The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers review
The book that become a masterpiece

The good:

If you are a either familiar of The lord of the rings or not, this game will make you feel speechless.

The game starts off with the prolouge of the Fellowship of the ring to the sotrylines of The two towers. You play as Either Aragorn, the easy to use character, Legolas, perfected archer, or Gimli, the character of mass destruction.

The cut scenes and special cinemas included by EA, DEFINETLY perfects the whole storyline. When you play a chapter....you will be amazingly stunned by the graphical enviroment, character modules, and the battle controls.

The bad:

Since it is a great game, it would been nice to add one more chapter. (The pathways of magma before Gandorf falls)

But now......here we go for gameplay, at times the enemy can overwhelm you with their surpsingly speed making you unable to retreat at a far distance and they can easily "cheap shot" you when you have been knocked down a couple of times.

Characters start out with basic control attacks and evolve to learn awesome combinations, but it requires careful and quick button control to successfully attempt one and most of the time, shielded enemies can prevent your first combinations.

Projectile moves are very hard to aim and lock, most enemies can cancel your arrow/axe shot and most of the time, they hide between very good hiding spots.


graphics: EA always guarantees their most hard work for the game texture (medal of honor is a example)
The monsters and characters just look amazing, but slightly deformed facial expressions.

sound: Without the symphony orcestra of the Fellowship of the ring, or the actor voices placed in the game, this wouldnt have been very outstanding as it is.

control: The enemy AI's are very glitchy and can attack you just at any time as they please. Character gameplays can really affect your chances of success in the ending battles like helm's deep breached wall. so take practice before you take a chance at being hero.

fun factor: If youre an extreme fan of the lord of the rings stories. I highly recommend this game as a buy, even if youre slightly interested in the middle ages franchise. and dont forget to see The two towers in theathres coming in Dec.!!!!!

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