The Longest Journey review
The longest, sweetest, emotional journey I have taken

The good:

The story is sublime, the graphics are well designed and of high quality, even in todays market and the characters are fully developed personalities. The dialogue is not only intelligent but very well recorded with excellent emotional voiceover work. The ending is very subtle and intelligent and at no point did the story "give up" as in so many adventures!

The bad:

Nothing bad really. But guess what? Some puzzles were easy and some were hard! Don't understand why people use the puzzle element to give a good or bad remark. Don't they understand you cannot have puzzles written for each individual! I used a walkthrough to solve one puzzle. That's it. But does that mean it was too hard? Does it mean all the other puzzles were too easy? Of course not. I did not include the puzzle element in my score because it is such an individual thing.


Everything in this game was brought together so perfectly I believe it must have been accidental! How could a game of such quality: graphics, sound, speech, graphics, story be produced on purpose!

The dialogue was always intelligent and interesting and I understood that the long conversations at the start were meant to involve me in the characters. What I find so amazing is how they did this for all the characters in the game. In most adventures it is just in a very few characters, with the rest just having one liners. Same with interactivity. Everything in TLJ seems clickable with a wry comment from April. In most adventures this is woefully lacking.

The development of April was genius. The pressure to make her a typical female game character must have been enormous, and yet they have created an enduring character that stays with you long after finishing the game. Sarah Hamilton who voiced April should have won awards and it is ridiculous that she is unknown in an industry that awards great graphics in bad games.

I am from the UK, the game was produced in Europe too. We are a little more liberated or immoral (depending on your point of view!) and are not as bothered by the subject matter or language. As far as I am concerned, if it fits the character and personality of someone, then it is fine. After all think of most "Mafia" movies that have become classics..."Goodfellas" for example. There is tons of swearing but nobody says it should be cut out, because it's appropriate. I don't see why we can't have "Goodfella" type PC games too. Why do all games have to be sanitised when it comes to speech and nudity, but not when it comes to blood and guts graphics and violence?

The Longest Journey is a classic multimedia title. Comparable with any classic film, book, TV show or piece of music. It deserves much more attention and even though it has sold 500,000+ copies worldwide, there are many many more people that would love this game if they knew about it.

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