The Longest Journey review
Great Game! However...

The good:

Great storyline, character building, graphics, sound. Totally immersive game.

The bad:

The foul language and homosexuality in the game really brings down my review. I would have rated it a 5 if it weren't for those issues.


This game is the perfect fairy-tale. However, it's one you can't share with your family due to the filthy talking and homosexuality aspects. There are entire conversations I skipped over because I noticed in the subtitles that they were setting up for some obscenities. I'm not talking about the "standard" swearing you run into in games and movies nowadays. I'm talking about the vulgar four-lettered words you usually only hear in the ghettos. The homosexuality in the game is offensive as well, and I was forced to skip through those scenes as well. I don't care to hear that filth.

Aside from that, it would be an amazing game. The storyline is intriguing and detailed. The character building is superb, you learn to like and hate the characters. The graphics are awesome. Gameplay is simple and carefree. Like I said earlier, if they'd left out the filth, this is a game that would have become much more than it has already.

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