The Longest Journey review
Polished, well done game

The good:

The BEST storyline for an adventure game, probably ever. Gorgeous graphic scenery, as well as design. Excellent music, superb voice acting

The bad:

Loooong Dialog. Takes quite a while to get going.
Puzzles are occasionally very tough.


Wow. This game took me a little while to get into. The game has a lot of dialogue, and the early portion of the game simply has lots of it, which are required to understand the storyline. So, chapter one and chapter two (out of thirteen total) were pretty slow.
After that, the story really took hold, and whew, I was not really stopping whenever I started playing this game. Gripping is the adjective I'd use.
The storyline is such a wonderful cross between science fiction and fantasy that I'm almost surprised that no one has really used it in a computer game before. It's by far the best part of a pretty polished and well-packaged game.
Graphics are gorgeous, and the music is haunting at times.
Complaints - dialogue is HUGE, and long long long. Takes a little much to listen - thankfully the voice acting is probably as good as any I've heard. i'd recommened activating the subtitles and reading through if you just don't have the patience.
Reasonably stable game. I got a couple of crashes, but I think that I was one of the unfortunate few. And it didn't happen that often. Some might complain about the language, which can be harsh.
Look - this game is good. It is fun, and funny, and you care about the characters. Just an excellently done, well executed classic type adventure game.

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