Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Cheats

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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E. Gadd Medals
There are a total of three E. Gadd Medals to collect in the game. Meet the following requirements to acquire them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Medal 1Complete Dark Moon Quest mode
Medal 2Get 3 Star ranking on every mission in Dark Moon Quest mode
Medal 3Complete E. Gadd's Vault Room (Acquire all Gems, Boos, and Ghosts)
Endless Scarescraper
To unlock an Endless Scarecraper for each mode, meet the following requirements below, then select "Create a Scarescraper"
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hunter EndlessComplete Hunter mode in a 25F Scarescraper
Polterpup EndlessComplete Polterpup mode in a 25F Scarescraper
Rush EndlessComplete Rush mode in a 25F Scarescraper
Surprise EndlessComplete Surprise mode in a 25F Scarescraper
Luigi Statues
Collect all hidden gems in each of the following mansions to unlock Luigi statues viewable in the vault gem collections.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Statue 1Gloomy Manor
Statue 2Haunted Towers
Statue 3Old Clockworks
Statue 4Secret Mine
Statue 5Treacherous Mansion
Poltergust 5000 Upgrades
Collect the required amount of Gold to unlock new upgrades for the Poltergust 5000 which will make it more powerful and useful
UnlockableHow to unlock
Power Gauge Upgrade2,000 Gold
Dark Light Upgrade4,000 Gold
Power Gauge Upgrade II7,000 Gold
Dark Light Upgrade II10,000 Gold
Super Poltergust20,000 Gold
Unlockable Missions
Capture all the Boos in the specified stages to unlock bonus missions
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gradual InfiltrationGloomy Manor (5 Boos)
Hostile IntrusionHaunted Towers (5 Boos)
Outlandish InterruptionOld Clockworks (5 Boos)
Severe InfestationSecret Mine (3 Boos)
Terrifying InvasionTreacherous Mansion (5 Boos)


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Unlocking the Scarescraper
To unlock this special game mode, complete the Visual Tricks mission in Gloomy Manor


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No Key in the Scarescraper
Sometimes, during Hunter Mode on the Scarescraper, a key will be required to progress. However, sometimes the key does not spawn in the room (or rooms) that it is marked in on the map.

This is a random, potentially game-breaking glitch that prevents players from progressing, as players cannot advance to the next floor without catching all the ghosts.

Easter eggs

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Golden Ghost in the Secret Mine Mission: Across the Chasm
The Gold Ghost in the Across the Chasm mission can be accessed by heading down into the old mine. Progress through the entire mine until you come to the large wheel located in the finale room, used for mining. Use the 5000 the make the wheel spin and spit out rocks onto the the conveyor belt (the third rock will be large and golden).

After the golden rock disappears into the warp point, head back up the elevator and into the room with the fire (and the tea pot). Carry the golden rock over to the fire to melt it, flushing out this pretty well hidden Gold Ghost.
Sticky Situation: Ghosts Easter Egg
Everytime you play the mission Sticky Situation in the Gloomy Manor Ghosts will appear in random rooms of the mansion.

There is a good chance that everytime you replay the mission the ghosts will be in different rooms/doing different things.

Very entertaining if you just like to go around the Gloomy Manor sucking up ghosts.