Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

  • Released on Feb 26, 2008
  • By Capcom for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360) Cheats

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Ace Medal (30)Collect 10 Ace Medals in Elimination matches online.
AURORA Explorer (15)Found all of the target marks in Mission 5.
BLIZZARD Explorer (20)Found all of the target marks in Mission 10.
Chain Killer (50)Waste 10 opponents in a row without dying in online battle.
Conqueror Medal (30)Collect 10 Conqueror Medals in Post Grab matches online.
EARTH Explorer (10)Find all of the target marks in Mission 01.
Elimination Medal (30)Collect 10 Elimination Medals in Team Elimination matches online.
Extreme Soldier (150)Complete Campaign on Extreme.
Grand Slam (30)Collect all four types of medals in matches online.
Head Hunter (50)Head shot 50 enemies in online battle.
Hunting Medal (30)Collect 10 Hunting Medals in Fugitive matches online.
Master Pioneer (50)Found all of the target marks in every mission.
METEOR Explorer (10)Found all of the target marks in Mission 4.
MIRAGE Explorer (10)Found all of the target marks in Mission 3.
Mission 01 Cleared (10)Successfully complete Mission 01.
Mission 02 Cleared (10)Successfully completed Mission 02.
Mission 03 Cleared (10)Successfully completed Mission 03.
Mission 04 Cleared (10)Successfully completed Mission 04.
Mission 05 Cleared (15)Successfully completed Mission 05.
Mission 06 Cleared (15)Successfully completed Mission 06.
Mission 07 Cleared (15)Successfully completed Mission 07.
Mission 08 Cleared (20)Successfully completed Mission 08.
Mission 09 Cleared (20)Successfully completed Mission 09.
Mission 10 Cleared (20)Successfully completed Mission 10.
Mission 11 Cleared (30)Successfully completed Mission 11.
Moth Hunter (50)Defeat the giant moth!
Online Century (50)Logged more than 100 online matches.
Online Master (50)Reach level 50 in online battle.
RAINBOW Explorer (20)Found all of the target marks in Mission 9.
STARDUST Explorer (30)Found all of the target marks in Mission 11.
STORM Explorer (10)Found all of the target marks in Mission 2.
THUNDER Explorer (15)Found all of the target marks in Mission 6.
TORNADO Explorer (15)Found all of the target marks in Mission 7.
VOLCANO Explorer (20)Found all of the target marks in Mission 8.
Worm Hunter (50)Defeat the giant worm!


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Akrid weaknesses
Shoot the orange glowing spots on the Akrid to do more damage than just shooting the monster itself.
CHANGING mech weapons
if u want to take a gun from another mech and put it on another mech u have to take it off first and lay it on the ground then walk up to it in the mech or just attach it while standing next to it
Easily Beat Mission 9 Boss
This is for mission 9 boss which is a giant spider like creature only with 4 legs.

Now this is for Normal difficulty, not any other because the damage will be different. I did this because i had a ton of trouble with this boss and i found a pretty good way to beat it without losing much life.

WEAPON STRONGLY ENCOURAGED BEFORE BATTLE (makes it much easier than if you dont have):
Plasma Rifle

best not to start the fight if you dont have at least 5000 T-Eng. just in case you start to get hosed.

Ok once you have those, you go into the big room where the boss is. Hes not there yet so jump down onto the ground way down below and then the boss starts to come. Quickly jump into that VS you see in front of you standing there. It has a Gatling Gun and a Rocket. Now turn to the left to where you see 3 of those circular tank looking things, you shoot them and T-Eng comes out (their all over the game). Shoot all three and get the T-Eng. On the way there may be a couple VS weapons laying around, you can get them if you want but I recommend keeping the Gat Gun and Rocket.

Now jump jet up onto the ledge above the tanks, where there is a VS Grenade launcher and either a Laser Rifle or the stronger version which is called an ER or EM Laser or something. Anyway dont pick them up yet (DONT ever pick up the Grenade for this fight because it will do jack squat). Now facing the spider move the VS toward the left side of the ledge and park it and get out, and then quickly hide behind the VS. By now the spider should be shooting out a bunch of balls of goo at you, or maybe its spider web i dont know. The point is the balls do a lot of damage so you want to use the VS as a shield.

Now get out the Plasma rifle and barely peek out from behind the VS, target either one of the front legs on the orange spot (thats the weak spot) and shoot it 5 times and 5 times ONLY (trust me). It will take exactly 6 shots from the Plasma Rifle on Normal to destroy it, but only hit it 5 times. Now go for the other front leg and instead shoot it the full 6 times which will break it. Now quickly you need to shoot the other leg one last time to break it. Because if you wait and only damage one leg at a time, the spider will turn around and walk around making it hard to hit it. Then if you wait too long again the leg will grow back.

So if you do that, both legs will be broken making the spider fall down and flail on the ground for a bit. QUICKLY jump into the VS the second it falls and hammer away at the large orange part on the head, with the Gat Gun and Rockets. You only have about 20 seconds to attack it so hit as many times as you can. As soon as it grows legs back and stands up get out of the VS and start over again attacking the legs. Then keep doing the same thing and you will sooner or later destroy it. And making sure you stay hidden behind the VS you will not take much damage.

Sometimes some of the baby spider will climb up the wall then you need to shoot them. Dont melee them because they explode. The Machine Gun is good for that, or you can also pick up the Grenade launcher laying there and use it, but dont attach it to the VS.

And when your Rockets run out on the VS swap it out for the Laser laying there on the ledge. And if you run out of Gat Gun ammo, then if the VS is not too damaged go down on the ground and get any weapons you want. There is also another VS laying down somewhere below (you should see it).

Good luck.
Hint - Worm Achievement
The Worm (and you will know him when you meet him) can never be killed (only temporarily defeated). Know that right off the bat. He has big green glowing weak spots that you must shoot. Keep in mind, the Worm has two ends and sometimes shows the head (he charges forward when the head is up) and his ass (when he fires missiles out his bum). You need to do damage on both ends.

The most important thing is to keep running across the snow plains until you are away from the small flying creatures. Once you are away from them, it is just you and the worm. Aside from doing damage and being annoying, the littly flying bastards often get in the way of rocket launcher attacks. So get clear from them and then fight the Worm.

There is no special animation when the worm is beaten. The only way you will know is that the music stops. You don't even have to have all his weak points destroyed to "defeat" him. However, in about two minutes, he returns completely healed. If the music has stopped, you have defeated the worm and you can stop fighting him.

When you defeat him you will not see an Achievement Unlock. Instead, you must complete the mission to get the achievement. This is why many at IGN spent significant time trying to defeat this beast again and again, not realizing the reward was already netted.
NEVEC Character
To unlock this Character you must be level 55


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All Unlockables
Level 01 - Unlocks Basic Costumes.
Level 10 - Unlocks 3rd Pattern for Basics.
Level 20 - Unlocks 4th Pattern for Basics.
Level 30 - Unlocks Stranger Character.
Level 35 - Unlocks 3rd Pattern for Stranger.
Level 40 - Unlocks 4th Pattern for Stranger.
Level 45 - Unlocks Gale Character.
Level 50 - Unlocks 3rd Pattern for Gale.
Level 55 - Unlocks NEVEC Character.
Level 60 - Unlocks 4th Pattern for Gale.
Level 65 - Unlocks 3rd Pattern for NEVEC.
Level 70 - Unlocks 4th Pattern for NEVEC.
Level 75 - Unlocks Hero Character.
Level 80 - Unlocks 3rd Pattern for Hero.
Level 85 - Unlocks 4th Pattern for Hero.
Cheat: Infinite Health
At the PAUSE screen, enter DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, Y, UP, Y, UP, Y, UP, UP, UP, DOWN, X, DOWN, X, DOWN, X, LEFT, Y, RIGHT, X, LEFT, Y, RIGHT, X, RIGHT BUMPER and LEFT BUMPER buttons. These codes are valid only during the level when used. The codes became invalid when the game is stopped or after the mission is cleared. This is only usable in Easy and Story mode.
Cheat: T-ENG 500 points Added
At the PAUSE screen, enter UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X BUTTON, Y BUTTON, RIGHT BUMPER AND LEFT BUMPER BUTTONS buttons. These codes are valid only during the level when used. The codes became invalid when the game is stopped or after the mission is cleared. This is only usable in Easy and Story mode
Unlock MP Characters
Attain L30 on Xbox Live for your first secret character. Reach L45 on Xbox Live for another secret character.
Unlockable: Extreme difficulty.
Finish the game on either Easy, Normal, or Hard.
Unlockable: Pilot the L-P-9999
When the credits role, enter LEFT TRIGGER, LEFT BUMPER, RIGHT TRIGGER, RIGHT BUMPER, X, Y, B before "Test Player" is reached. You can fly to the destroyed Akrid.