The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Walkthrough - Robert Schuyler
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Walkthrough

by Robert Schuyler   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on the Xbox, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GC version of the game.
Lord of The Rings on X BOX Walkthrough
By Robert Schuyler
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Copyright 2002.

Lord of the Rings (the Shire Walkthrough)
Okay so we start in Bag End.  Walk around the house and check things out.  Smash
and open everything.  Pick up the key to Bag End in the desk and the Deed to Bag
End in the chest in the guest room.  Use the lock pick kit to open the chests. 
In the house get mushrooms by smashing the jars. You can smash jars and boxes
and vases throughout the game to find things.

Now there are many small quests in the Shire and you do them in any order you
like.  So open the door of Bag End and when you get outside go to the right and
talk to Sam Gamgee if you wish.  Keep going to the right to Sam Gamgee's house. 
Look around and make sure you see the puppy on the bed.  It's important not to
break or smash open anything in this house.  If you do you will lose some of
your purity.  The more bad things you do, the more purity you lose.  Stealing
and taking things that are not yours will make you lose purity. Hitting the
chickens and pigs will make you lose purity.

So leave Sam Gamgee's house and go to the right and when you come to the end of
the road turn left and go down until you see the arch. Turn right under the arch
and follow the river to the right and find Hal the farmer.  Climb up the ladder
and throw a rock at the weathervane.  Hal will give you an egg.  You will also
pick up a small metal pin.  You can throw rocks at the bee hive until a
honeycomb drops down.  Collect as many honeycombs as you can in this first
level.  Jump onto the roof of the house and get the fireworks.  Near Hal is a
door to his grain store house, go inside and get the bag of grain.

Go back out the archway and turn right and go to the mill.  Take the metal pin
to the mill and you can just walk past Ted Sandyman and install the pin in the
gears.  Then pull the lever and start the mill.  Ted will give you some
mushrooms.  You can also collect mushrooms by running through the piles of

Now remember you can do these quests in any order you like but this is the way I
like to do them.  From the mill go back towards Bag End and find the well and
the tree.  Climb the tree house and get the fireworks and get another honeycomb. 
Jump down to the side of the fence that the pig is on.  Go and look for Milo
Burrows and talk to him.  Go pick up one of the pigs and carry it to the pigpen. 
It will not stay in the pen so take the bag of grain and put it in the trough
and then pick up all 5 pigs and carry them to the pigpen and this time they will

Now you are ready to leave the first part (This game is huge and there are 3
parts in the Shire.  I would call them Bag End, Bywater, Green Hill County and
Farmer Maggot's Farm which is really at the end of Green Hill County).  Go back
to the mill and follow the road to the gate to Bywater.  Open the gate and walk
to Bywater. Okay so once in Bywater you can walk straight and on the right you
will see the Green Dragon Bar.  Go in and talk to everyone if you like and talk
to Merry and Pippen where they will tell you they will wait for you near Farmer
Maggot's Farm to steal mushrooms.

Leave the Green Dragon Bar and turn right and find the Postman who is an old man
sitting on a bench.  He will tell you he lost his herbs.  You will see an
archway/walkway, go through it and then you will be in Green Hill County.  In
this area you will find the herbs.  The first pack of herbs will be dropped by
the guy you meet on the bridge.  Another pack of herbs is off to the right side
of the path and before the 2nd bridge if you go to the left and way across there
is another pack of herbs up high.  There is also another pack of herbs in the
hollow log.  You will actually find 5 packs of herbs.  You can follow the road
all the way to Farmer Maggot's Farm where you will find Pippen and Merry waiting
for you.  They want you to sneak around and steal Farmer Maggot's mushrooms.  If
you go and do sneak around and steal the mushrooms you will lose purity.  It's a
good idea to save the game here and then go do it and see what happens.  Now I
suggest that you explore this area well (the whole area before you meet Pippen
and Merry) while you are looking for the herbs cuz when you finish this area you
should know it well since ring wraiths will be chasing you.  If you skip this
quest it could mean certain doom until you figure out how to run and sneak
around and get away from the wraiths.  In this area you can also break tree
stumps to find stuff.

Okay so since you have found all the packs of herbs go back to the Postman and
give them to him.  He will give you some so save them.  The herbs can cure
poison and also give you a little bit of health but you will need them for
poison cures later in the game.  If you are facing the Postman go left and you
will see a tree on the right with a beehive.  Throw rocks at it and the get
honeycomb.  You will also find some apples here.

You will see the village square where the warning bell is in the center.  Find
the girl standing at a stall and talk to her until she gives you an egg.  Then
you can go near the warning bell and push one of the big boxes closer to the
stacked big boxes and climb up and get some more fireworks.  Then find Lobelia
(she is standing in front of her house) and talk to her.  She will tell you to
ring the bell.  Now go find the Baker's House, his house is to the right of
Lobelia if you are directly facing her.  Give the Baker an egg and honeycomb. 
He will only take one of each.  He will give you the choice between a stick and
ointment.  Choose the stick.  The walking stick he gives you is better for
fighting than your regular walking stick the the ointment is a one time use only
healing.  Pick up the bell clapper and also an apple with a worm.  Remember not
to smash or break or open anything in his house cuz it will make you lose
purity.  Leave the Baker's house and go back to to the bell.  Use the clapper to
ring the bell and then go talk to Lobelia and give her the deed to Bag End.

Now go behind Lobelia's house and follow the river to the left to find Milo
Burrow and give him the apple with a worm in it.  He will give you some
dwarfshot which is better than rocks for throwing.  Go back to the Green Dragon
and talk to the girl again.  She will tell you to move a cask of wine for her. 
Find the cask in the corner left of the door, move the boxes, pick up the cask
and carry it to her.  She will give you some silverware (if anyone knows what
purpose if any this serves in the game let me know cuz I sure don't know!)  Now
you are ready to go back to Bag End.

Once in Bag End go to the chest you could not open before and choose "Yes" when
asked if you are ready to leave to get the one ring.  It will be night time and
you need to go to the right to Sam Gamgee's house at Number 3 Bagshot Row.  You
will see a Black Rider or a ring wraith and give the key to Bag End to Sam
Gamgee's father.

Now this is where the game is really cool.  You have to make it back to the gate
by the mill.  Remember you don't have to take the roads or walkways.  You can
jump the fences and walls and walk through the fields to avoid the ring wraiths. 
If you take the roads the ring wraiths will get you.  You don't have to put the
one ring on to escape the enemies, it's a temptation and if you do put it on
poor Frodo will become corrupted and eventually die.  Try it, hit a chicken or
pig until Frodo dies.  If you want to put the ring on, go near the well and put
the ring on.  You will see a plank going up to the well. This is a secret area. 
Drop down into the well and fight rats and get some more food and herbs.  The
stuff is really not that great but it's cool to see this secret cave.

Okay so if you don't put on the ring (you don't have to) get to the gate near
the mill and the guard will tell you the gate is broken.  Be careful and go into
the mill and pick up the hinge.  You can move the box and get a loaf of bread
but don't break anything unless you want to lose purity.  Take the hinge and
give it to the guard and the gate will open and you will be on your way to
Bywater.  When you get to Bywater you will see a guy getting attacked by a wolf
and another wolf will chase you.  You don't have to fight them off, just run. 
Run to the archway where you saw the Postman at earlier and go through it.

Now if you did look for the herbs this area will be familiar (look at the same
places you found herb packs before for herbs and dwarfshot)  so just keep on the
road and you will hear Frodo say something about hiding in the hollow log.  You
can hide in there from the ring wraith.  Now you want to run alongside the main
road.  There will be two ring wraiths on the road but you can sneak by them
using the little path to the right.  It's just after the fallen log, a path
between the hill and some rocks.  You can use the ring here too if you want but
be careful.  Sneak pass the wraiths and follow the road to Farmer Maggot's Farm
where Sam, Pippen and Merry are waiting for you.  Choose "YES" when Farmer
Maggot asks if you are ready to leave and then WHAM!!!!  You are done with the
Shire and will go into the Old Forest.

(**) Honeycomb is good for fighting.  When you fight in the upcoming levels use
the honeycomb while you are fighting and your walking stick will glow yellow
with the power of the sun and you can kill things easier and faster.  Remember
this when you are in the city of BREE and you find the Green Gems. (**)

Lord of the Rings (Old Forest, Old Man Willow, Barrow Downs, Bree, & Weathertop
We start in the Old Forest and Sam, Pippen and Merry are lost.  This area is
pretty easy.   You just run around until you find them.  There are spiders and
some ghosts that you have to deal with.  There are red and green mushrooms you
can break and use for markers.  Use the red mushrooms, the green ones can poison
you.  So use the red mushrooms and find the lost hobbits one by one.  Once you
find Sam, and Pippen and Merry you need to rescue Ted Sandyman from the spiders. 
Once you do he will give you the lever that opens the gate to exit this part of
the Old Forest.  Firecrackers are good for killing the spiders and remember to
break the larger stumps where the spiders come out of or else you can be
fighting many spiders and die quickly so get the stumps first.  Break the
smaller tree stumps for stuff as well like food and herbs to cure poison.  I am
not into mapping but I think this area took the longest for me.  Okay so once
you do all this and you get the gate open and go through it....

You will come out into another part of the forest and Merry and Pippen will be
put to sleep by a tree (Old Man Willow) and then he will try to eat them.  The
trick here on this part is to hit the roots that are trying to hit you.  Hit
them and then eventually the roots will turn to hands and then the tree itself
has two big branches that are shaped like hands and they will try to hit you as
well.  When one of the hands of the tree hits the ground, run to the hand while
it is on the ground and hit it with your walking stick.  When you hit the first
hand enough it will stop and then the second hand will do the same.  Once you
hit both hands enough times then the tree will let them go and Tom Bombadil will
appear and ask you to collect 12 lillies for Goldberry (his woman).

There are a couple of ways to do this.  First let me explain this.  You can
follow Tom and he will pretty much lead you to most of the lilies that you have
to pick up and you just have to watch out and run from the spiders, flies and
trees that are trying to hit you.  Remember you can still throw rocks at the bee
hives and get honeycombs.  You don't have to fight every single spider, you can
run from them.  So if you follow Tom you will get most of the lilies but you
need more.  Eventually Tom will stop near a fallen tree that blocks your way. 
He will wait there until you give him the 12 lilies.  Once you have the 12
lilies you can give them to Tom at any time but he will walk to this fallen log
and kick it out of the way before you go to the next area.  So collect all the
lilies and then when you can't seem to find any more.  (there is something high
up in a tree, you can see it while standing on a big rock, I don't know if you
can get this or what it is but it doesn't matter, don't go insane trying to
think of a way to get up there).  So once you have followed Tom and got all the
lilies you can that way you need to go all the way back to Old Man Willow where
your fellow hobbits are kicking back.   If you followed Tom then you will see
the bridge that he crossed, cross that bridge but this time turn RIGHT (the
opposite way Tom went before if you followed him) and follow the stream all the
way to a cave.  There are many lilies in the cave.  There are also ghosts.  But
if you have enough food you can just run around and collect the lilies and then
get out.  Once you have 12 lilies go back to where Tom is waiting for you. 
There are actually more than 12 lilies in this part, at one point I collected
15.  Give Tom the lilies and then he will move the fallen tree and you will go
to his house.  I looked in this area with the ring for secret areas and found

Another way to do this is after you get rid of Old Man Willow, go to the cave
with the ghosts and caves first and then follow the way Tom went collecting
lilies as you go until you get to Tom.  This way is definitely faster.

Now in Tom's house before you go and find Tom and Goldberry (before they talk to
you is what I mean, cuz once they talk to you and sing for you, you will go to
the next area) you can go to the left in what looks like the kitchen and find 3
loafs of bread.  In this part Tom gives you a piece of paper with a song on it
that you will use later to save your BUTTOCKS.

The next area starts in front of Tom's house and you follow the road to the
right and just run and avoid the wolves.  You can fight them off if you want and
there are things on the side of the roads like food you can get.  Keep going on
the road and off to the left you will see some kind of step puzzle device.  I
found the tree stump and the small boulder but I never figured this out so if
anyone has let me know. I tried but never could do it.  So keep walking on the
road and it will start to wind up.  On one of the curves or before one of the
curves look for some tall grass in front of a small cave opening.  Cut the grass
and you will find 10 mushrooms in the small cave. Then go to the top of the
Barrow Downs and have a break with your little hobbit friends.

From here go down the hill and hands will come out of the ground and they give
you a smack.  You can avoid them by jumping over them. There is a part where the
ring starts to spin and you can go two ways, to the right or to the left.  You
need to wear the ring to go to the right to get past the evil looking wrights. 
You can go to the top of a hill and while wearing the ring you can enter into
another secret area that once again seems like it's just a big waste of time cuz
you find some food and use it up fighting off the wrights.  Whether you put on
the ring or not you have to go to the left to the top of the hill where you will
see a pile of rocks.  Hit the rocks and find the entrance and go in.  Once
inside this cave (it's so wonderfully creepy), you just fight off the Barrow
Wright (he's the evil green guy) and he will disappear and keep coming back and
then when Frodo says something about calling for help then you use the piece of
paper and Tom Bombadil will appear and sing a song and then you will be off to

When you get into Bree you are Frodo and you will be in the Prancing Pony Inn. 
The front desk will be empty so you have to go into the pub.  Find the little
hobbit waiter and talk to him and then go back to the front desk to check in and
get your rooms.  Depending how many times you talk to the people in the pub or
bar, there is one guy who will ask you if you would like for him to travel along
with you.  No matter if you choose "Yes" or "No" he will lock you in a room. 
Push the wooden box out of the way and get ready to throw something at him. 
Firecrackers work good and you knock him out and then you have to jump out the
window and into an alley.  There will be another guy in the alley so get him
too.  You can climb the ladders in the alley (look for them) and look around. 
But you need to climb back into another window to get back into the pub where
things will happen and then you will begin to play the game as Aragon!  I really
like this Bree sequence.

So now you are Aragon and still in Bree.  You start right outside the Prancing
Pony and you need to collect things to make hobbit dummies or decoys.  You will
hear a hobbit woman scream and she tells you that her house has rats.  Go in her
house and kill the two rats and also find Merry in there.  The woman will give
you old clothes or rags.  Leave her house and then just searching around the
town. The hay you need is in the stables of course and the melons are behind a
chicken coop and the logs are around too. There are lots of bad guys to fight
while you are searching for the decoy stuff.  So look all over and once you have
all the decoy stuff then go back to the prancing pony to watch the ring wraiths
tear up your decoys and now it's off to Weathertop.  (**) Oh yes.  In Bree you
will find a green gem and it's a good idea to save it.  The green gems work like
the honeycomb.  You sword will glow green and you can kill your enemies faster. 
So my advice here is to save the green gem you find in Bree(**).

Weathertop. These rocks trolls throw rocks so watch out.  You don't have to
fight every single one of them if you don't want to, you can just run on past
them if you like.  There is another green gem on this part as well.  So you
fight your way to the top of Weathertop where a large troll is waiting.  His
name is Olag Hai.  Kill him and then we will be done with this part.

Once you have killed Olag Hai you will go to another campsite but be careful cuz
as soon as you stand up and move three ring wraiths will attack.  Now the object
here says to protect Frodo but the real object is to chase off the ring wraiths. 
Now if you have a green gem use one and fight off the wraiths very quickly.

the all caps type scare you?  If you don't have a green gem you have to fight
off the wraiths one at a time which means lots of running around.  It can be
done but it takes patience.  Hit and run is the best method with no green gem. 
As long when the wraiths attack Frodo and you go and help him by hitting the
wraiths he won't die on you.  If you don't help him he will croak like a frog on
a busy highway.  So if you don't have a green gem you have to keep hitting a
single wraith until he disappears.  One by one make them disappear, when the
third one disappears then you will go on to the next area.  This ring wraith
area is difficult for one reason. If you don't fight off the ring wraiths with
enough life then the next level is damn near impossible.  But if you have plenty
of food and herbs then don't worry about it.   The green gem just makes it all
so much easier.

So if you used the green gem or not you will get to the next area which is
called The Troll Shalls.  You have to guide Frodo through this area so if you
don't have food or herbs you are going to be in trouble.  The rock trolls throw
rocks and every so often Frodo gets sick from the poison and you have to run
back to him and give him an herb.  Frodo's life line will turn green when he is
poisoned.  Give him an herb fast cuz the poison kills him relatively quickly. 
Mind the trolls, killing them is a good idea if you have enough food and herbs. 
You will get to the end at a bridge and then it's off to Rivendell!

In Rivendell you are Frodo.  Find Bilbo and he will give you the Mithril shit
armor.  Also check the chest in Bilbo's room.  There will be an Elvish Tome (elf
book of knowledge). (Later on in the mines of Moria when you are playing as
Gandalf again, you will talk to Frodo and he will give it to you, it's a
paralysis spell.)  Now go on through that doorway...

Lord of the Rings (The Mines of Moria walkthrough)
Finally you start off as Gandalf (yeah I am a fan of wizards!).  So now you are
Gandalf and you start off at the top of a hill.  Go down and the path goes right
and left.  Go to the right and get the bow (next time you are Aragon talk to
Galdalf and he will give you the bow).  You will see rock formations that
monsters come out of (like the tree stumps back in the forest) they are triangle
rock formations on the walls, break them by hitting them or with spells.  Okay
so after you get the bow turn around and go the other way.  The path will fork
again, go to the right again and go all the way to the top.  There will be a
wolf or two and some stuff.  You will see a pile of rocks.  Stand in front of
the rocks and use the force (no this is not Star Wars) spell.  Use the force
spell to knock the rocks down and they will fill a crevice or hole in the path. 
Once you have done this go back down and this time when you hit the path go
right and you will see the crevice has been filled with the rocks you knocked
down.  Keep going up and then you will come to the doors to enter Moria and the
water beast will come out.  First it will just be two tentacles.  You can use
the lightning spell, it works like a charm.  You can run to the right and there
is a platform where you can fight from.  Just watch the tentacles cuz they will
hit you.  Once you see the tentacles go down you will think "cool I won", but
wait! There's more.  The beast itself will come up and he's pissed.  It's breath
is green and deadly.  Again run to the platform and again use the lightning
spell to stun the beast.  When Gandalf says the beast is stunned then choose
"MELLON" to enter the mines of Moria.  This part is actually really cool too. 
Moria is actually HUGE! GIGANTIC! LARGE! AND VERY BIG!  I think Moria is my
favorite part of this game.

Okay so the first part of Moria is easy.  Watch out for the falling rocks from
the ceiling.  You will go through a couple of parts killing Orcs and picking up
stuff and then you will come to the "jail room".  Okay so when you leave the
camp from the jail room you will come into a room with pillars.  If you go to
the left you will find a small room with a lever that controls an elevator.  You
can flick the lever and then run to get on it.  It moves down and there are two
rooms with a couple of Orcs and you find a piece of paper from the Dwarf book of
history (if anyone knows what you do with this please tell me).  Then you can go
back up on the elevator and then back to where you started. This time go right
and you will find two passages.  One has a loaf of bread and then the other path
has some Orcs shooting arrows and at the end of the passage is a lever that
opens another door.  Flick this lever and then go through some more passages and
pick up more stuff.

One of doors will open up into this big room with two levels.  Each level has
four doors.  So check them all out.  On the top level is a room with an
elevator, and a doorway that has a lever switch with a pushable rock nearby. 
These rooms are also filled with Orcs.  So to be quick you flick the switch, a
panel in the floor will open near the pushable rock.  Push the rock through the
hole on the floor.  Find the elevator and go down to the second level.  Push the
rock onto the "button" on the floor and the door that leads you out will open.

You will go up a small passage. Eventually you will come to one door that will
open and everyone will camp again.  You leave this room and enter another room
where an elevator comes down with a big Orc on it (preview of what's to come
later on in the game) and you kill him.  Now this elevator doesn't seem to work. 
At first you can't seem to get on it, but a few times I was able to get on it
but not sure what I did to allow me to get on it.  I am wondering if at a
certain time can the hand statue can be pushed on the elevator?  Who knows. 
There is another lever, flick that lever and it opens into a room where rocks
fall down.  Kill the Orcs in that room and go onto to the next room which has
three doors and three levers.  You can kill all the Orcs.  This is called the
"rotating bridges" area.  Now when you see the bridges you have to shoot the
levers across the way with your fireball spell.  Make sure you hit it dead on
and then the bridge will turn and you can run across.  (wow, 7 pages of
walkthrough, I wonder if anyone is still reading this!)  One of the bridges
takes you to where you find a Dwarf named Oli and he will give you a lever that
you use to open the door to the next area.  When you use the lever to open the
door to the next area you will camp again.

Make sure you talk to Frodo so he will give you the Elvish Tome so you can get
the paralysis spell.  Now this room is so damn cool and the Dwarf Crystal Riddle
rocks.  You can pick up a Mirror and off to the right a bottle of spirit juice. 
Gandalf will mention shooting a fireball at the crystal but you don't know which
WITH FIREBALLS UNTIL LIGHT SHINES OUT OF IT.  Once you see what happens this
riddle becomes self explanatory.  But you must flick the 4 switches and move the
stone hand statues onto the "buttons" on the floor.  Orcs are in the rooms when
the doors open so be ready.  Once you get all the crystals going another door
will open.

This room is cool.  Look around and read the Dwarf history book and then the
Giant Orc Troll thing will come and you have to fight him and also smash the Orc
rock thing on the wall where the Orcs are coming out of.  I used the lightning
spell here.  After you kill the Giant Orc Troll thing an Orc Chieftan will come
out and you have to kill him and then he will have the Runic Key which you need
to use to open the door and get to the next area.

The next part which is actually in the mines of Moria you play as Aragon.  The
Orcs are tough, that's all I will say.  So fight your way through and get as
much stuff as you can and conserve your arrows.  On the first part before you go
down you will see a mine cart on the railroad tracks.  You will see a flashing
light on what looks like a sign or switch.  Shoot the switch with an arrow so
the cart can move down the tracks.

Find the stairs down and fight your way down and eventually you will come to a
part where the door won't open.  Look up and shoot the flashing points and then
the cart will come crashing down and open the door for you.  Proceed to the next

Now you will be Frodo again.  This last part is tricky so be careful, save your
game cuz Frodo can die easily if you don't jump right.  Okay first go to the
right and kill the Orc.  You can make your way up as you are looking around.  Go
up and push the rock down. Then go back down and push the rock onto the "button"
on the floor and you will see the door across the way open up.  Now go find the
lever for the drawbridge and flick it.  Go across and kill the Orcs and get the
stuff.  Go back to the Drawbridge and Orcs will run in from the same door you
started this area with, go run and fight them and get the Sword of Nuromenor (or
whatever it's called).  Then go back across the drawbridge and jump your way
until you can't go any further and then look at the pillar (the pillar has a
ladder on it)  and climb up and over.  You will see a door and as you go through
it an Orc Chieftan is in there.  The ring will begin to spin.  You don't have to
kill this Orc.  You can run past him and way in the corner on the left is a key
to open the door.  If you kill the Orc you get nothing anyway so best to just
run.  I looked here using the ring for secret areas and found nothing.  Open the
door and prepare yourself....

Now when you play this part you will be Gandalf again and this is the coolest
part of the game I think.  Cuz of the Balrog.  He's just cool.  Okay so to
defeat the Balrog, you need to use the beam of light spell.  Don't fight the
Balrog.  Just run around and shoot your beam of light spells at him.  If you run
out of spirit juice Aragon will throw you another one.  It's good to have food
on this part if the Balrog hits you a lot.  Just run around and shoot the spells
at him.  If you run out of spirit juice after the one Aragon gives you don't
worry.  You will see the Balrog break his sword on Gandalf's staff.  After this
when you run around, when you run out of spirit, a bottle of spirit juice will
appear for your drinking pleasure. Just pick it up drink it and keep shooting
the Balrog until.....well you will see ( I just love this part, if you like
Balrogs then you need to play DIABLO or DIABLO II on PC).

Okay now you are in the Wood Elves Home.  You are Frodo again.  Check the chests
where all the characters are and get some more stuff.  The Elvish health drink
is cool.  Okay so now go on.

Lord of the Rings (River Anudin Walkthrough)
You will be Aragon again this time and this area is called the River Campsite. 
You should have a green gem left and the best idea for this part is to RUN!! 
You can run all the way to the end where there is a gate.  You need to get the
lever switch from the Orcs.  So if you just run away and don't fight your whole
way through you should be okay.  When you reach the gate use the green gem and
kill all the Orcs there.  One of them should drop the lever switch.  Now if you
have a group of Orcs and they don't drop the lever switch, then just slowly go
back the way you came and kill an Orc until he drops it, but don't try to
attract too many Orcs to you.  There are too many to fight here.  So get the
switch, open the gate and run through.

There will be a little scene with Gollum.  He will run away, it's good to hit
him and then he will run away for good.  If you don't hit him he will call two
big Orc Chieftians on you.  So just hit Gollum and then move on to the next

You will be Frodo again.  Now you can use the ring in this section.  You just
walk along and find your way to the top of the mountain.  You have to do some
jumps and avoid some Orcs (I used the ring for this to avoid all fighting cuz I
didn't have any food left at all, I know poor me.)  This part is not that hard
at all and you will make it to the top of the hill and Boromir will be there and
then keep going and....

...and then you will be Aragon again.  This is it.  This is what you have been
waiting for.  You have to kill the Dragon and the Ring Wraith.  I type them here
with capital letters cuz they are damn hard to beat with very little food or
arrows.  Okay so you are Aragon.  Use your Arrows until they run out and that
should weaken the dragon considerably.  Then a few slashes with the good old
sword and he will die away and you just have the ring wraith to worry about. 
Slash away at him while blocking that blue ring stuff he shoots at you (let me
tell you it hurts, well it hurts Aragon and it will kill him quickly but you can
block and strafe, whatever that means but it really does work.  This last BOSS
requires patience and it's a good idea to watch out for the Orcs.  Make sure you
have lots of food.).  Strafe left and right and slash away and that should do

I can't wait for The Two Towers game!  If there is anything I missed ( I am sure
I missed a lot) send me an email so I can add it!!! Please!!  Anything at all,
no matter how small or big.  Any secret areas or if anyone knows what to do with
the pages of the Dwarf book or the silverware you get in the Shire, or the plate
puzzle in the barrow downs; let me know!!!