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Little time has passed since the events which unfolded between Toku, Enril, Deo and Magmok in LostWinds.

The famous explorer Notéa's sudden return from an expedition brings with it saddening news. Whilst searching for the ruins of the Melodia City, Toku's mother Magdi has mysteriously disappeared. The only clues to her whereabouts lie within the tattered remains of her treasured journal.

As repayment for saving his life, the ancient Guardian Magmok pledges his assistance to Toku and Enril as they head up into the mountains in search of Magdi.

Toku and Enril arrive at Summerfalls Village, a picturesque location that has been beset by an eternal winter. Even more worryingly, its people now live in fear of ferocious monsters who hide in the snow.

Fearing the worst, and with the chilling cold taking its toll, Toku and Enril seek the help of Sonté the Spirit of Seasons. Sonté's season-changing powers will provide the key to unravelling the plight of Summerfalls, and unearth an ancient curse that haunts the Melodia City.

As events continue to take unexpected turns Toku and Enril venture onward. Wielding their new powers with care in the face of potentially fatal dilemmas, Toku and Enril are plunged into a race against time to save not only the life of Toku's mother but also the future of Mistralis.

[edit] Wii Points Cost

North America: 1000 Points Europe: 1000 Points Japan: 1000 Points Australia: 1000 Points

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