Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon review
Luigi Manages to Stand on His Own

The good:

Excellent animated graphics
Different mansion themes

The bad:

Same music theme throughout the game
Puzzles limited to the Poltergeist 5000


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

This review will use the following weighted system:
Graphics - 15%
3D Effect - 5 %
Game Play - 50%
Plot - 10%
Music/Sound - 10%
Replay Value - 10%

Graphics: Nintendo continues its streak with recent first party titles using all the graphical power the 3DS has. Luigi's Mansion has excellent animations especially with the cut scenes. Colors are well done with nice hues and tones to match each mansion's theme. There are a few jagged lines here and there, but overall, the graphics are superb. (9.5/10)

3D Effect: As always, the 3D effect gives the background a little more depth. Unfortunately, it isn't really that noticeable in this game. Nothing really pops with the effect active nor does the effect add anything unique to the game.(2/10)

Game Play: The main hub of the game is Professor E. Gadd's bunker. From here, players have three options: Vault, Dark Moon Quest, and the ScareScraper.
The Dark Moon Quest is divided among five mansions. Each mansion has missions to complete, building up to a boss fight as the final mission. Luigi really only has two pieces of equipment: a flashlight and the Poltergeist 5000 with strobe and dark light. The strobe light is used to stun ghosts so the ghosts are able to be vacuumed, and the dark light is used to uncover hidden items and stun Boos. The primary function of the Poltergeist 5000 is to vacuum ghosts, but Luigi must also use it to solve puzzles. I will say as far the puzzles go, most of them revolve around the same ideas. For example, there are a number of times where Luigi must use a ball of spider webbing to burn an area of stronger spider webbing. As soon as players learn what things to try, no area should be too difficult to pass. This is a limitation of the fact that the Poltergeist 5000 is the main piece of equipment. I will also say that the main quest is a bit on the short side, but I don't think that's not a bad thing with this game as it could easily become redundant if the quest went over 20 hours. Luigi has a 100 point value for health which decreases with damage. Luigi does not 'die' in this game. Instead, he falls asleep if his health hits zero. There no check points or auto saves within missions. Therefore, if Luigi loses all of his health, he will need to start the mission again from the beginning. There is, however, hidden in each mission a golden bone. Should Luigi fall asleep with the golden bone in his possession, the Polterpup will come by and eat the golden bone. But it will also give Luigi's face a lick and wake him up.

Controls almost make use of every single button. Players can even use the motion capabilities of the 3DS to look and aim. Of course, motion controls don't work that we'll with the 3D effect, but this is short coming of the hardware, not the software. The Poltergeist 5000 can both suck in air and blow it out. Each functions is assigned to R and L respectively. Controls are easy to learn. It a bit awkward try to capture a ghost and dodge attacks at the same time. I also fell a little funny pointing my 3DS up int the air to make Luigi look at the ceiling or sky. The touch screen shows the map or it can be used to view the current objective. Nintendo felt nostalgic and made the map and communications device an original DS system. Professor E. Gadd coins the device the dual scream. Speak of the professor, he calls Luigi often and sometimes unnecessarily.

The Vault lets players view ghosts and Boos captured. Players can also view a brief descriptions of the ghosts captured but not for Boos. Players can also see the amount of money collected, upgrades earned, and gems collected.

The ScareScraper is the multi-player mode with three options: Hunter, Rush, and Polterpup. Hunter mode requires players to vacuum all the ghosts in the given time amount. Rush mode has players trying to find the exit before time expires. Vacuuming ghosts will give extra time. Polterpup involves trying to catch ghost dogs before time runs out. The nice thing here is that players can choice the difficulty: normal, hard, and expert. Players can also select local, online, or download play. Keep in mind download play is limited in function. Multi-player is a nice addition to the game.

Overall, I liked the game although I wish that it had a bit more meat on the bone.

Plot: Professor E. Gadd is studying the ghosts of Evershade Valley. These ghosts are friendly and helpful thanks to the influence of the Dark Moon. Unfortunately, the Dark Moon is destroyed and the ghosts go hostile. Professor E. Gadd flees to his bunker where he enlists the help of Luigi to recover the Dark Moon pieces. This is not a bad storyline, but it isn't gripping either. Mario does make an appearance, but his presence is never fully explained. (6/10)

Music/Sound: The sound tracks are nice but repetitive. The main mansion theme is used through all five mansions with each mansion having a different variation of the theme. I would like a different theme for each mansion. Sounds are decent enough. The professor sound a little strange. Mario and Luigi do have a little voice acting but it is the usual assortment of catch phases. (6.5/10)

Replay Value: As mentioned before, there is the ScareScraper. Each mission also has a Boo to capture. Capturing all the Boos with unlock an additional levels. Each mansion also has gem stones to find although the game never says what collecting all of the gem stones will do. Also, each completed mission including boss fights will rank your proof romance with a star ranking from one to three. (7.0/10)

9.5 * .15 = 1.425
2 * .05 = .1
7 * .5 = 3.5
6 * .1 = .6
6.5 * .1 = .65
7 * .1 = .7

Final Score 6.975 rounded to 7.0

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