Luigi's Mansion review
Scary, or is it?

The good:

Graphix since it looks pretty real and spooky. Y'know. The ghosts, the Boos and Luigi and the dust.

Sound since I don't hear much. Just don't press A in front of nothing cause Luigi yells "Mario".

The bad:

Gameplay is very very repetitive because all you do is suck up some ghosts with a vaccuum and then it dies and when it's a boo, well, I ain't spoiling anything else.

It says it has Comic Horror, but it's not THAT scary. I mean that when I compare it to Resident Evil.

Won't be played that much unless you're a die hard fan.


People has dissed this game for a reason. Because it's not that scary or good. Buying this makes you weird unless you really hate it. Man, I wouldn't waste $40 on this unless you favour not much sound or favour graphics. All you do is shine a light at a ghost, suck it with a vacuum then you pull the control stick the opposite direction of the ghost. That's it. How boring and repetitive does that get?

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