Lunar Legend Cheats

Lunar Legend cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Beat The Game Once And Look In Your Gallery And You'll Have The Luna, Mia and Jessica Bromide.
Create Additional Items
Right now if you want to have many items and you only have one this is how you make more:

Save, then go to a character and remove the item you want to make more of, then save again. After that, load the character you unequipped the accesory/weapon/armour you removed will be back on him/her and you will have an extra one in your inventory.
Devil Tear
After Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, go to Lann and speak with the mayor. He'll ask if you want to celebrate... say that you do. After the celebration, speak with him again for the Devil Tear.
Easy Experience Points
Train Alex up to level 18 and he will learn the attack: 'flash'. Change your tactics to Alex uses flash and everyone else defend. Use this in a battle and any normal battle will win instantly. If not, then your party is too weak and you need to train up.
Huge Damage
When It's Nash's turn,Cast Petrify on an enemy and then next time cast Riot on the same enemy, If you do this your enemy will be damaged alot more.
Make Money
Go to Ramus's shop and get the item that you want because it's free. Get a lot of it, then go to a different city and sell sell sell!
Master Book
To get the master book you must keep declining the offer of 20,000 silver for the dragon diamond in Dross's shop and he will eventually call you stubborn and throw in the master book with the 20,000 silver.
Unlock Music and Sound Test
Finish the game once and the Music and Sound tests will appear in the Options menu.


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Equipment Duplication
To duplicate equipment equip the item as you normally would. Unequip it and save, when you load up your game you should have 2 of the original item
Full Hp and Mp
To restore your Hp and Mp when in a dungeon just save the game and turn the game off. Turn the game back on again and load your file up and your characters will have full HP and MP.