Lufia: The Legend Returns Cheats

Lufia: The Legend Returns cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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100th floor of Ancient Cave
On the 100th floor talk to the Master and tell him you want nothing and when you leave the cave and get in your next battle after you win all characters will grow 2 or more levels no matter what.
At the back of every shop is a hidden door.face the back of the shop and press A.allowing you to get the items in the back.P.S. In majari inter the back and the guy will let you stay for free!
max stats
Find dragon eggs 3 times fight dragon fight him and he will join you. All his stats are 999 at level one.
more treasure boxes
press button A behind shops and inns


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Infinite HP 93FF6CD5
Infinite IP 93FF11D6
Max Level 93FF62D5
One-Hit Enemy Kills 95FF20D6