Lost: Via Domus review
This will make you glad to be LOST


I shall just get down to the nitty gritty and bypass the usual good/bad areas.

This is game is certainly for only two types of people, first the hardcore franchise fans. If you follow the series on TV or love the concept of the whole thing then yes this game if for you and you will feel right at home. The other group the game will appeal too is the group that are bored and have time to kill.

Now to the reasons why. Firstly you do not need to watch the TV series to get into the game, to understand the characters or to get the feel of the game. This is a good thing since you don't have to sit through four seasons to understand who is who, however the game adds in several new characters along the way, the obvious one being the character you play.

You play as a mysterious person who due to the crash of plane has lost his memory and so your job is to find out who you are while trying to help the fellow survivors get off the island. Straightforward? Not a chance.

The writers have done a good job keeping vital evidence and clues to your identity a secret from you until the right chapter comes along to reveal that specific piece of information. Unfortunately there is no variety within the puzzles you come across, I believe altogether excluding the optional task of taking pictures of things there are two puzzles used throughout the game. Although one is more or less classed as an action mini-game rather than a puzzle as it involves being chased by the enemy and avoiding obstacles.

A good feature is the bartering system, an aspect that I actually enjoyed since instead of working with money it works with items you trade that hold a value. Such as a fruit would be worth $5 yet a can of beer would cost $25. This for me gave a breather to many other games that use bartering systems and it is also user friendly, meaning it doesn't cause mass confusion.

Another good feature of this game is the camera and flashbacks. I enjoyed the flashbacks but the only nagging thing about them is you can take your time on them and a few don't make sense as in when a flashback occurs, you are shown a ripped up photograph. Within this photograph, two to three pieces of it are highlighted to show what is needed within your photo to progress. Normally the flashback places you exactly where you need to be, others require you to move around.

Another nit pick of the flashbacks is that it constantly rewinds so you don't miss that all important shot if you haven't figured it out yet, though combine this with being too relaxed. I feel they should have given a consequence to players who don't get that all important shot. This would allow for a "bad ending" to occur within the game or at least stretch the game out once your character wouldn't remember that piece of information he's trying to remember.

This brings me to my next and final point. The game is too short, it consists of seven chapters with each one not lasting too long for the average gamer. I completed it within a week, making it the second shortest game with Fable still at the top of that list.


Many state this is the worst game out, many state it is terrible and shouldn't even be rented out. Though it isn't as bad as they say it is, yes it could use with more tweaking and yes it could use with being longer. Yes the game follows the same confusion as the TV series does and leaves you more confused than ever but that is what the concept of the story is meant to do and that is the reason the franchise is called LOST.

To be honest the concept is what saves this game and what makes it a rental and not a buyer, however like I said at the beginning, if you are a fan or someone to kill time then this game is for you. If you are an average gamer looking for a new game to play over the holidays or a long period of time then don't bother.

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