Lunar: Dragon Song User Reviews


Should this game even have been made?

The good:

The music is really beautiful and matches the setting and moods.
Anime is beautiful.
That the game is really fun till you beat the tournament.

The bad:

The the game is repetitive once you beat the tournament.
That the two characters Flora and Gabi start at level one.
That the story takes to long to unfold and when it does it stinks.
Jian is the only good fighter.
The overworld use is boring.
You can't choose which enemy to attack.
The "Escape" feature gets in the way when your in a cramped position.
To short.
Lose health when running.
Your equipment can be stolen or destroyed(as in items, armor, weapons, ect).


When you first play this game you probaly think this "Wow this game is like Final Fantasy and Tales of Symphonia" intill you actually get to the real battles and discover "No don't attack him! Attack the other dude!"
Well gamers Lunar: Dragon Song is just another one of those RPGs with the same story and with their own battle system.
Once again its a game about a boy who wants to become a champion, has a female friend who he promised to protect, wants to bring peace between the races, is lazy, and the most common habit of a main character...stupid.
Jian(main character)is one of those...

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