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The Lord of the Rings: The White Council

[edit] Background

Set about 100 years before the War of the Ring, this game gives players the opportunity to experience a new story set in Tolkien's rich universe. Combining both the film and book rights, the game creators were able to take the depth of the books and mix that with the incredible visualization that Peter Jackson gave Middle-earth.

A set of interlinked quests leads from the relative peace of the lands in the West near the Grey Havens into the darkness of Mirkwood where you ultimately fight the Necromancer in his fortress at Dol Guldur. You can choose to experience this new story as either a Human, Hobbit, Dwarf or Elf. In the process of fighting the greatest foe of this era of Middle-earth you must build your own Legendary Tolkien Hero.

To give you the freedom to create a truly personalized Hero, the game has an extensive Character Customization system – this allows you to customize not only the look of the Hero but also the History of that Hero, the Weapons they carry, the Magic they use and the Skills and Professions they choose to follow. Various crafting systems and mini-games let you build these Items and Skills in an interactive way.

Of course the Hero must often fight the forces of Evil; to support this the creators have brought together the best of The Two Towers, The Return of the King and The Third Age to create a millisecond to millisecond, edge of your seat, hybrid Real-Time / RPG combat system.

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  • North America:
    • Q4 2007 CANCELLED (PS3)
    • Q4 2007 (PC)
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