. Hit
the little orb here and grab the Crystal Sword. Now do the same thing with the
Red, Blue, and Black switches in that order once again grabbing the Holy Robe
and Goddess's Wristband along the way. After you've hit all the switches in
that order, head up the new stairs just north of the white portal.

Go around starting east. Hit the white/red/blue switches. Make your way back
around. Head north. Continue through the path and get the Nall 055. Finally hit
the black switch here and climb up yet another set of stairs. Go northwest and
enter the stairs here. Then make your way around and enter another set of
stairs. Go north and work your way around. Get the Spirit Guard and enter
another set of stairs. Ah, so work your way around, ur, again, and get the
mental drop, and and, climb up more stairs. Just go west in this room and up
these stairs. After proceeding through, you shall see two paths that lead
south. Take the first one and make your way around to more stairs. Work your
way up from here and you've reach Xenobia. Meh, 'tis 'bout time.

After the long cinema, battle time... o.O... have Alex use Vigor and attack
using his Sordance, use Nash's magic and also have him heal, have Jessica cast
GraceAve first and then continue with CalmAve throughout the battle, have Kyle
power himself up and use slash and finally have Miapower up/shield everybody
and use her magic attacks also. After 'tis battle head up into the next room
where Ghaleon awaits.

Final battle? Little I can say besides, "He's a strong bitch". Oh, well, I
guess I can also give you some tactics to beat him. I, suppose. For this
battle, Alex's Cyanic owns your soul. It will heal your party fully. Two
problems lie though -- It's 40 MP to use, and using it will give Alex no chance
to attack. And Alex's attacks do three times more damage then anybody elses.
Remember the 99 Mental Gum's you bought in Meribia for free? Now it's time to
put them in use. Give Alex a mental gum after every single turn. This shall
heal his MP. Have Mia protect everybodies defense, have Kyle power himself up
and use his attacks, and have the last two heal or attack. Afterwards, Ghaleon
is defeated!

_Final_ (no spoilers)

After everything, you're in Meribia. Now go to Ramus' shop and speak with
Ramus. Leave his shop and go to Black Rose Street and speak with both Mia and
Nash. After this, head to Mel's Mansion and speak with both Jessica and Kyle.
Finally head east of town and speak with Laike. After this, the game is over
and the credits shall roll by...

You have beaten Lunar Legend now.
Go You Go...


Made by me, xXx_Darkage_xXx. Copyrighted. Do not alter or touch this FAQ
without written permisson by thee.

(End of Document)