Lost: Via Domus review
Half-filled or half-empty...

The good:

Characters and places from the show.
Trading system.
Alternate story from the original show.
Memory flashbacks kinda reminded me of Assassin's Creed...kinda.

The bad:

Dialogues aren't very innovative or strong enough to leave an impression.
Ending makes no sense.
Main character's story is been there, done that.
Run-ins with the smoke monster are annoying.
The same puzzles over and over again.
Game can end within not even 10 hours, even less in a speed run.


This game may be called good by people who haven't even played it because it has the whole "Lost" background all over it, that is its biggest weapon, however in video gaming, being a popular movie or show or book or anything means little. On the contrary, people say that games based on movies and such are simply not worth it.

You are in the middle of a flight, and suddeny, something goes wrong, oops, the plane was just split in two...and both parts are starting to lose height...and that's it, the next thing you know, you wake up surrounded by vines...you explore a little, you meet the other characters of the show and find the beach...it's all clear now, you have crashed down on an island! You help with the wounded and when night falls, you are ambushed by someone who beats you up, demanding your digital camera. But this is not all, you hit your head somewhere when the plane crashed and now, you can't remember anything. So, first the plane crashes, then you're stuck in a tropical island with no supplies, then you get ambushed by strangers...and now you've got amnesia too? ...Is this for real? Yes it is, the point of the game is to find your camera, your memories and get out of the much dreaded "island".

Exploration and puzzles is mostly what you'll be doing, you'll walk around the island and explore the Dharma stations, caves and other places (you'll need to find or trade torches to get through caves because you may fall in traps when exploring dark caves), using a compass that you gain later in the game (which has inscibed VIA DOMUS on it). Sometimes, the smoke monster will attack you and you have to hide yourself inside thick vines, where it can't catch you (which means, whenever it starts coming towards you, you must backtrack, and it does a lot). You can also trade stuff you find on the island like water bottles with other survivors, Lost Via Domus' counterpart to buying and selling.

You'll also come up with monotonous fuse puzzles (where you try to restore the power by splitting the current so it has within the allowed amount of density to be operational, there are three types of fuses, two-prong, three prong and four prong) and you'll have to photograph different objects and places in the game with your digital camera to gain XBOX 360 achievements. Other parts of the game involve trying to get away from the smoke monster or trying to get somewhere in a short time in which you must run avoiding branches and falling trees and the short.

Also, throughout the game, you'll remember certain things from your past which you use to progress the story and help you get out of bad situations, you have to photograph the detail that's important and suddenly everything surrounding that comes back to you, if you don't manage to photograph the detail in your memory in time, the flashback just reloads and it does so until you get it right, after that a little bit of exploring the area in your memory and talking to characters and then you're back on the island.

Nothing impressive, the game isn't a horror adventure game so there is no scary or agonizing music, the background music goes by unnoticed really. At least all the dialogues are voiced so that adds points.

The graphics are good but nothing special, the renders are good and the cutscenes are better. We've seen better, we've seen worse. Also, a good thing about this game is that I didn't come up with any graphic glitches, I played the game only once though so I can't say if I was just lucky or if the game has no graphic glitches (and by that I mean the player not getting stuck somewhere and can't move, flying characters or twisted objects).

Generally speaking, I'm happy I rented this game before buying it, I ended it in only 7 hours and the ending only made things worse, well I guess the ending is excusable since the show is ongoing and nobody would want to be spoiled the show's ending too...but, in any case, definitely rent this game, you'll haveeverything completed simply by keeping playing it for one or two days so I'm not sure why you'd want to buy it...still, it's your call.

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