Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Tips

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the gamerscore given for each achievement.

"Arriba! Arriba! Ándale! Ándale!" (20) - Beat the par time for In De-Nile. Holy freholas, that thing runs faster than me!

...Where's the "kaboom"? (20) - Fully max out each character's Illudium. Aw, don't be so danged literal, Mac!

100 Nuts & a Squirrel! (30) - Complete chapter 9 - Wackyland. It's simply marrrrrvellous Dali-ng.

Anyone for tennis? (20) - Beat Low Noon in local co-op play. Brother - what a way to run a railroad!

Aren't we gruesome? (20) - Beat The Log Ness Monster in local co-op play. It's great what you can do with wire and light bulbs?

Bad old puddy-tat (20) - Find the Tweety Bird trophy. Awww, isn't he a darling little tweety-bird?

Combo Carnage!! (20) - Produce a level 9 combo. Oh, you again?

Combo Loco!!! (30) - Produce a level 12 combo. Soives ya right!

Dagnabbit! (30) - Complete chapter 3 -Wild West. Give them con-sarned no-good blumding-varmints…

Devilishly clever (20) - Beat The Muddy Evil Forest without dying. Ya crazy idjit!

Eager Young Space Cadet (20) - Find the Porky Pig trophy. Gosh, here we go again!

Frankenbean there, done that (30) - Complete chapter 1 - Dr Frankenbeans Castle... I love what you've done with those cobwebs!

Gad, how do I do it? (20) - Beat Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash without dying. You are a mental case.

Gold! Gold!! (20) - Collect 500,000 in coins. I need what little I've got

Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!! (30) - Collect 1,000,000 in coins. Keep the change, Doc!

Gold! I'm rich! (10) Collect 250,000 in coins. Hmmm, not bad!

Great horny toads!!! (20) - Find the Yosemite Sam trophy. Enter, o seeker of knowledge. That's you, fathead.

Great Southern Land-mines! (30) - Complete chapter 4 - Taz World. The derring-doest daringest-duo in the double-blunder Down-Under!

Heavens Below! (30) - Complete chapter 5 - A Warm Place! Bet you thought you'd finish this one when Heck freezed over?

Hello, Mah Baby! (20) - Find the Michigan J. Frog trophy. Do the Michigan rag!

Just try and top this one! (10) - Beat an Act online. You may fire when ready, grisly!

Knighty-knight! (30) - Complete chapter 2 - Camelot. (Please Don't Feed The Camels)

My Stars! (30) - Complete chapter 7 - Mars. Hugo first, there's an abomin-abale snowperson in here!

Next contestant please… (10) - Smash 100 Enemies. Hey - this promises to be fun!

Shoot him, shoot him now! (20) - Used every weapon! ...I cannot fight no more against such genius.

Smoke-um! (20) - Smash 200 Enemies. And I thought this was gonna be a dull day!

Speedipus Rex (20) - Find the Road Runner trophy. Rock - falling - what'll I do?

Speedy Gonzalez! (20) - Beat the par time for Scooterway Scramble! I go take my siesta now.

Stupor-Duper! (20) - Finish an act with both players wearing supersuits. Does my butt look big in this?

Super-genius!!! (20) - Find the Wile E. Coyote trophy. Allow me to introduce myself - my name is mud.

That's All, Folks! (80) - Completed the game! The whole darn shootin'-match!! You'll probably hate yourself in the morning…

The Combo Kid! (10) - Produce a level 6 combo. You asked for it!

This... Means... War. (10) - Win a Battle. Wow, that old babe means to do me some serious hoit.

Toot-and-come-in! (30) - Complete chapter 6 - Egypt. Say `sayonara' to the Sahara!

Toot-toot! (10) - Successfully complete the Tutorial. (By the way - it's more fun if you cheat)

Up-and-Atom! (20) - Produce an atomic combo level 9 online. Adios, you chicken-pluckin little stinker!

Viva l'amour! Ve die togezzer. (20) - Beat Excape of Excalibur in local co-op play. Okay, have it your way!

War is Heck! (30) - Complete chapter 8 - WW1. Holy cats, I've been drafted!

What's Up, Doc? (20) - Finish the First Act without collecting any Health. Now who'd go and do a dirty thing like that?

Wobot season! (30) - Smash 500 Enemies. So, goodbye to you - and farewell to thee!

Woo-hoo-hoo Nelly! (20) - Beat Volcano Way Out without dying. All right that settles it.

Yo-yo Atom-Smashers! (20) - Produce an atomic combo level 9 in local co-op play. So - you're the one behind all this…

You caught Bugs' `bug'! (20) - Play online with someone who has Bugs' bug. Hooo-weee! Gotta git yourself a hobby!

`Slowpoke' Rodriguez (20) - Beat the par time for Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash. Whoops, had the silly thing in reverse.