The Longest Journey review
Great fun, but something's not quite right...

The good:

Great graphics, great complex storyline, well constructed strict, excellent character developement. Like reading a really good book. Good integration of a "you-cannot-die" gameplay style.

The bad:

Puzzles are a bit too easy. The hard puzzles are only hard because no clues are given as to how to even start solving them. Some of the monsters should be better animated. I am never really frightened for April at all. "Where's that fear factor that I should be feeling during this major storm or huge monster chase scene?"


While the game and the story itself is wonderfully built and detailed, the puzzles are not very difficult at all to solve (if worse comes to worse, I use the Bladerunner Game's tactic of simply talking to everyone, touching everything, and trying to combine or use everything). I'd like to have to use my brain a bit more. But my love for the worlds created here as well as the storyline make me give it a four. Not a bad game at all, and I recomend it. But don't expect too many challenges.

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