The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring review
Lord Of the bins

The good:

Hmm all is well until you get to the woods and probaly the first 45 minutes of playing and the graphics r gdish

The bad:

hell of a lot 1. the game is soooooooooo overated 2. glitches jesus mcChrist! like u try n walk sumwere or watever and the game will turn u around if u cant go there not like do nefink else just make ur player wierd! 3. the 'dark riders' woooooh im a badass boy ona horse and i aint guna fight ya hell no im guna block a path oh no! 4. the characters r pussies 5. u cant level up u just get rasied every now and den making the whole fighting and training thing useless 6. u cant use loads of weapons swords sticks and some fireworks mainly yer! wiked! fun fun fun 7. waste ur time so much with idle sidequests to get you weapons and extra money. you get fed up of them so u jus dont do em and drop watever u have to give to someone 8. battling is propa gay like ur characters walk up to the guy thier atacking and politely hit them then prance back 9. enemies always get first hit so you can get completely obliterated without a chance 10. gandulf is a twat 11. all you do is backtrack den go forward and back grrr 12. waste of money lucky i returned the pece of **** a.s.a.p 13 too much more omg ill explain in detail down dere


DONT BUY THIS GAME! ONLY THE PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS ARE RIGHT! DIE HARD FANS WILL LOVE THIS GAME BUT IF YOU JUST LOVED THE FILM AND WANATED A BIT OF MIDDLE EARTH FOR YASELF DEN DIS GAME SUCKS! u wonder around like an idiot playing as a gay character when all you really wanna do is kik ass with strider and the elf guy with a bow but dey still look gay. The mini quests r just things like omg deliver a letter or maybe jus maybe find some one!!!! you get like a crappy gold coin for it too or maybe a cabbage:D its just overall gay i hope the twin towers is better this game needs action and then it would be good and maybe a storyline to properly explain it i mean there arent any cutscenes till halfway thru da game! gosh jus be nice and buy something good like metroid fusion or castlevania games dey rock lotr is crap though . hope dis helps.

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