Lords of Magic: Special Edition Cheats

Lords of Magic: Special Edition cheats, and Codes for PC.


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First, this only works while in the world Overview mode, so it won't work if your in a building or doing battle. Second, it has to be your turn otherwise it won't work. Third, you must have a party selected. With that being said here are the cheats that I have so far.
Before you can input the cheats you must have the cheat input screen up. To do this you simply press and hold the Ctrl button and then press the C button. This should bring up a little message style box. When this happens type in the following. Effects are next to the code.

ZILLA: Creates one Red Dragon(note, the game may glitch and not count the red dragon as a part of your party, but trust me it is. If you have a full party[this is actually a very cool cheat] then a new party containing only the dragon will appear. You can then add to that party as much as you want to create an army of dragons.[lotsa fun])

BINGO: 250 Gems, 250 Ale, 250 Gold. (note, after the first turn a tone will signify that you have succeeded with this code.)

**Note: You do not have to type in the codes with Caps Lock on. I just did that so that you could diferentiate the code from the description.
**2nd Note: You need to use the Bingo code along with the Zilla code. Dragons cost a lot of Gems and if you do not have enough gems by the next turn, your fame will suffer and you will not be able to amp up your stronghold, mage tower, barracks, or theives guild.

If anyone has any questions regarding this game, than e-mail me with the topic Lords Of Magic Question. If you use any other title I will assume your e-mail is spam and delete it.
Type CTRL and C. Enter in All SPELLS= This gives you all spells in the game.
Enter in: GO FAR = This will give you 1,000 movement points for the group. You use the cheat on it and it can be done as many times as needed.