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Loom FAQ/Walkthrough v1.03
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Loom FAQ/Walkthrough

by selmiak   Updated to v1.03 on
  _     _             _____              _____
 ( '---' )         .''     '''.       .''     '''.      ..--'.        .---. TM 
  \     /        .'    __      '.   .'    __      '.   '      \      /    :    
  |    /        .     /  '.      , .     /  '.      , '_       \    /    .'
  |    |        .    :     \      ;.    :     \      ;  '.      \  /     :
  |    |        |    '      .     ||    '      .     |   |       ''      (
  )    |        |     .     |     ||     .     |     |   '                .
  |    |     __ .      .    |     :.      .    |     :   ' |\       .\    '
  |    \___.'  ) .      .__/     ;  .      .__/     ;    ' | \     .  .    '
  -           /   .             .    .             .   .'  (  \   .   _)    :
.'  _______  /     '.        _.'      '.        _.'   (_.___)  |  /  (       '
'.''       ''         ''---''            ''---''                ''    '''^''-'


                                    FAQ / WALKTHROUGH

                      Platform  :  PC
                       Version  :  1.03
                        Author  :  selmiak
                         Dates  :  11.04.2011

I have added a section dedicated to Loom to my homepage with lots of beautiful 
pictures, a nice navigation and an interactive book of patterns, please visit 
the following link, you won't regret:

   >>> http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/index.php?lang=eng&game=Loom <<<

        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.int.]

Welcome to  my guide to the  fantasicnovelstorypointandclickadventuregame Loom.
This Game is one of my favouite  Games of all time,  because of its interesting
and mystic story  and the very good graphics  (for the time  I first played it)
Sometimes you just can't believe that there are just 16 (in words _sixteen_!!!)
different colors   on the screen.  The graphic artworkers,  namely Ken Macklin,
Gary Winnick,  Steve Purcell and  Mark Ferrari have done a really good job back
then. On a sidenote I want to mention here, that  Steve Purcell is  the creator
of the world famous Freelance police, namely Sam 'n Max! 

The Game itself  is very easy to get into and can be  played in one  afternoon.
After having cleared it  you can try again in higher  difficulties to get a new
challenge.  How these things work out is described in the corresponding section
in the FAQ.  As everything  else you need  to know  about this masterpiece of a

                                                          selmiak November '05

And check out Forge, the fanmade sequel:
      > http://forgegame.com/ <

         Table of Content 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.ToC.]

So what can you find in this guide? Everything listed here will be found in the

   >>> 01 >>> Introduction ............. [.int.]
   >>> 02 >>> Table of Content ......... [.ToC.]
   >>> 03 >>> Walkthrough .............. [.Wkt.]
   >>> 04 >>> Book of Patterns ......... [.BoP.]
   >>> 05 >>> Different Difficulties ... [.Dif.]
   >>> 06 >>> Secrets .................. [.Sec.]
   >>> 06 >>> Version History .......... [.VeH.]
   >>> 07 >>> Legal Stuff .............. [.LgL.]
   >>> 08 >>> Thank yous ............... [.Thx.]
   >>> 09 >>> Contact information ...... [.Con.]
You can  always  quickaccess  the  desired Section  just by pressing  Ctrl+F to
activate  your  browser's / Texteditor's  Searchfunction  and  then  enter  the
abbreviation in the Brackets (with the dots) and you will be taken there!


        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.Wkt.]

This Walkthrough guides you through  the Game from the  beginning to the bitter
end. Everytime  you get a new note on  your distaff  it is marked wit a ">" and
everytime you learn a  new pattern to weave the reality so that it fits in your
mind it is marked with a "*".

                  |      PART 1     |
                  |  THE BEGINNING  |

   + the village +
You first start to  gain control  over Bobbin on  top of the  hill  outside his
village after he gets  a call by the elders telling him,  they want to see him.
So start  walking to  the left and  enter the  village.  Walk to the  tents and
enter the left one. Looks bigger from the insinde doesn't it?
This one  is the  holy cathedral  of the  loom where  the elders meet.  You can
listen to their conversation but all they are talking about  sounds a bit vague 
up to now, but what do you expect, the game just has started :)
So wait until  the swan enters  the hall an  attacks the council and transforms 
all members of the council into swans and takes them with him.
One of the  elders looses his  distaff while being turned  into a swan. Pick up
the distaff and klick on the egg they made out of mother Hetchel.  Now you will
learn your first pattern for weaving  the reality, the pattern  for open, resp.

* eced

* dece

This  pattern is  always and in every  game you play the same,  but if you play
again or in another difficulty, the other patterns  change with every  game, so
you might want to print out the  book of patterns I included under chapter 04 -
The Book of Patterns and note down all the patterns you discover there!

Now click on the egg and  you will see it in the lower right of your screen. As
the egg only wants  to open now, weave the notes "eced" on the egg and you will
weave the reality so that the egg opens.

Mother Hetchel will tell you what you have to do so let's  find a way away from
this island.
And also let's find all the Swans.

Before leaving this place, doubleklick on the loom to hear  the pattern for the
human to swan melody. You can't weave it right now, as it consists of some very
high pitched notes Bobbin has to learn befor he can play them.

Now leave this tent and enter the  one on the very right.  Here you can pick up
the book of patterns and push  a flask so that it drips.  Doubleclick it and it
will play the melody for emptying things.
Note down that melody  and remember that you can also fill things by playing it

 * dye / bleach
 * empy / fill

Have  a look at  the dye-pot.  Doubleclick it  and you will instantly  hear the
pattern for dyeing. Now  practice  your weaving skills by aiming at  the undyed
clothes  there and dye  them to  green. All  of them.  As this looks  ugly, now
bleach them. All of them.  When I say all of them,  I mean all of them.  If you
can't remember how to bleach, it's just the pattern for dyeing backwards.

   + the woods/graveyard +
Now leave  the village and  at the fork take  the way to the very left  (to the
darkness, not to the footbridge.

You will find yourself in the woods.  Walk along the  trees with the  holes and
click on every hole.  There is an  owl inside  nearly every  hole and  you will
reach the spooky graveyards (with only one grave..) at the end there.
There is an owl sitting on a gravestone but the animal seems asleep.
Walk to the  thorns on the  left side of  the screen  and double click there. A
rabbit will come out and the (sleeping?) owl will catch it and find it's way to
it's  hole in  the tree.  Have a  look at  the Gravestone.  It is your mother's
gravestone  and  there is  a very  interesting message  on it  you  will  fully
understand in some minutes, so make sure to remember it. 

Now get back one screen to the trees with the holes. As the last owl is in it's
hole now, double click on one of the  holes and you can hear the melody playing 
used for seing in the dark. Note it down of course.

 * see in darkness

Now leave the woods.

You can now pay a visit to the footbridge,  and practice your  learned patterns
there or you go straigt to the village again and practice your skills later on.

  + back in the village +
In the village  enter the middle  tent right next  to the path  you entered the

This is the place where your villagemates spun straw to gold. But you can't see
poo poo  in here so klick around until you get the darkness in your lower right
screen (indicated by 2 eyes) and weave the  see in darkness spell on it and you
will see the wheel. The wheel of furtune? Maybe...

Doubleclick on the  wheel and it will reveal the  pattern for  weaving straw to
gold.  Try  this pattern  on the  different  heaps  around  there forwards  and
backwards and  you will now learn  a new note on your distaff,  the next higher
pitched one, the Note f.

 * straw to gold

 > f available on distaff
  + fulfill the prophecy +
Remeber the prophecy on your mothers Gravestone? The message was about when the 
sky is opened and the tree is split asunder.
So head up to the hill you once started the game  and point to the sky. Now try 
to open the heaven. This  will cause the space  and time continuum  to get into 
seriuos  trouble but as you  are weak right now  you just reach a  flash coming 
from the sky, smashing into the tree.

The tree  floats to the footbridge,  so go there  and have a good  ride  on the 

  + row row row your boat +
There is  a waterspout  in your way.  Doubleclick on it  and hear  it's  twisty 
sound. Cast the  same spell it covers backwards on  it to unspin the waterspout 
and you should be able to pass on by.

 * twist / untwist

                  |      PART 2     |
                  |    NEW SHORES   |

You finally  reached the  mainland  and  are awarded  with a new  note to  this 
noteworthy achievement.

 > g available on the distaff

Now leave the shore to the left background.

  + the shepards +
Once you are  on the nice  woodway try  to  go on  to the left.  There are  the 
shepards stopping you  and interrogating you.  They think you are a wizzard but 
as you don't want to talk to  them this way, just walk away and note down their 
pattern of making them invisible.

 * invisible

As you can't pass the shepards walk to the glasscity.

  + the crystalgard +
You should be  coming from the back so  enter the glascity right there. Walk up 
2(!) stairs and  enter the door there, so that  you are still  in the same room 
after that but  farther in the background.  Double Click  the crystal there and 
you will be transportet to the foreground by lighspeed!

Master Goodmold of the Glassmakers will come and welcome you.

Now beam back and enter the other door in the same room.
You will listen  to an interesting conversation  of Master Crucible  and Bishop 
Mandible about a sphere to look into the future. 
Leave this place out to the front door and look up to the workers on the tower. 
Cast the invisible spell  on them and enter  the crystalgard again to where you 
just came from. Now you can  enter  the first crystal here  and beam you  up to 
the workers  but they  won't  see you as you  are invisible.  Examine the blade 
they polish and you will uncover the pattern for sharpening.
Pass  the workers and  use the other beamcrystal to get down one floor.

 * sharpen

Now you  can have  a look  at the  future sphere  and  see  how to  impress the 
shepards. Of course, note down that spell!

 * frighten

You can have two more short looks  into the future before the spell is hearable 
again, but the other views won't spoil anything for you.

  + back to the shepards +
Now as you know what to do with the shepards go there again and frighten the
crap out of them. It should look something like this:

> http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/loom/22.png <

Hah! That was fun!
Go on on your quest and follow the path.

You will now find some sheep and another shepard.  Doubleclick on the sheep and 
they will show you the  pattern for the wake spell.  Once the shapard is awake, 
he will be upset,  that you upset  the sheep  and will  set them  back up  over 
the fence again and they will show you the spell for the sleep cast.

 * sleep / wake

After learning that go to the background and follow the path.

You will come to a small hut with a  sick lamb inside.  Have a look at the lamb 
and a woman  will appear, and  tell you some stuff about  the dragon and on the 
clerics  ordering  a whole  bunch of sheep  perhaps for  feeding an  army. What 
clerics need an army anyways? 
Well, then, have another look at the sheep, so that she shows you the spell for 
healing.  Did I mention to  write it down already?  No? Then do so immediately, 

 * heal

So now try to help this young  lady of the shepards that also confuses you with 
a mage. Step outside  and have a look at the sheep.  The dragon can't miss them 
as they are white  and the  background is  as green as can be.  So dye  all the 
sheep green with the dyeing cast.
Yeeaha, all the sheep are  green and the dragon won't  see them anymore.  So he 
takes you. D'oh! You find youself again in the 

  + Dragon's lair +
So now you are trapt  there with  an trendy dragon.  Talking to him  isn't that 
funny as in other  Lucas Film games, so just weave all his stolen gold to straw 
with the spell you  learned a while back.  For this clever  action you  will be 
awarded with the note a.
Now you are  able to cast the sleep spell  you learned  from the  sheeps on the 
dragon.  Get him asleep and  he will start  snoring and by that he will set the 
straw under him on fire.  So he leaves in a hurry and once  the burned straw is 
away it shows a new cave you should enter.

 > a available on the distaff

  + maze +
Lighten up the maze by casting the see in darkness spell on it.  Now find a way 
through here.

Walk until you reach the pond of water and have a deep look inside. This is the 
best explanation  for making a sound  in this game  and looks  really great. So 
note down the reflect spell and leave the cave.

 * reflect

You will see some twisted sister'd  stairs here and on  the lower end  there is 
missing a bit. So whatcha gonna do now young fellow? Remember the waterspout in 
front of the mainland? Just untwist  this twisted nerve  as well  and you'll be 
fine. I hope you still got the  spell for it noted, that's why I always mention 
it.  So  after another  nice animation for this,  you can follow  the stairs to 
the next scene. 
  + The blacksmiths +
You see this young fellow lying there? This is Rusty Nailbender. Wake him up so 
he can tell you all about his guild, the blacksmiths.
Actually there  is not much  he can tell you about his guild, so just step next 
to him as he falls  asleep again and  cast the reflect spell on him.  This will 
make you look like him and he will still be sleeping. Looking like a blacksmith 
you can enter their, hmm castle, or city, ... thing!  So just enter this place.

Follow the  strangely arranged way  through there and you will find your master 
waiting for you and your, uh-oh firewood.
He throws you  into prison and there  is nothing you can do about it.  He takes 
away your distaff  and there is nothing you  can do about it.  Because there is 
nothing you can do about it go  to sleep by doubleclicking  on the hay. Finally 
the Dragon finds your Rusty Nailbender looking like you and kills him and there 
is nothing you can do about it.  Finally the old blacksmith throws your distaff 
into the fire and there is nothing you can do about it.  Looks bad, eh! But the 
burning distaff attracts Mother Hetchel and she can help you quite a lot!

So pick up your distaff once again  and finally open the door. Leave this place 
and have a look at the woodbin.  Looks empty, doesn't it? Let's fill it. Do you 
remember the dripping flask from  the beginning of this game? It's spell is for 
emptying things, but when woven backwards on things you can also fill something 
with it.  So weave  the fill draft  on the  woodbin!  Nice isn't it?  You learn 
something new everyday and  poor Rusty Nailbender  won't have to fetch firewood 
anymore. Not that a dead Rusty would need any of this.
So go to the next room and  listen to the conversation  between Bishop Mandible 
and the Blacksmith and you can cast a spell on the sword while he is holding it 
up.  Just unsharpen or twist the  sword and another step in preventing  the yet 
unknown but sure evil plans of Bishop Mandible is done.  But now you are caught 
and brought to his place.
When you didn't time it right to twist the sword,  just click on them  again to 
make the other blacksmith  stop his welding job  and so it'll be silent in here 
and you can curse the sword.

                |         PART 3       |
                |     THE CATHEDRAL    |

Now you are imprisoned in  the dark gloomy dungeons  of the Bishops  cathedral, 
that looks something like this:

> http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/loom/33.png <

As there is  nothing else you  can do,  open the cage with  the open draft. Now 
Mandible was just  waiting for that  and now wants  to summon all the dead from 
his very  own graveyard.  If he  has to kill  them all  to make his army,  he'd 
better have kept them alive... But the dead are the better fighters.
Now you are in the dungeon again with Madible's Goon. Just try to look into the 
Sphere and everything will work out fine ^^

  + Beyond the patterns of reality +
After that get back to Mandible and watch another cool and bloody stuff and get 
back to the sphere  and then get back to the balcony again.  You will fall into 
the hole leading to the other side of reality. Now float to the swanlake.
One of the swans  discloses it's identity as  your mother and tells you all the 
things you should know.  Now close those holes  in the pattern of reality. Back 
up to the very big one. Close it with magic.
Enter the next one and good ol' Rusty Nailbender  will be upset  because of you 
and won't let  you leave before  you bring everything back into place. So weave 
the healing pattern on his corpse and you will be friends again.
enter the hole again and close it from the inside.
Float to the  shepards and heal  them, same for the glasguys.  After that close 
the holes and you will get the b on your distaff.

 > b available on the distaff
  + back to Loom Island +
Make your way to  the Loom on Loom Island and you will find Hetchel followed by 
Chaos.  She will give you the  advice to make over the  Loom but you don't know 
how. Chaos pops in, looks ugly and says evil stuff.

Just look at this:
> http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/4103/chaos8re.png <

Hetchel, as the good girl  tells  you not to  listen to the master  of the dark 
side and  bla bla bla and Chaos knows  she talks way too much and so he casts a 
silence spell on her  and she will be dumb. Now if you heard that spell and can 
remember it it's nice,  but if not,  just double click  the Loom,  as he always 
remembers the last spell made next to him. Now write this one down and weave it 
backwards on hetchel and the show goes on.

Now she is transformed again, so transform her  back the same way you did right 
now,  and this time  Chaos will not be as  friendly as before and  will destroy 
Hetchel completely. Well not  completely as one  feather stays  in this side of 
the reality, but the rest is gone.  So listen to the  Loom once again  and note 
down that spell.
Weave this one on the Loom and the  reality will finally  be torn apart and you 
gain the last note on your distaff.

 > c' available on the distaff

Enter the hole in the Pattern  and break on through  to the otherside.  Finally 
there with your swan buddys weave the final draft on yourself and you will turn 
into a swan and the game is very over.


         Book of Patterns 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                   [.BoP.]

 All the magic weaving Patterns used in the game in the order they appear while 
 playing the game using the Guide above can be found here.

 Just mark this paragraph with  your Mouse and  then coose print > Print marked 
 stuff  and then fill in the Notes as they appear in the Game.
 If you want to experience  the game like in the  old days or you lost you very 
 own book of pattern follow the Link at the end of this section to get a new  
 one in the pdf format.
 Please  be  aware  that everytime  you start  a new game  or play  in another 
        difficulty the notes will be different than in the game before.
                  (except the Open and the very last pattern)

      _E_  _C_  _E_  _D_


      _D_  _E_  _C_  _E_


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___


      ___  ___  ___  ___

      ___  ___  ___  ___

      _C'  _F_  _G_  _C_

These are all the Magic Pattern used in the Game Loom,  but there are some more 
mentioned  and in  a much  better  layout  in the  original  Book  of Patterns, 
included in  the original Version  of the game,  so you either  get the game on 
ebay or somewhere around this place, or you look here:

        >  http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.625  <

Or have a look at my interactive version under:
http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/?lang=eng&game=Loom&page=Book-of-Patterns <
Not that bad either, isn't it?


         Different Difficulties 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                   [.Dif.]

The different Difficulty Settings do not interfere with the storyline or events 
in the game  or what you  have to do.  The only  changes are in gameplay, to be 
precise, in your distaff. What the changes are in particular are shown here:

 * Standart

 * Practice

 * Expert

the difficulty increases from practice to expert.

Your distaff is shown, all the sections glow in different colors when a pattern 
is shown, the notes are on the tabs under  the distaff shown and under the tabs 
there is an extra box with the letter of each note shown in it. What a show!

Klick on the pattern in the box while aiming at an object and Bobbin will start 
weaving this pattern.

Your distaff is shown, all the sections glow in different colors when a pattern 
is played, the notes are on the  tabs under the distaff  shown but  there is NO 
extra box with the letter of each note shown in it,  which isn't really needed.


Your distaff is shown, and that's it. No sections glowing  in different colors, 
and of course NO extra box with letters.

Now you just must concentrate  really hard on the  tones and proove a good ear. 
To enter the notes you can either click on the distaff and try to get the right 
note or you use your keyboard. By pressing  the letter C you play the tone C by 
pressing D you play D, and so on until C' which is Shift+C.

This mode is for real experts.


        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.Sec.]

  <> The Inscription on Lady Cygna Threadbare's Gravestone:

                            In Memory of
                       LADY CYGNA THREADBARE
                  Destiny shall draw the Lightning
                 Down from Heaven; roll its Thunder
                   Far across the Sea, to where I
                   Wait upon the Shore of Wonder,
                    On the day the Sky is Opened
                   And the Tree is split asunder.

  <>  See Bobbin Threadbares Face

It is  possible  to see  what Bobbin looks like under  his hood.  Just play  in 
the difficulty setting "expert" until  Cob lifts Bobbin's hood and only in this 
setting you will find out how he looks.

  <>   The Forge

LOOM was originally  planned as a trilogy,  with FORGE and FOLD following LOOM.
FORGE is about Rusty  Nailbender  of the Blacksmiths  and FOLD is  about Fleece
Firmflanks of the shepards. Bobbin meets them both in LOOM.
So some very enthusiastic Fans of LOOM gathered to bring FORGE to life and they
are making very good progress. Check it out help is always wanted

   > http://forgegame.com/ <


         Version History 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.VeH.]

        Version 1.00 --- 17.11.2005
First Version, this Version!
Started today,  done the walkthrough,  the layout, the  ASCII-Art on  Top,  the 
Introduction, the  book  of  Patterns,  the  Version History  (no really!), the 
different  difficulties,  the secrets,  the thank  yous and  copied  the  legal 
section from my other guides, as I don't write this new!
I like this guide this way, quick and easy,  as my scummVM,  dunno what to add, 
perhaps some FAQs or something about ScummVM,  perhaps with the eventually next 

        Version 1.01 --- 22.11.2005

Some spelling errors fixed and the usual reviewing corrections, for example the 
header for the book of  patterns was completely missing,  same for the shortcut 
to this chapter.

        Version 1.02 --- 17.03.2006
So what did I do, well, I played around  with the ASCII image on top, I hope so 
badly, that it looks better now. I'm a bit narcissistic with ASCIIS ;)
Some more  spelling stuff,  some little corrections  and improvements  here and 
there, don't want to list'em all :P
Added my own Hompage  to the hosting sites.  Translated the Guide to german and 
update it with the release of the translated guide.

        Version 1.03 --- 11.04.2011

Another update after  5 years, yay.  Thanks to PrincessWilly,  who  told me the
correct names of the spells  in english they are all now  listed as in the book
of patterns.
And I added Forge to the secrets, a very  cool fan adventure that is the sequel
to Loom, check it out.


         Legal Stuff 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.LgL.]


This FAQ is written by me, selmiak,  just for the purpose to help you,  so that
you are allowed to look at it, download it or print it.
The only websites allowed to host this FAQ are:

      >  www.selmiak.de.vu  <
      >  www.gamefaqs.com   <
If you want to host or  publish this  guide you need my permission.  I'm a nice
guy (most of the time, not always, and not in this FAQ...) and will most of the
times say yes, but hosting my guide without asking me  is stealing my work, and
you commit a crime.
Same is for claiming this guide  as your work altering it's content, selling it
without my permission and what  else you can  think of to  profit from my work.

If you find Typos  or other constructive  criticism,  different pathes or other
stuff that should be in this guide drop me a line at:

  !!! please make sure that you have the name of the game in the subject !!!

--->    faqs [at] gmx [dot] de

If it's not obvious, the [at] is for @ and the [dot] replaces .

I replaced these  symbols because of  robots scanning the web for  email-adres-
ses and spamming my account.

If you think one (or more) of my statements posted in this guide make you sick,
embarresed or are against your nature, please mail me at:


So, that's enough to my position of right, that means:
you have no right! :P


         Thank Yous 
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                      [.Thx.]

My thanks  go out  to Lucas Filmgames  and especially to:  Brian Moriarty, Mark
Ferrari, Gary Winnick, Steve Purcell, Ken Macklin.

Tschaikowski  for writing  his music  and inspiring  the guys above  to do this 

Thanks to the coders over at  ScummVM for the cool engine,  translationmachine, 
whatever, cool stuff, keep it up!

Gamefaqs for hosting my guides.

CJayC for todays  daily grind and reminding me  how great these Games  were and 
motivation me to write this FAQ.

crusader 77 for hosting this game under http://www.crusader77.de/html/loom.html

The online  dictionary of the  Technical University of  Munich for providing me 
with help in translating my thoughts and writings.

me for writing all this stuff

and finally the most important person in this FAQ, You, the reader, without you
I wouldn't be writing this.


To find more FAQ to other great games penned by me go to:

  >>>>     http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39198.html <<<<

there are also some helful maps for Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders and 
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