The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers review
Your average hack 'n' slash

The good:

~The movie turns into the game (cut scenes)
~The cool combos
~Get to be one of the 3 (Legolas, Gimli and The soon to be king)
~The sounds and music

The bad:

~It will get tiresome
~It will get repetitive
~Quick to finish
~Bad replay value
~Just annoying


Well this is the game that is form the legendary movie The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. The game will start you off with the frist part of the first movie, then all of a sudden with out you even going into menu, you will immediatly get into the game fighting, in a way it is an interesting way to start off your game, but then again it is annoying.

As you go through the game, you will fight of hordes of eneimes such as orks. In some levels you will even encounter such things as bosses, like the cave troll, in the first movie. You will advance through the game to qucikly as this is an extremely short game. By one hour into the game, you should have finished the game, because of this, this game has really bad replay value and you might not want to play much of it after you have finished. The game will also get really repetitive as it is just hacking and slashing and it will get really tiresome.

As you go through the game you can either play as one of the three charcters. Each of these characters have their own moves and more moves can be attained by getting high combo bonuses. These combo bonuses lets you buy certain moves for the character, (this is the only thing that adds to replay value). Combo points can be attained by killing enemies in a combo. Five hits could get a high score when one won't get you very much.

The graphics are not great, but they are not bad, they are at an ok level for you to play in. Though the atmosphere of the game is very dull and dreary and will make you want to play something else. The sound in the game is excellent and very sharp, it is quite pleasing. The music is at an exceptional standard, but don't forget, it is the music form the great movie we all love.

Overall this is not entirelly a good game, it's passable, though it is best for a rental, if you love lord of the rings you may not be to dissapointed, but I recommend that every one will rent this before you buy, just to be safe.

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