The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers review
Violence is Fun!

The good:

The graphics are good.

The bad:

It gets boring kind of fast. I'm more of a Zelda person.


I really liked the areas with the Ringwraith and when you're fighting all those orcs. That's cool. But, I got bored kind of fast. You just fight and fight and fight and... You get the picture. The graphics are pretty good, but the characters's hair and eyes look scary. Legolas isn't as good looking anymore! *cries* Why, Legolas! I loveded you! I loveded you! Anyway, it's really, really hard. Dang! There's these orcs that just come after you, and I just run away in fear, knowing I can't beat them after having lost literally twenty times at the least. I found this weird glitch, too. The orcs with the bombs attached to their backs, sometimes huge ones come that are floating a few feet off the ground. They absolutely terrify me, until I shoot them with an arrow, and they blow up. It's fun when you get really good and are killing everything all fancy-like. Like when you knock an orc down, then stab them before they can get back off. And that area where the orcs are climbing up the ladders. It's fun to kick over a ladder and watch the orc fall to its death. Mwahahaha! Anyway, if you like killing stuff over and over and over again, this is the game for you. If you want a game where something actually happens, get Zelda instead.

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