Lost Magic Cheats

Lost Magic cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lost Magic cheat codes.


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To get the bosses in Free Mode, you must first defeat all bosses in Single Player Mode
follow the side quest to help the 2 children but send one to gold sand dunes and the other to silver peak gorge then send them to rundolf
Evil storyline
Choose to keep your Wand when asked by the Diva Of Twilight after defeating the White Bishop to play the "Evil" storyline.
good spells
To summon fire elder dragon do: dark 1, earth 1, fire 3
To summon ice elder dragon do: light 1, wind 1, ice 3

Wind dance: wind 3 earth 3 wind 3
Fire dance: fire 3 water 3 fire 3
Water dance: water 3 fire 3 water 3
Earth dance: earth 3 wind 3 earth 3
Light dance: light 3 dark 3 light 3
Dark dance: dark 3 light 3 dark 3
How to beat the bosses for lost magic

Stay with water monsters in the initial zone, wait for the monsters that will come for you. use fire 2 to eliminate them and all the next you´ll find in the way. you must rodeate to reach him from behind, then he will move to the central crystal. rodeate him and make him weak against fire (light 3, fire 1)if you have many monsters fighting your enemies, make weak all that monsters (light 3, fire 2). Now use explosions or big explosions against all the monsters and the water sage, and, make it quickly or he will heal himself!


Make your monsters stay in the center blocking the "monster traffic" (XD)and wait until the sage comes to you. Make her weak against water (light 3, water 1) and use ice shots against her. or if you wanna be quick, use quick shots (water 1, water 1) or if you have sooo much monsters fighting you, heal yourself (quickly) and use high water shots (only if you have completed water lost magic) (fire 1, water 3)and try to freeze her and if that is the case, use rapid ice shots and normal ice shots.


Take only to that mission earth monsters or with high defense or balance attack and defense (prefer the flying ones. Now move to the place is the sage and use the high defense monsters and block the golems and the hounds. Now make him weak against the element you are best (fire is the best) now use explosions of that element or normal attacks of the element you chooso and explosions. I HIGHLY recomend you make yourself and your monsters strong against the earth-element attacks (earth 2, "element" 2). (Always take with you a high defense monster, 1 balanced one, and 2 with high attack)

If you have the boxdog put it an angel coat and get it up at level 45+ (high defense and attack monster!!!) use it to block monsters attacks in the three cases.
How to summon all the wyrms
(You must have duo runes, and have lvl 3 runes)

First, you have to cast lvl 3 fire rune, and then any rune of your choice. ie, Lvl 3 fire rune + lvl 3 dark rune = Evil Wyrm.

you can also summon weaker version of the wyrms by using lvl 3 fire rune + a lower lvl rune such as lvl 2 wind or whatever you want.
New Game+
Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the cleared game file to start with all levels, items, and stats from your previous session. You will also receive the Triple Rune. Note: The new game will be more difficult.
Powerful Monster
Okay when you are playing the game. Right before you go to the Twisted Wand Castle to attack the Diva of The Twilight for the last time, if you go look around the map you will see a secret area between the Area Where you fight the Mist Master and where you fight the Fire Lady. IF YOU CAN'T SEE THIS AREA YOU WILL NEED TO FINISH THE GAME FIRST AND THEN ON THE SECOND ROUND DO THIS! Here you will find a monster called the "ULTIMATE DRAGON" There are different types of this monster: Wind, Water, Fire, and I think there's a Earth one also but I haven't seen it. These monsters take up 5 points on the Line Up and you only get 1 monster for each listing.
Secret Monster (possible spoilers)
Just before you goto the city where Isaac's Dad is for teh second time. Take the time to complete the side quest where you guide 2 children, a brother and his sister back together. Do this correctly and you will get a secret monster later on in the agme called the Boxdog it coems at level 35.
Stone General
An easy way to beat the stone general for the first time is to take in earth monsters so they will get healed by his magic . first go to the top left mana crystal and leave one poor soul behind on the spawning thingie (i dont care what it is called!)
And then work your way to the bottom left mana crystal and purify it. now kill off all remaining monsters and cover up the spawners . Get close to the earth general and use water1+wind 1 to knock him away from the mana crystals and purify them, use earth1+wind1 to block him off and damage him too
keep using fire1+wind1 and remake your wind wall until he dies, hope this helps!

The Good Path
To unlock the Good Path, give up your wand when asked by the Diva of Twilight.


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terror & charm glitch
if you do ice 3 and light 1 on a enamy then dark 3 and fire 1 and touch
the same enamy it will stay still whenevar you hit it it will not affect
it and it can not do anything(it good to use on wi-fi)


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Buff Glitch
It found out that there is a Buff Glitch =D and its REALLY useful for beating up people in Lost Magic Wi-Fi. It is REALLY easy to use.

1) Have Issac boast up his Magic Defence, and defence. Increase his speed, and then his Evade. After that, Draw Light 3 and Light 3, if u do it right, u should get a magic called White Cure. Put it on Issac. There u go. All of the Boast will stay on for over 10 minutes. U can also do this on Monsters too. If you see anyone do this. there is a counter attack for this. Draw a Dark 2 then a Light 2, and cast it on your opponent. He/shes buff will be broken.

Warning: This Glitch WILL not work in Goldsand Dunes.

Here are a few Magic that i think is GREAT

Flare Dragon: Beserker ( Light 2, Fire 3) Evasive (Light 2, Water 1) and Speed (Light 2 and Wind 1)

Hope u like this Glitch ^^