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Lazy attempt on golden license


Ever since the launch of the first series of Lost a few years back it has proved to be one of the most tense and gripping television series of all time but when I heard a game was to be made of it I wasn't too sure about it. Lost isn't too inventive but is definitely a change in action games while trying to maintain its "Lost" feel. Was Lost as big of a flop that people say? Read on'¦


You are aboard Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles, all seems well until suddenly your plane rips into two and both ends come down hurtling towards a deserted island. You are one amongst few sur...


Half-filled or half-empty...

The good:

Characters and places from the show.
Trading system.
Alternate story from the original show.
Memory flashbacks kinda reminded me of Assassin's Creed...kinda.

The bad:

Dialogues aren't very innovative or strong enough to leave an impression.
Ending makes no sense.
Main character's story is been there, done that.
Run-ins with the smoke monster are annoying.
The same puzzles over and over again.
Game can end within not even 10 hours, even less in a speed run.


This game may be called good by people who haven't even played it because it has the whole "Lost" background all over it, that is its biggest weapon, however in video gaming, being a popular movie or show or book or anything means little. On the contrary, people say that games based on movies and such are simply not worth it.

You are in the middle of a flight, and suddeny, something goes wrong, oops, the plane was just split in two...and both parts are starting to lose height...and that's it, the next thing you know, you wake up surrounded by vines...you explore a little, you meet the o...


This will make you glad to be LOST


I shall just get down to the nitty gritty and bypass the usual good/bad areas.

This is game is certainly for only two types of people, first the hardcore franchise fans. If you follow the series on TV or love the concept of the whole thing then yes this game if for you and you will feel right at home. The other group the game will appeal too is the group that are bored and have time to kill.

Now to the reasons why. Firstly you do not need to watch the TV series to get into the game, to understand the characters or to get the feel of the game. This is a good thing since you don't have to sit t...

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