The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age review
LoTR: The Suck Age

The good:

Don't go there girlfriend!

The bad:

A lot. Just read the review.


Oh man, this is the worst Lord of the Rings game to grace Middle Earth, Our Earth, and maybe even another Earth! Worst of all is that EA made this game. How could they give us such utter crap!? This game has no characterization, no plot, no originality, changes the LoTR parts!

The "Story" begins with you playing Berethor who is a guard of the Citidal. The game says he was sent by Denethor to look for Boromir but they don't say why. Denethor sent Boromir to Rivendell for the council meeting about the ring, why would he send some guard after him? Berethor gets attacked by two Ring Wraiths who should be after Frodo. Berethor can't fight however and gets owned but he is suddenly saved by a large nosed elf chick with summon skills. Now I can't remember why she saves you but they won't go into detail why she does, you suddenly have her in your party. (?)

You may notice something similar about this games battle system... A row of battle participant pictures, Commands in the lower right, characters battle in a line!? This is FFX on Gamecube! Only coated with a sucky LoTR style. You later meet a guy who looks like Aragorn who joins you because you messed up his hunt. A dwarf who joins because you saved him from a troll, a villager who joins because she looks for her parents, and someone else who I don't know because I couldn't bare to play anymore. The main story overall has you following the Fellowship because EA doesn't want you to be the real guys. The enemies can dodge attacks easily even on easy mode, which means you waste all your level up points on accuracy. The music is probably the only thing good here folks, we have music from the movie but its too bad when this games battle music compared to FFX battle music... Yeah no contest. There is also a very bad mini game that has you playing few battles as Orcs were you must kill... yourself? Whatever. I just don't want to finish this review anymore so let me sum it all up. Characters join for no reason, Storyline is random and pointless, Battle System taken from FFX, Sucky Mini-game.

All in all this game sucks and it proves that EA can not make an RPG to save their lives, if you want to play a game like this then just go replay FFX all over again.

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