Record of Lodoss War Cheats

Record of Lodoss War cheats, and Codes for DC.


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better end of game hints
i have read many faq's on this game and i am quite dissapointed with all of them. for instance when u are goin to kill the dragons u should talk to narse when u have collected the dragon items and he willl give u the dragon buster ancient. then u can bone up your atk power i take about 75000-100000 damage off both far as protection either one of their fire techniques take about 500 use a good fire ring like 7 or better and dragon scales ancient. every faq i have read says this game is super hard and it is not at all. once u hit lvl 25-30 you should have enough hp to go to the sandworm cave and hack and slash your way to lvl 70 or better its gonna take like 100000000 healing potions and trips to the goblin fortress but the quick lvl up makes 50% of the game much easier if u need and tips or tricks for any rpg on dreamcast or playstation e- mail me i am sure i can help......that is all

Extra storage
Use the chest in the Blacksmith's shop to store extra inventory items.
New items from chests
Save the game before opening a chest. If you do not get a valuable item, reset the game, reload the save and open the chest again. Most chests will give items at random.
Sandworm Boss Cheat
Not many people have mentioned an easy way to defeat the sandworm. If you have leveled yourself up to 70 or above. Go into the sandworm dungeon and kill off all the minions first before attacking the boss.

Lead the boss up to the door of the level. The boss will stop at a certain spot because of the AI in this game.

Approach it and hit it 2 to 3 times depending on your attack speed and power. Then take off to the door, and the boss will reset itself back up to the area before the door.

If you have patience keep doing this and you probably won't need to use many potions at all. Eventually you'll kill the sandworm.