Low G Man (NES)
Low G Man FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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: : : : Low G Man FAQ/Walkthrough

Low G Man FAQ/Walkthrough

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
                                     .     i    ,                              
                                ,:iii      ;irii                               
      aM                 M     SB08;     iSZa2;   0                            
      rMM               2M                       MM0                           
      0MM              SMM.                     WMMM                  ZB.      
      Ma              7MW,  i80BS: XSSSSSS2S   ,MMM   MS   MM.  aM;  MM2       
     M@   iMM     ,  MM     ,i,.. ,7;iiiii,.  ,MW M  WM   :0X   7MW  M         
    MM: ZM8 BM0MZBM MM                        MM  MMM X   M  M  M M SM         
    MMM..M  8X MMMMM      rSSS;      rSSX;   MM: MMM  MM MMMMM SM XMM          
     ::  MMMX  @ MB      rZ22:.     7Z2S:   MMM  :8   MM MS  MMMM  MM          
                                            M         i.     r  Z              
                             The Low Gravity Man                               
          It was a robot producing exploration planet like any other           
                                 Large Cities                                  
                              Beautiful Sunsets                                
                           But then they came.....                             
                          "We'll send in Low G Man"                            
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                
Table of Contents                                                              
1. - Controls...............[LGM.1.01]                                         
2. - Walkthrough............[LGM.2.01] *PLEASE NOTE - This whole               
3. - Weapons................[LGM.3.01]   FAQ/Walkthrough was made for easy     
4. - Items..................[LGM.4.01]   access. What does that mean? You could
5. - Vehicles...............[LGM.5.01]   press ctrl+f and a search box will    
6. - Passwords..............[LGM.6.01]   appear. Type the code for what you are
  6.1 - First Quest.........[LGM.6.10]   looking for (i.e. [LGM.2.22] for      
  6.2 - Second Quest........[LGM.6.20]   chapter 2 scene 2) and press search.  
  6.3 - Third Quest.........[LGM.6.30]   It will bring you to that section if  
  6.4 - Other Passwords.....[LGM.6.40]   you keep pressing enter. There is also
7. - Game Genie Codes.......[LGM.7.01]   a Table of Contents in the Walkthrough
8. - Disclaimer.............[LGM.8.01]   section.                              
1. - Controls                                                        [LGM.1.01]
D-Pad  - Move                                                                  
A      - Jump                                                                  
B      - Attack                                                                
Start  - Inventory Screen                                                      
Select - Change Weapon/Exit Vehicle                                            
2. - Walkthrough                                                     [LGM.2.01]
| Table of Contents                       |                                    
|  Chapter.Scene - Name of Level          |                                    
| 1.1 - Iron Nail              [LGM.2.11] |                                    
| 1.2 - Manufacturing Zone     [LGM.2.12] |                                    
| 1.3 - Metal Head             [LGM.2.13] |                                    
| 2.1 - Frozen Waste           [LGM.2.21] |                                    
| 2.2 - Ocean Depths           [LGM.2.22] |                                    
| 2.3 - The Submarine          [LGM.2.23] |                                    
| 3.1 - Cobalt Mines           [LGM.2.31] |                                    
| 3.2 - Magma Mountains        [LGM.2.32] |                                    
| 3.3 - The Cliffs             [LGM.2.33] |                                    
| 3.4 - Super Tank             [LGM.2.34] |                                    
| 4.1 - The Tower              [LGM.2.41] |                                    
| 4.2 - Industrial Zone        [LGM.2.42] |                                    
| 4.3 - Mother Ship            [LGM.2.43] |                                    
| 5.1 - Getting Close          [LGM.2.51] |                                    
| 5.2 - Final Encounter        [LGM.2.52] |                                    
 1.1 - Iron Nail              [LGM.2.11]                                       
This first level is really hard. So if you beat it, you should be able to beat 
the game. You will only have the Freeze Gun so the only way an enemy will go   
away, is if they go off the screen. Just keep shooting all of the enemies on   
the ground and jumping over them when they freeze. You could also shoot the    
enemies in the sky when there are too many around you. Just keep going to the  
right until you reach an enemy in a bulldozer.                                 
This bulldozer will be the boss. There will be an arm on it that will try to   
hit you. It will come out of the box in the top left of the boss. It will also 
attack after a set amount of time so if you could remember the timing, this    
will be an easy fight. The person driving it will also shoot at you. Just jump 
on the roof of the bulldozer and use the Down+B attack. Try to go just to the  
left of him where you could still hit him but his gun won't hit you. Keep      
attacking him until he dies.                                                   
 1.2 - Manufacturing Zone     [LGM.2.12]                                       
Go to the right and try to freeze the jumping enemy while its in the air. Just 
run past it and try to kill the flying enemy with your Down+B attack. This one 
will drop a weapon for you to use. Now just freeze the next enemy and climb to 
the top of this area. Now start going to the right and a lot of enemies will   
fall down behind you and keep following you. Just freeze them and make them get 
off the screen.                                                                
Kill the enemy with the boomerangs when you get to him and grab the boomerangs 
he drops. Jump up to the right and shoot the door to release the prisoner. Grab 
the item that will fall because you saved him. Jump up to the right again and  
kill that enemy for some more boomerang. Now climb up these blocks and avoid   
the next enemy with boomerangs.                                                
Freeze the enemy in the hover craft and kill him with the spear. You will then 
enter the hover craft. Use it and go to the right. You will have to get out if 
you want to rescue that prisoner. Now keep going up and there will be another  
enemy with boomerangs to the left. There will also be a prisoner to rescue     
behind him. Now go to the right and get past all of the enemies.               
Just keep avoiding all of the enemies in this area and you will reach a hole in 
the ground. Fall down the hole and kill the enemy down there. This will be     
another boss. Just keep attacking it will all the weapons you have until it    
explodes. The spear doesn't work too well against this boss but the weapons you 
have collected through this level will really help.                            
 1.3 - Metal Head             [LGM.2.13]                                       
This boss is actually a lot easier than it may seem. Jump up the hole in the   
middle of the bottom. Freeze the two moving objects and they will stay frozen  
for the round. Don't try to destroy them because you can't. Now keep going up  
and kill both the guns on its shoulders with your spear. Now just keep going   
after its head with the spear. You could freeze the horns so it won't attack   
you. You could fall down to the bottom by jumping off to the left. Just keep   
attacking it until it explodes.                                                
 2.1 - Frozen Waste           [LGM.2.21]                                       
This level is very straight forward. Just keep going to the right. The enemies 
will be the same as the last level. They may look differently, but they still  
have the same attacks. Grab the boomerangs whenever you kill one of the enemies 
with boomerangs. Just keep going past the mountain because there isn't anything 
special there. Shortly after that, you will enter a cave. Don't jump or you    
will get hurt by the icicles.                                                  
Make sure to avoid all of the falling icicles because they will hurt you. If   
you walk without stopping, you shouldn't get hurt. Keep going and the flying   
enemies will drop some bombs for you. Keep going and you will need to fall down 
the hole when you reach it. This will be the boss fight of this level. Go to   
the left of this platform and keep using the spear to hit it above you when    
it's there. Just keep avoiding the icicles and hitting it. If you stay to the  
left, none of the icicles should hit you.                                      
 2.2 - Ocean Depths           [LGM.2.22]                                       
This is another very simple level. Just keep going down to the bottom. Avoid   
all of the whales and their attacks. Keep going down and you will come across  
some submarines. These will drop fireballs when you kill them. Keep going down 
and you will eventually reach the boss. All this boss will do is move around.  
Just keep attacking it any way you want to and make sure it doesn't come near  
you at all.                                                                    
 2.3 - The Submarine          [LGM.2.23]                                       
Just fall into the submarine. Don't bother try getting on top because there    
isn't anything up there. To the left will be a pit where you will die and to   
the right will be a dead end, with no weapons. Just fall in and start going to 
the right. There will be an enemy attached to the ceiling that will start      
shooting at you. Kill it with the spear or get past it. Shortly after will be a 
submarine that will drop some fireballs.                                       
Now go down (you can't go up no matter how hard you try) and get past the enemy 
attached to the ceiling. Jump up and down through this path and try to get into 
the second spider. Go up when you can because if you go down, you will just run 
into a dead end. Kill the gun and get past the two enemies on the ceiling. Now 
keep going to the right and kill all of the guns in your way.                  
Fall down the hole at the end and keep killing the guns. When the spider suit  
wears off, just start avoiding them. When you reach the far right, you will    
have to start going to the left. Now just fight this boss. It will keep        
shooting three shots at the same angle including one random fireball. Just     
avoid its attacks and try to stay on the ground. When its right above your     
head, use your spear. Also try using your freeze gun enough to freeze it and   
keep spearing it.                                                              
 3.1 - Cobalt Mines           [LGM.2.31]                                       
Go to the right and kill these enemies that will fly with your spear. You could 
kill them all while you are still on the ground so you don't have to jump to   
reach them. Grab all of the items as you kill them and fall down the hole at   
the end of this path. Now keep going to the right and kill the enemy here. Grab 
whatever he drops.                                                             
Now go to the right and hold jump when there is a hole in the ceiling. You can 
get up here easily if you have the really low gravity item. Kill the enemy on  
the ceiling with your spear and go to the left. Free the prisoner and grab the 
item he will give you. Go to the right now and just avoid these two enemies, it 
won't be hard. Fall down the hole at the end of this path.                     
Go to the right and all of these guns could be easily avoided as long as you   
time all of your jumps right. There really also isn't a point to kill them     
unless you want the points. Keep going to the right and freeze these guns. Kill 
them if you want and start jumping up this path. Go to the right and sneak in  
between the two guns.                                                          
Fall down the hole when you reach it to the right. Be careful when you land    
because there will be a gun down there waiting for you. Now keep going to the  
right and kill this enemy. This one will drop the Wave weapon for you to use   
later on. Now keep going to the right and jump up here. Go to the left to free 
the prisoner and grab the item he drops. Now keep going to the right.          
Fall down the hole when you reach it and quickly kill the enemy to the right.  
Grab the bombs it drops and continue through the level. Don't try jumping up   
the next hole because you can't jump high enough, it's just there for you to   
waste time. Keep going to the right and kill this enemy for some bombs. Now    
jump up the hole and make sure the moving platform won't block you.            
Keep going to the right and be careful. There will be two enemies that will run 
towards you so be careful. Freeze them once you see them and kill them if you  
want some more bombs. Just keep going to the right. Fall down the hole. Go to  
the right and freeze that enemy. Kill him for some boomerangs. Now keep going  
to the right.                                                                  
This part is a bit tricky because of all of the enemies so just kill them. Keep 
climbing up this area until you reach the top. Go to the right and fall down   
the hole. You will only have to kill the machine in the bottom left corner so  
don't bother trying to kill the others unless it will make things easier. Just 
keep freezing it and using the spear, just use other weapons if you think it's 
 3.2 - Magma Mountains        [LGM.2.32]                                       
Start off by going to the right and quickly freeze the enemy in the vehicle.   
Spear it so you could get in and start going to the right. Jump and go along   
the higher route. Jump off the edge to the right and get as far as forward as  
you could. Shoot when you land to take out the robot that will be walking      
there. Keep climbing up this path and continue to the right.                   
Once you reach the top, you will come across another enemy in the same vehicle 
that you are in now (if you chose to get in.) Either kill it or sneak under it 
and you will reach a few robots walking around ahead of you. Go up on the high 
route again and jump as far to the right as possible from there. There will be 
a lot of sentry guns here. It would be good to just get out and freeze them    
Keep climbing up this path and keep going to the right. Go down on the lower   
route when you can and free the prisoners. Free one at a time so you could grab 
the items they drop. Now climb out of this hole and go to the right. Kill the  
flying head and you will get some wave ammo. There will be another shortly     
after that one.                                                                
Now go either the higher route or the lower route, it really doesn't matter. A 
lot of rocks will fall after you pass the pit at the bottom so get ready to    
avoid them. Keep going to the right and climb up the wall. There will be an    
enemy there that will drop bombs. The best is to stay below it and then spear  
it when it's above you. Now keep going to the right and go on the higher path. 
Jump to the right and make sure to freeze the gun there. Spear it if you want  
and continue to the right. There will be two more guns so be ready. Go down    
after those guns and free those prisoners for some more items. Go to the right 
and climb up this wall. Kill the robot at the top and continue to the right. Go 
down here for two more prisoners to save. Go to the right and fall down the    
hole. You have to kill the robot in the middle to finish the level, take out   
the guns if it makes it easier.                                                
 3.3 - The Cliffs             [LGM.2.33]                                       
This level is very straight-forward. Just keep climbing up to the top of the   
screen. The enemy robots will obviously get harder as you make your way up.    
When you reach the hovercrafts, steal one. You won't use it for long but it    
will make the rest of the level easier. Jsut keep going up and fall into the   
pit to the right when you reach it. You only need to kill the flying robot but 
you could take out the guns to make it easier. The top gun won't effect you too 
much so don't try to kill that one. Just keep fighting until it explodes.      
 3.4 - Super Tank             [LGM.2.34]                                       
Jump onto the treads in front of you. Go to the right and use the spear to take 
out the gun on the right side. Now start climbing up the tank and avoid the    
attack that will come out from the middle. It won't go too far but it could    
still hit you. Get to the top and shoot the gun on the right of the head. It   
will make it much easier. Just kill the enemy walking around on the left part. 
You could hit it with the spear through the ground on the very top. Your spear 
will just barely be long enough. Just keep avoiding its fireballs and attacking 
it until it explodes.                                                          
 4.1 - The Tower              [LGM.2.41]                                       
This level is also very straight-forward. It will be just like The Cliff level. 
Just keep climbing until you reach the top. There are a lot guns as you go up  
to the top. There will be a lot more at the bottom but they will be more       
powerful towards the top. Just keep climbing up to the top until you reach the 
boss. This one will teleport a lot and it will get annoying. Use your bombs if 
you have any because they will be the most effective against this boss. The    
freeze gun also works because it will give you time to spear it.               
 4.2 - Industrial Zone        [LGM.2.42]                                       
Right away, freeze the two robots that will be in front of you, it will be     
easier if you have the double freeze gun. Spear them both and grab the items   
they drop. Jump over the small gap and walk under these robots. You could kill 
the guards with the spear while you are still on the ground, do that if you    
want the items they drop. When you are under the second, a robot will fly      
towards you so don't let it hurt you while you kill the robot above you.       
Keep going to the right and you will reach a prisoner. Free him and grab the   
item he drops. Now go to the right and you will have to jump across the moving 
platforms. There will be a lot of robots throwing boomerangs at the end of     
those moving platforms. Kill them if you want the boomerangs, if not, then just 
avoid them. Avoid the bubbles moving up and start going to the top. Go across  
the bridge to the right to continue through this level.                        
Kill the robots you come across while you cross this bridge. Now climb up the  
next object when you reach it and fall off at the edge. Freeze the enemy and   
kill it for some wave ammo. Now keep going to the right and fall down the hole 
when you reach it. This boss is hard. Use the wave gun and shoot it through the 
wall until you run out of ammo. Just make sure to avoid its attacks. Shoot it  
with the freeze gun when you run out of ammo and try hitting it with the spear. 
If you ever get under it, try your best to avoid the poison it drops.          
 4.3 - Mother Ship            [LGM.2.43]                                       
Jump onto the paltform to the right. Jump up and there will be one of those    
arms that will come out of the wall and try to hit you. Freeze the two robots  
to the left and kill them if you want the items they may drop. Climb along the 
left side of this area. Try to take out the robot to the left with whatever    
weapon you may have left, bombs won't work here. Avoid that arm that attacks   
you and fall to the right.                                                     
Now this part is just annoying. Fall to the left and after you pass the first  
plant that will hit you with an arm, move to the right. Now you have to jump   
from platform to platform while going to the right and you can't hit any       
enemies. If they hit you, chances are, you will fall off the platform and die, 
so you will have to be very quick. Jump up when you get past the platforms and 
jump up again.                                                                 
Now you will fight the boss. There will be the boss and plenty of guns around. 
They will be the rotating circles around on the walls. Take out all of those   
first using the spear. When they're all down, go back and start attacking the  
boss. Keep hitting it with the freeze gun. Make sure to avoid its fireballs it 
shoots. Spear it about three times and then it will unfreeze. Jump to the top  
for defense. Keep repeating that until it blows up.                            
 5.1 - Getting Close          [LGM.2.51]                                       
This level is very straight-forward but your chance of having full health by   
the end is very low. There will be flying robots slowly moving up while you    
fall down to the bottom. Try your best to avoid them. When you get to the      
bottom, you will reach a lot of those teleporting enemies. Use the boomerangs  
if you have any and use them to try to take out the robots that look the same. 
Those will only take one hit. The main one you have to kill is the robot with  
the wings but try to leave that one for last. Just keep attacking all of them  
until they die.                                                                
 5.2 - Final Encounter        [LGM.2.52]                                       
Go to the right and freeze the robot once you reach it. Kill it with the spear 
and it will drop some bombs, grab them. There will be another robot just like  
that a little further on. Get past the robot in the vehicle just ahead of you  
however you want to. You will have to get out of it if you go in either way.   
Jump straight up and go to the right while you are up there.                   
Go to the end of this platform and fall off. Kill the robot in the hover craft 
and get in it. Hover to the top of the level and start going to the right. Stay 
on the top of the screen in the hover craft and kill the robots that are flying 
around. Most of them will drop some fireballs. Grab them and get as far to the 
right as you can while you are still in the hover craft.                       
Keep going to the right as far as you can and you will reach some flying robots 
with the wave attack. You should get out of the hover craft here if you are    
still in it. Get in the next hover craft when you reach it so you will have one 
with full health. Now keep going to the right along the top of the level.      
Go to the bottom of this big blob. Shoot the two moving pieces with the bombs  
that you have in the hover craft. Try shooting it as much as you can and not to 
worry about keeping the hover craft alive. Shoot the green orb at the bottom of 
it after you destroy the two moving objects. The bombs are still very effective 
against this part. Whenever the bubbles come near you, run away. Jump so it    
will go off the screen and then go back to attack it. Keep attacking the robot 
that will be moving up and down in the middle until it explodes.               
You're not done yet. You have to beat the game three times total to finish it  
completely. Each time, the difficulty will increase slightly and there will be 
a few more enemies each time. Just look at the corresponding level and use that 
as a walkthrough except keep in mind that there will be more enemies.          
3. - Weapons                                                         [LGM.3.01]
Spear      - This one is probably the most useful and you will always have it. 
              Just press Down+B or Up+B in whichever direction you want to     
              attack with it. It will kill most enemies in one hit.            
Freeze Gun - This will only freeze an enemy for a limited amount of time. It   
              will freeze all enemies in one shot except for bosses.           
Boomerang  - These are quite useful. They will shoot forward and hit the enemy. 
              It will then come back and hit them again.                       
Fireball   - This is a very powerful attack, just shoot it forwards and hope it 
Bomb       - This are another powerful weapon. The only problem is that it will 
              only hit the enemy that is about 4 feet away from you.           
Wave       - This one is probably the most powerful weapon. It will shoot just 
              like the fireball but it will have a better chance to hit an     
              enemy because the shot is larger.                                
4. - Items                                                           [LGM.4.01]
Extra Points   - There will be plenty of items that will just give you extra   
                  points. They will vary between 500-5,000.                    
Invincibility  - This will obviously make you invincible and you won't take any
                  damage. You will stop flashing when it has worn out.         
Double Shot    - This will give you two shots with your Freeze Gun instead of  
                  one. It will only work with the Freeze Gun.                  
Healing Potion - These are the blue vials that will drop from enemies. They    
                  will restore some of your health.                            
Poison         - These are the red vials that will drop from enemies. They will
                  take away some of your health.                               
Low Gravity    - This will give you a lot lower gravity and you could jump a   
                  lot higher.                                                  
1-Up           - Gives you an extra life.                                      
5. - Vehicles                                                        [LGM.5.01]
Well, let's begin with how to get into a vehicle. You could easliy freeze them 
and kill the driver. To kill the driver, use your spear. You will immediately  
enter the vehicle and you could move around in it. You could also attack with  
Robot Suit  - These are very common. They are the suits that have legs and a   
               big upper body. You could move around like you normally do in   
               these. You could jump higher than usual too. The weapon will be 
               a machine gun too.                                              
Hover Craft - These are quite useful. You have to be hovering to move and you  
               could hover by pressing the jump button. The weapon will shoot a 
               few bombs forward, all at different angles.                     
Spider      - These are just useful so you because you could move around       
               faster. They move just like the hover crafts except they won't  
               keep going up. The only way you could kill somebody is if you   
               land on them so get out when there are a lot of flying enemies  
               around you.                                                     
6. - Passwords                                                       [LGM.6.01]
6.1 - First Quest             [LGM.6.10]                                       
Chapter 2 - MICH                                                               
Chapter 3 - ELLE                                                               
Chapter 4 - ISAC                                                               
Chapter 5 - BILL                                                               
6.2 - Second Quest            [LGM.6.20]                                       
Chapter 1 - TERU                                                               
Chapter 2 - MIE[Heart Symbol]                                                  
Chapter 3 - KADO                                                               
Chapter 4 - SAME                                                               
Chapter 5 - IRIE                                                               
6.3 - Third Quest             [LGM.6.30]                                       
Chapter 1 - MARU                                                               
Chapter 2 - SIMA                                                               
Chapter 3 - HIGU                                                               
Chapter 4 - OGAW                                                               
Chapter 5 - IIZU                                                               
Ending    - YES[Heart Symbol]                                                  
6.4 - Other Passwords         [LGM.6.40]                                       
All Weapons           - SHOT                                                   
Anti-Gravity Tansport - NAKA                                                   
Begin With 9 Lives    - LOBB                                                   
Cyber-Express         - AMAN                                                   
Sound Test            - SONG                                                   
7. - Game Genie Codes                                                [LGM.7.01]
|  Code      |   Effect                               |                        
|------------+----------------------------------------|    *PLEASE NOTE*       
|  PEXIZTLA  |  Start with 1 life                     | You MUST have a Game   
|  TEXIZTLA  |  Start with 6 lives                    | Genie to enter these   
|  PEXIZTLE  |  Start with 9 lives                    | codes. Most emulators  
|  PEOSKALA  |  1 life after continue                 | include a Game Genie   
|  TEOSKALA  |  6 lives after continue                | but do NOT ask me how  
|  PEOSKALE  |  9 lives after continue                | to use it with any     
|  SZNIEEVK  |  Infinite lives                        | emulator!              
|  GZKINOVK  |  Stop timer                            |                        
|  SZVSKOVK  |  Vehicle fuel never runs out           |                        
|  AAEZATZE  |  Full energy gained from capsules      |                        
|  PAEZATZA  |  Less energy gained from capsules      |                        
|  LAVSKAPA  |  Full EMDP on a new life               |                        
|  ZAVIKAAA  |  Full AGM on a new life                |                        
|  ZEOZZTLE  |  Pick up 10 boomerangs                 |                        
|  ZAVXGTLE  |  Pick up 10 fireballs                  |                        
|  ZEUXATLE  |  Pick up 10 bombs                      |                        
|  ZESXTTLE  |  Pick up 10 waves                      |                        
8. - Disclaimer                                                      [LGM.8.01]
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted ゥ 2005 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
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